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Professional LED Downlight Manufacturer for Indian Market

With Vorlane’s superior customization prowess and dedication to quality, we guarantee top-of-the-line LED downlights that are sure to boost your profit and branding.


Junction Box Compatible LED Downlight

Vorlane (originally known as “Wolink” in India) has been engaging in Indian LED light market for years. We are the 1st factory that detects vast demand for j-box mounted LED downlights in India. Along with our deep understanding on Indian customers preferences on LED light design, we have been the supplier of giants and top brands including Havells, Compact, Luker, GM LED lighting, Norwood, Goldmedal, Orbit, Veto, and so forth.

If you are seeking a manufacturer to carry your next LED downlight project, contact Vorlane for more services and support. We have established factories with ISO-9001 certification in both India and China, which helps us quickly respond to your demand.

Our experienced staff with great passion are happy to stand by your side by choosing the right style/material/packaging for you. All these are done on your budget, on schedule.


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    Choose any Downlight That Fits Your Budget and Customers

    We know every business is different from each other in terms of target customers. Therefore we offer different products to satisfy your needs. Feel free to communicate with us whether you are targeting on high-end or lower-end customer groups, our team will help to figure out the right combination of material usage, colors and design, installation method, and packaging way. 

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    Customized LED Downlight For Wide Applications

    Tell us your needs and brand preference on technical parameters or style design, we can make it your private design to help avoid fierce price war.

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    Styles and Shape

    Any style your customers would like


    LED Driver

    SMD or DOB at your choice



    Customizable 3~30W


    IC Rate

    Thermally protected and designed



    0-10V dimmable


    Color of Spring

    Any color your customers would like


    Color of Junction Box

    Any color that fits your  brand and market


    Packaging Box

    Send us your design and we will make it

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      Vorlane Factories
      We’re Open to Factory Inspection We Pass Every Audit in One Take

      Best Material For Every Single Light

      Cooperating with only the best suppliers for LED chips, plastics and aluminum, we never change them even the market price fluctuates.

      Full Control Over All Procedures

      Controlling over the whole manufacturing processes and adopting the same high standards through every step and workshop.

      Stable Supply and Consistent Quality

      Introducing the state-of-the-art machines and equipment from home and abroad to ensure stable supply of high quality LED lights.

      Rigorous Tests on Finished Lights

      Conducting and repeating tests on the LED lights to ensure its proper functions by stimulating conditions under harsh environment.

      How We Cooperate?

      From start to finish, our experienced and qualified engineers work closely with you in finding a LED light solution that addresses your business requirements.

      Send Your Design

      Provide your concept for your LED light via our channels. You can also provide a rough specification for your lights such as their wattage output and color temperature.

      Get Reviewed

      The design team carefully examines your design or specifications and provide suggestions on how we can improve your concept.

      Sample Molding

      Constructed the mold using the finalized design for your custom LED light.  We ensure the mold accurately captures your specifications.

      Sample Prototyping

      The prototype of your LED lights is produced and delivered to you within 1 week. You can see first-hand the outcome before we move to mass production.

      Trial Order

      Feel free to order a small batch of your LED lights for testing purposes. The trial order provides ease of mind that your whole order of LED fixtures meets your standards.

      Cooperation Contract

      Signing a contract ensures that you confirm the construction and quality of your custom LED light before we start producing your order.

      Mass Production

      Upon signing of your contract we proceed with producing your LED light orders utilizing advanced manufacturing equipment within the expected deadline.

      Logistics & Delivery

      All finished LED lights are assembled within the custom packaging and are arranged in cargo containers to keep them safe and on-time arrivals .

      Planning to Launch Marketable LED Bulbs?

      You’ve Found the Design-Driven Partner.

      Committed to new and innovative LED lighting products that are designed to bring profit to the brand, our R&D team demonstrates great competence in developing lights. Vorlane with proven R&D force has been pushing the boundary of LED light and aiming to deliver innovative LED light that sells all the way.

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      Unique & Stylish Design

      We provide you the one-of-a-kind style in the market and make private mold to protect your interest and profit.

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      Functional Interior Design

      Adapted to the unique exterior design, our engineer adjust structural design of PCB and other accessories to ensure performance.

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      Better Materials On Budget

      We know the properties of all kinds materials and select only the best ones to meet requirements on heat dissipation performance.

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      Built to Fit Your Market

      By indulging ourselves into your local market, we are able to detect what functions your target customers are after and innovate accordingly.

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      Smart Control

      Vorlane LED light are fully customizable with IoT technology supporting. Wifi or bluetooth connection and intelligent adjustment are available.

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      Higher Lighting Performance

      Vorlane strives for higher lumens efficiency, higher CRI and defines the most suitable color temperature to create the best lighting atmosphere.

      Listen to Our Clients’ Voices

      Check out what our clients are talking about our products and services and how they benefit from the cooperation.

      Start Cooperating With Us and Get Innovative LED Street Lights At Low Cost!

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      We will get back to you within 8 hours.

        *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

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        *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.