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All Types of LED Stage Light

官网产品主图 新款par60

PAR 60

官网产品主图 par54

PAR 54

官网产品主图 36颗摇头灯


官网产品主图 19颗摇头灯


官网产品主图 光束灯


官网产品主图 迷你激光灯


官网产品主图 迷你魔球灯


官网产品主图 魔球灯


Stage Light And Magic Ball

PAR 60-PRO Brand New Design

More stylish appearance

Unique cooling hole design

More than 1200 pieces per cabinet

More attractive prices

官网产品主图 新款par60 2
官网产品主图 新款par60 7

100W Beam Spot / Mini Beam Spot

Showing 7 different delicate light colors

provide seven different beam shapes

DMX: support DMX512 digital dimming protocol

smooth dimming: more delicate color change

vorlane mini Beam Spot
vorlane mini Beam Spot
Advanced customization rafiki

Need a custom service? Click and view details

  • Need customized services? The logo is the first step, All you need to do is attach your logo to
  • the quotation. Then our designers will offer different effects based on different logo positions.

If you have your own packaging design drawing, it’s better for us to produce. Or we will recommend to you the most popular packaging in your market for your reference.

The optional lens colors are white and black. Different colors have different effects. If you are interested in this part, our sales will send you the details about the difference.

Just send us your logo, our designer will offer the final effect.

According to your special requests, our programmers have the ability to adjust the script about sound activated and wedge cycling, also with DMX512 speed control and color selection.

Tour of
professional stage light

The best possible light and a timelessly functional design are what characterize our design idea today.

Vorlane has influenced LED light design and development since its foundation – And will continue to do so in the future.

Know More About Our Stage Light

Follow Kallem’s footsteps to learn more details about our factory, products through videos as below.

Learn More About Our Quality Control System

Quality is one of the most important parts of our products and the base of developing market.

We’re sure it’s significant for your business as well.

Before shipping, the products need to pass several tests to guarantee their performance, including material, in-production and final inspection.

Certifications We've Got

Based on the process of cooperation with well-known brands, Vorlane has achieved many necessary certifications in the stage lighting industry, including BIS Certification, CE, ISO90001, and many design patent.
If you need other special certifications in your country, let us know. Then we can try our best to get it, or we can apply it together.

How We Cooperate?

From start to finish, our experienced and qualified engineers work closely with you in finding a LED light solution that addresses your business requirements.

Send Your Design

Provide your concept for your LED light via our channels. You can also provide a rough specification for your lights such as their wattage output and color temperature.

Get Reviewed

The design team carefully examines your design or specifications and provide suggestions on how we can improve your concept.

Sample Molding

Constructed the mold using the finalized design for your custom LED light.  We ensure the mold accurately captures your specifications.

Sample Prototyping

The prototype of your LED lights is produced and delivered to you within 1 week. You can see first-hand the outcome before we move to mass production.

Trial Order

Feel free to order a small batch of your LED lights for testing purposes. The trial order provides ease of mind that your whole order of LED fixtures meets your standards.

Cooperation Contract

Signing a contract ensures that you confirm the construction and quality of your custom LED light before we start producing your order.

Mass Production

Upon signing of your contract we proceed with producing your LED light orders utilizing advanced manufacturing equipment within the expected deadline.

Logistics & Delivery

All finished LED lights are assembled within the custom packaging and are arranged in cargo containers to keep them safe and on-time arrivals .

Online Purchasing

Online Meetings

The COVID-19 in recent years has made cross-border import procurement not as convenient as before, and online procurement trust has faced many difficulties.

VORLANE will adopt a better online procurement process to understand more about each other and give maximum convenience to each buyer.

And our professional sales staff will be ready to cooperate with buyers and conduct online meetings to answer your questions and provide relevant information to answer everything you need to know in a face-to-face manner.

Online quotation

Thanks to the advantages of the factory, the stage lamps and lanterns we sell have the most advantageous price.

And we will customize the products that best meet your needs according to the purchaser’s requirements for function and price.

Online factory display

We will have professional factory personnel, video conference with you at the factory, all the information you want to know about the factory, we will show you the most real side in the form of video.

Online after-sales service

When you purchase, the sales person who is in contact with you will still keep in touch with you.

When you receive the product, any questions you have can be reflected to our sales staff.

And we have a very long shelf life for the products we produce.

Professional staff

VORLANE has been able to gain the trust of many overseas buyers because of the strict requirements of our leader, Mr. Steven, for our products and staff.

The products we manufacture and the services we provide have helped several overseas companies achieve higher profits and value.

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