How to Change a Light Fixture?

Learn how to change a light fixture with Vorlane's guide. Discover necessary tools, safety tips, and step-by-step instructions for secure installation and troubleshooting.

If you are wondering how to make your house decorative, then glad, folks! You are at the right place. You can bring new things to your home or fix your broken light fixtures. Through these small improvements, your house will glow, and the room’s functionality will increase. 

But make sure that whether you are upgrading from a traditional to a modern way or replacing the old or broken one, you choose the right tools and people for your luminaires. Here, you will learn how to fix small lightning parts, and the overall setup will brighten your place. Safe and Secure installation of lights are also part of this article by Vorlane.

Tools and Materials Needed

To fix broken lights and replace multiple parts of lights, you need to gather all the required materials and tools. With everything in hand, it will be easy for you to fix things on time and perfectly.


You will need pilers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, a voltage tester, and a ladder/step tool to reach the height.


Once you gather the tools, you must buy the material to place them in place of the fixture. You will need light fixtures in new condition, ampoules, electrical tape, and wire nuts. Don’t buy the light bulb if it comes with the light fixtures.

Précautions de sécurité

While installing the fixtures on the wall, safety must be your priority. Make sure you follow all the safety guidelines when working with electric wires.

Secondly, Before starting the work, switch off the main power. Ensure all the circuit boards are secure and double-check the main power section. Use a voltage tester or flip the light to check that the electricity is disconnected.  

Place the ladder on a flat and dry surface and position it towards the place of the lumière fixture. Gently reach the fixture point to initiate your process. Use safety gloves to protect your hands from dirt and dust. Those gloves will also protect you from any electrical harm.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change a Light Fixture?

  • Removing the Old Fixture

With the help of a screwdriver, take off the old fixtures by removing screws or bolts from the socket. Let the fixture hang on wires and leave them carefully. Once you remove the bolts, you will see Black, White, Green, and Bare Copper wire. Moreover, ensure that power is cut off from wires using the voltage tester, then remove the wire nuts to disconnect wires. Some fixtures come with mounting brackets, which you should remove from the electricity box.

  • Installing the New Fixture 

With every new fixture of light, an installation manual comes with it, which users can use. Read the manual and assemble all the parts as instructed. Place the new mounting bracket on the electrical box and fix them with screws.

The bracket should be intact and in balance with the wall. Join the electrical box and fixture wires together. Follow the same color code to connect the wires. Using the wire nuts, adjust the cables and fix them with the wire tape for security. Fix the fixture on the wall, finalize with screws, and attach it securely so that it doesn’t move.

  • Final Adjustments and Testing

Once you place the fixture with the wall, install the light bulb. Switch on the main panel of electricity and flip the light button on and off to test the fixture. Place the fixture at a certain height if it can be adjusted to the hanging chain or rod. Additionally, Make sure all parts of the fixture are tight and placed correctly.

Troubleshooting Issues

Fixture is not Turning On

If your fixture is not turning on, first check your bulbs to ensure they are not burnt and installed properly. Second, make sure that wires are properly connected to each other through the voltage tester or that they are getting enough power.

Dim Light

If the light is flickering, check the bulbs’ installation to ensure they are compatible with the fixture. Moreover, A secure connection of wires is a must to prevent dim light. Otherwise, the light will not illuminate properly.

Fixture is Uneven

If your light bulb is unbalanced, then you should balance the mounting bracket’s position. Then finally, Screw out the screws and balance the fixture on its wall level.

Additional Tips to Change a Light Fixture

If you want your light fixtures installed successfully, follow the manual’s rules. Follow each step so that you won’t have to face any issues later. But if you get confused in the middle of the installation and want help, go to a professional. Getting help during installation will prevent you from much harm. Additionally, Always go for cost-saving and energy-efficient products. The things you install and use for longer must be durable and high-quality.


Few things can change your home’s interior and overall look. All you need to do is fix your home’s light and make it decorative to give it a glam look. Moreover, while making improvements, you need to make sure your choices are safe for your house and cost-efficient. The durability of the light fixture project is a perfect skill for anyone to learn. 

You can have multiple instructions and DIYs from the sources of HGTV and Lowe. With their step-by-step guides and potential recommendations, you can decorate your house in a more professional way. Using tools and people’s recommendations, you can make your home shine and install smooth fixtures.

Get professional guides from Vorlane to fix your home and make your house aesthetic. Contact nous aujourd'hui !


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