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Vorlane offers a comprehensive range of LED lighting products. 

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Led Downlight
Led Downlight
Led Panel Light
Led Panel Light
Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting
Indoor Lighting
Indoor Lighting
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Wall Light
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Stage Light
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Street Light
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Flood Light

Collaborative Excellence: Our Trusted Brands

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We don't just produce lighting,

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Harnessing advanced factory infrastructure, Vorlane consistently achieves industry-leading quality. Backed by forefront technology and rigorous R&D, we transition from mere light production to architecting dedicated business solutions.

leading led lighting manufacturer
Play Video about leading led lighting manufacturer
leading led lighting manufacturer
Play Video about leading led lighting manufacturer
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Enjoy an exciting journey of Lighting customization with Vorlane!

1Product Research Development

Product R & D

Your ideas fuel our innovation in LED technology. We specialize in developing products that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring they fit perfectly into a variety of settings and applications.

2File And Image Design

File And Image Design

Your brand’s visual impact is paramount. Our team expertly crafts files and images that capture the essence of your products, enhancing their appeal in catalogs and displays, and making your brand stand out.

3Mold Opening And Proofing

Mold Opening&Proofing

Precision is at the heart of what we do. From mold opening to proofing, we ensure every product is crafted to your exact specifications, guaranteeing the highest quality and adherence to your detailed requirements.

4Functions Of Luminance

Functions Of Luminance

Tailor your lighting experience with us. We provide a range of luminance options, from color temperature and light source selection to innovative dimming and smart control features, all customizable to your installation needs.

What sets Vorlane Apart


17 years professional

knowledge in LED lighting 

Fast Sampling

3-5 working days;

50% faster than average.

ODM Brand Partner

Fast molding, unique design.

Increase competitiveness in the market.

Private Mold Options

Unique molds, design choice.

Stand out with exclusivity.

Access to Vorlane's Professional support

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Vorlane Empowers Your Projects & Enhances Your Market Impact
with Our Superior Led Solutions.


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Experience Vorlane's Brilliance at Our Next Exhibition!

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Experience Vorlane's Brilliance at Our Next Exhibition!