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Let us tell you why you should choose a lawn light

Jawabannya sederhana: Vorlane Berbeda.

You can fully customize unique LED product based on our patented & self-designed lawn light series.
Anda akan mendapatkan harga yang jauh lebih rendah dan kompetitif karena kontrol kami yang sangat hemat biaya.
Anda akan selalu memenuhi kebutuhan pasar yang terus berubah dengan produk kami yang terus ditingkatkan.
Anda akan mendapatkan dukungan pemasaran yang kuat untuk membantu Anda menjual produk dengan sukses, dukungan materi meliputi: gambar produk resolusi tinggi, video efek 3d yang keren, dan BANYAK lagi.

Jadi, kenapa bukan Vorlane? Hubungi kami sekarang untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut tentang bagaimana kami dapat membantu Anda.

Bagaimana kami dapat meningkatkan daya saing & keuntungan di pasar Anda?

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Pada akhirnya Kustomisasi Mendalam

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Kami akan mendengarkan ide Anda dengan cermat dan memahami sepenuhnya kebutuhan Anda.

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Our 3D visual support will help bring your ideas to life and turn them into finished products.

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We offer various certifications and patents to help secure your business.

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Penelitian dan Pengembangan yang luar biasa

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Masukan Anda sangat penting bagi kami karena kami berusaha untuk terus meningkatkan dan meningkatkan produk kami.

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If you cannot find the exact LED product to meet your market needs, simply inform us and we will customize it to help you stand out in the competition.

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At Vorlane, we are dedicated to providing unique designs and reliable services that align with our passion for excellence.

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Harga yang sangat kompetitif

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Our self-owned factory enables us to have complete control over the production process, allowing us to make everything under one roof.

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Our factory is strategically located in the biggest LED light industry region in China, providing us with access to a complete supply chain.

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We offer a wide range of customization options to cater to your unique requirements.

Siap untuk WOW?

Tonton video berdurasi 1 menit untuk melihat beberapa detail dan teknologi menakjubkan yang kami gunakan dalam proyek Anda berikutnya.
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Putar Video tentang spanduk video vorlane
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Bagaimana kami dapat mengurangi rasa tidak aman Anda & membuat Anda lebih percaya diri di antara banyak pemasok?

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Kami adalah Pabrik

Our own factory handles production, development, assembly, and quality inspection for our product parts, resulting in a more complete industrial chain and increased confidence.

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Keuntungan Geografis

VORLANE’s factory in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, the global center of lamp manufacturing, provides us with access to worldwide industry advice and technical information.

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Kemampuan Produksi 1.000.000/M

By modernizing our manufacturing lines, we increase production efficiency and decrease the rate of defective products, enabling us to manufacture high-quality products in a shorter amount of time.


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Garansi 5 Tahun Untuk SEMUA Produk

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Safeguard your business with our comprehensive 5-year warranty that covers ALL of our products, providing you with peace of mind.

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Rest assured that during the warranty period, we offer prompt and efficient support for ANY product issues that may arise, ensuring your satisfaction.

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If you receive your goods and require a replacement, we will expedite the process and arrange for a quick replacement, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

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24/7/365 Dukungan Purna Jual

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If you require any support, please inform us of the issue.

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We assure you a response within 1 hour and a satisfactory solution within 8 hours.

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Our after-sales solutions are provided to you free of charge.

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Proses kustomisasi 7 hari

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Transform your ideas into sketches within 24 hours.

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Transform your sketches into molds within 72 hours.

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Transform your molds into finished products within 72 hours.

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A free more things about lawn light you might be interested in...

Types of Lawn Light

Lawn Lighting Systems

Lawn lighting systems are designed to help you decorate and illuminate yard without interrupting the beauty of the landscape. They come in a variety of styles and designs, from traditional solar-powered lights to custom LED lighting that can be installed into pathways or trees. Vorlane’s lawn lighting systems typically include multiple fixtures, each with its own power source and mounting system.

Low Voltage Lawn Lights

Low-voltage lawn lights are a great way to add safety and security to the house. These lights are designed to work with low-voltage landscape lighting systems. They are very easy to install, and they provide a bright, consistent light that is perfect for illuminating walkways, stairs, and other areas. Low-voltage lawn lights are also an excellent choice for accentuating landscaping.

Wired Lawn Lights

Wired lawn lights are a type of outdoor lighting that uses underground wiring to power the lights. This type of lighting is often used to accentuate features in the landscape, such as gardens, fountains, or sculptures. Wired lawn lights are also commonly used to provide safety and security around the perimeter of a home or business.

Flat Lawn Lights

Flat Lawn Lights are a type of low-voltage lighting that can be used to accent the garden or lawn. These lights are designed to lay flat on the ground. Flat Lawn Lights are typically made from durable materials such as plastic or aluminum, and they can be easily installed using a simple stake. These lights are often used to highlight features such as flower beds, trees, or pathways.

Lawn Lighting Ideas

Use Solar-Powered Lawn Lights

Solar-powered lawn lights are a great option because they’re environmentally friendly and easy to install. Simply place the lights in an area where they’ll receive direct sunlight, and they’ll charge during the day so they can light up the lawn at night.

Get Creative With Color

Lawn lights come in a variety of colors, so one can get creative and choose lights that complement the exterior of the building or highlight the flowers and shrubs. Here at Vorlane, we have a wide selection of colors to choose from so one can find the perfect lights for the space.

Think About Placement

Where one place the lawn lights is just as important as what type of light one chooses. Be sure to place the lights in an area where they won’t interfere with foot traffic or block walkways. And if the establishments have stairs or other potential hazards on the property, be sure to place lawn lights in strategic locations so people can see where they’re going.

Lawn Light Application

Pencahayaan Aksen

Lawn lights are the perfect way to accent specific features in the landscape. These lights can be used to highlight sculptures, fountains, or other architectural features. They can also be used to add interest to flower beds or garden areas.

Pencahayaan Umum

Lawn lights can also be used for general lighting purposes. These lights can be used to illuminate walkways, stairs, or other areas where one needs bright, consistent light. Vorlane lawn lights are also an excellent choice for perimeter lighting because they provide a bright light that can deter intruders and help people see where they’re going.

Pencahayaan Keamanan

Lawn lights can also be used for security purposes. By placing the lights in strategic locations around the property, one can deter intruders and make it more difficult for them to sneak onto the property undetected.

Pencahayaan Keselamatan

Lights are also a great way to add safety to the house or establishment. If one has stairs or other potential hazards on the property, lawn lights can help people see where they’re going and avoid potential accidents.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Lawn Lights

Temperatur warna

Consider the color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin. A higher Kelvin rating means a cooler, more blue-hued light, while a lower rating will produce a warmer, yellow-hued light. It’s important to consider because different colors can create different atmospheres.


The brightness, or lumen output, is important to consider because it will determine how much light the fixture emits. A higher lumen output means a brighter light, while a lower lumen output will produce a softer, more subtle light. Here at Vorlane, we have a wide range of brightness levels to choose from so you can find the perfect light for your business needs.

Sudut Balok

The beam angle is also important to consider because it will determine how wide or narrow the light beam is. A wider beam angle will produce a more diffused light, while a narrower beam angle will create a more focused light.


Some lawn lights are dimmable, which means one can control the amount of light that is emitted. This is a great feature to have if one wants to be able to adjust the light depending on the time of day or the mood one is trying to create.


Be sure to check the voltage of the lawn lights. Most fixtures are available in either 12V or 120V.


Lawn Light Scenarios

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Lawn Light


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