Top 10 LED Par Light Manufacturers in India[2024 Updated]

LED par light

LED par lights are becoming more and more popular in the event setting. PAR means Parabolic Anodized Reflector. The par can lights have been present in the lighting market since 1968 and have become the standard for stage and studio lighting. LED par lights are modern lighting solutions where small light-emitting diodes are used to […]

How To Choose Your Stage Lighting Color Scheme And The Right Lights

LED Stage Lighting

Concerts and stage performances are vivacious and energetic, so much so that they can wake a dead mouse up. The blaring lights, the bright color schemes, the shifting of hue and saturation when the beat drops and the stage lighting color combinations of warm and cool colors are bound to grab their audience’s attention. Color […]

What Are Wash Lights For Stage Lighting Enhancement

Stage Wash Lighting Equipment

Having the stage performers disappear into a black abyss is the scariest thing that can happen to a stage lighting designer. No matter the strength of the equipment, or the number, it can be a total shocker if one of them fails to work. It can be a disappointing avenue that no lighting designer would […]

LED VS Laser: Which Is The Best For Stage Lighting

LED Stage Lights

Stage lighting is a broad spectrum of a topic to get familiar with. It is one of the most influential factors of any stage performance or theatrical play on the primary audience and the performers. Many aspects and factors control and manipulate the entirety of light itself, such as color, motion, and pattern, to name […]


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