Bathroom Lighting Ideas – 16 Designs To Brighten Your Space

Explore transformative bathroom lighting ideas to enhance both style and functionality, perfect for any modern home in 2024.

Lighting plays a crucial role in the design of the home. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, or bathroom, lighting has the ability to transform the look of a whole space aesthetically. However, it is important to place lights in a place where it enhances the functionality and style of the space. 

The bathroom is the most frequent place in a home, therefore, it is crucial to design its lights efficiently. If you plan your bathroom lighting ideas at the start while designing your home would save you both money and time. Because it would be a hassle to bring changes in your lights once the construction is complete. 

In this blog, Vorlane has compiled top bathroom lighting ideas to lighten up your space, from new electrical layouts to current wiring renovations. 

Top Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas in 2024

Bathrooms have different lighting requirements based on their functionality, such as who will use them and when. Adults need warm light for a relaxing bathroom environment, while schoolgoers need bright light to get ready for school, college, or university. 

Lighting has a great impact on the overall design of the bathroom. Either make it aesthetic, practical, and useful, or just uncomfortable to use. Therefore, it is important to always consider the functionality and style of the bathroom before choosing its lighting. Moreover, better bathroom lighting design based on its functionality also enhances the value of your place. 

Lighting has a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. You must decide first which style of bathroom you are looking for, a modern or traditional one. Consider the light’s style, color, and size as per your space requirement. Let’s take a look at different practical ways to make your bathroom more elevated and brighten up. 

  • Lighting Units

The bathroom is one of the places where the use of water is frequent. It means, it also means the space has more incidents of water splashes and humidity. 

Make sure to consider the IP ratings and zones of the bathroom before placing the lights. Zones represent the different parts of the bathroom, where a zero rating means the area is wet like the bath or shower area. 

IP rating represents the fitting of light in the water resistance area. Lights such as IP67 and IP44 have water resistance ability for longer and shorter periods, respectively.

  • Zone 0, like showers and baths, requires a rating of IP67.
  • Secondly, Zone 1, such as the area above the shower and bath, needs a rating of IP65.
  • Thirdly, Zone 2 includes the area outside Zone 1 of at least 0.6m. It requires an IP44 rating.
  • Fourthly, Zone 3 is a space that is free from water splashes and, therefore, does not need any IP rating.
  • LED Mirror 

Lights come in three different types: task, accent, and ambient. Each light offers different functions and benefits. Therefore, it is important to choose a light that fits with your bathroom’s functionality.

The bathroom mirror is the most frequent accessory that you use daily. Using task lights on the mirror can be uncomfortable, and you can’t rely on just natural light to do keen tasks like makeup. Using LED mirror light would be a great option in such cases. It gives you a bright, clear view and allows easy tasking. 

Many LED mirror lights also come with motion and touch sensors. You can also connect them to your phone app to further control functions.

  • Éclairage d'accentuation 

Bandes lumineuses LED are a popular type of accent lighting that creates a very aesthetic environment. You can highlight specific parts of the bathroom, like baths, sinks, and cabinets, or even make aesthetic patterns on the wall to make it more appealing. This type of lighting significantly helps in lifting your mood after a hectic day.

Moreover, LED strip lights do not need to be connected to the main circuit unit. Instead, they can work with batteries or separate adapters. Whether you want to have a relaxing bath in a warm environment or want to decorate your guest bathroom, under-mounted LED lights are the best way to do so.

  • Lampes suspendues

It is believed that lampes suspendues only work best for kitchen areas. But not anymore. Many home stylists and designers have been seen using pendant lights in their bedrooms and bathrooms. 

You can style your bathroom with pendant lights too. Hang them above your skins or baths to give a luxurious touch to your bathroom. You can also place them on both sides of the mirror or just use them as your mirror lights. 

Pendant lights not only illuminate your bathroom but also enhance its look, style, and design. 

  • Special Lighting

Adding a personalized touch of lighting in your bathroom will change the whole way your bathroom looks right now. Well, the latest and modern styles of bathrooms are quite appealing and tempting. But adding some special features that describe you wouldn’t hurt. 

Add bright colors, neon light signs, and Bandes LED to make them bright yet aesthetic both day and night. Whether you want to brighten up your vanity or shower area, it’s up to you how you like it. Whatever you put would showcase your taste and vibe.

  • Uniformity In Bathroom

Choosing the right type of lighting is crucial to creating a uniform and appealing bathroom look. The type of light, size, brightness, and temperature have a great impact on the overall functionality of your bathroom. 

LED bulbs can be the best lighting option for the bathroom. They provide uniform brightness without any harsh effects. Make sure that the Ampoule à LED and LED strip lights you use are at the same temperature to create a uniform lighting environment.

If you use cool recessed lights, they will not blend well with the mirror and wall light. Therefore, ensure the use of light that perfectly blends with the other parts and materials of the bathroom. 

  • Integrate Mirrors

If you have a small bathroom and have weird corners, then using lights around your mirror would enhance the brightness.

This simple tip makes your whole bathroom wide and spacious. It also lightens up the dark spots of your bathroom.

You can also install a wide mirror of the wall length and place lights all around it. Add roof light over your bath to get a naturally light touch. This will create a perfect, spacious, and bright bathroom look.

  • Dimmers

Use dimmable lights in your bathrooms. This way you can manage to increase and dim the lights of the bathroom as per your mood and time. Whether you had a hectic day after work and want to have a nice, cozy, and warm bath, or want to get ready for morning rituals, dimmable lights would be the best option for you to create such an environment.

  • Lumière ambiante 

Good, functional light is an exceptional addition to your common family bathroom. 

The common bathroom is going to be a frequent place for all the family members. Each member has their unique requirements. Some may prefer bright light to do makeup and styling in the morning, while some want a relaxing vibe after a long day. 

You cannot install different types of lighting in one place to cater to each member’s needs. Therefore, dimmers can be a perfect lighting option to switch moods as per users’ demands.

  • Special Place

Lights have a great impact on the overall appearance of the bathroom. There is no doubt that lights are an important part of your bathroom, but so do you. You need to think about yourself fitting in your bathroom environment as you think about lighting and other materials.

Sometimes, even so much styling and design can’t make the bathroom feel like home. Adding unique and special fittings to your bathroom makes it more comfortable and approachable.

Add ship lights into your bathrooms, as they are specially designed to withstand harsh environmental and weather conditions. Use high-quality materials like bronze or copper to make it more timeless. Add a metallic touch in taps and light fittings to make it more classic and unique.

  • Warmth In Minimalistic Bathroom 

Adding warm metallics to your whole interior can make a luxurious look. Bronze, copper, and brass add a versatile touch to your bathroom style and give them a modern appearance. 

Cooler metals can also be classy in their way. Combining cool and warm metallics gives you an appealing look that you can’t get away with. 

  • Variant Style Lighting

Arrange the various lighting fixtures in thoughtful ways throughout the bathroom to create a reassuring yet tranquil atmosphere.

This stunning and serene bathroom cleverly uses Éclairage à bande LED along the wall and around the ceiling, while a low-hung chandelier adds a touch of style and helps make up for the lack of natural light in the space.

  • Elegant Lighting 

This bathroom’s industrial-inspired touches perfectly complement the room’s vibrant color and minimalist white tile design. The antique brass sconce and naked bulb go well with the matt-black vanity and brighter taps.

  • Bold Decisions 

Bolder lighting choices can produce unique effects in smaller or inconvenient bathrooms. The correct lighting temperature, measured in lumens, will create a warm ambiance rather than make the room feel cramped. Moreover, pendants and wall lights with bold or unconventional designs will give off a confident finish that is unique to the little space.

  •  High Ceiling 

High-ceiling bathrooms allow you to put pendant lights at the side of the bath or vanity table. If you have a high-ceiling bathroom and don’t know how to make it attractive and bright, pendant lights are your best option.

  • Duality In Bathroom

Over the last few years, the most popular design ideas for bathrooms include dual sinks. Adding a symmetrical lighting design to your bathroom makes it more trendy. You can add lights on either side of the mirrors to make it more attractive. The style definitely screams traditional and aesthetic appeal.

Top Tips for Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The following practical tips ensure that your bathroom is illuminated and appealing.

  • Different Lights

Add a variety of light styles to enhance the lighting experience of your bathroom. Mix accent, task, and ambient lights together to create a uniform and aesthetic environment.

  • Do not Use Bright Lights

Keep away from using clashing, and extremely bright lights to avoid uncomplimentary shadows which are disturbing for eyes. Instead of that, choose diffused and soft lights to decorate modern bathrooms. These lights will give a modernized effect to your bathroom. 

  • Do not Forget Mirrors

Make sure that your vanity area is bright and luminous with proper lighting. Most of the time, bathroom lights cast shadows in the evenings which makes the process of getting ready burdensome. For even lighting on both sides of the vanity mirror,  lights must be placed accordingly.

  • Dimmers

Proper installation of dimmer switches to control levels of lighting is always a good hack. It will affect mood lighting.

  • Avoid Glaring 

To prevent direct light or any glaring effect on your eyes, always be extra heedful regarding light placement. Properly placed scattered light is vital for a luminously rich bathroom.

  • Bonne température de couleur 

Be thoughtful about choosing the color temperature of bulbs. Cooler temperatures, such as white and blue, seem to be a bit harsh. On the other hand, warmer temperatures, like soft white and yellow, generate a soothing ambiance.  These temperatures can be adjusted according to your vibe and mood.

  • Wet Places 

Always be extra cautious about the placement of fixtures, for example, candles, that they must be away from water areas. Safety is of great importance so try keeping fixtures at a distance from the water zone.

  • Uniform Design

While selecting lighting fixtures, choose the ones that complement the decor, wallpaper, and overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Harmony is fundamental to any decor.

  • Timeless Ideas

Always choose designs that are timeless and will not go outdated any sooner. This thing ensures the relevance and desirability of bathroom lights over a number of years.

  1.  Lumières LED

Éclairage LED for bathrooms is eco-friendly and ultimately cost-effective at the same time. Bulbs consume a smaller amount of energy and last longer, so always opt for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Vorlane and design the bathroom of your design as per your ideas and imaginations.


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