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VORLANE LED Moving Head Light 160w
VORLANE 19PCS Bee Eyes Moving Light
VORLANE 36PCS Bee Eyes Moving Head Light
VORLANE LED 3 Eyes COB Blinder Light
VORLANE LED Laser Stage Light
VORLANE LED Moving Head Sharpy Light
VORLANE LED PAR 54 Satge Light
VORLANE PAR 60 LED Stage Light
VORLANE LED Mini Beam Spot Light
VORLANE Fog Machine
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Advanced customization rafiki
Customization Services
  • Need customized services? The logo is the first step, All you need to do is attach your logo to
  • the quotation. Then our designers will offer different effects based on different logo positions.

If you have your own packaging design drawing, it’s better for us to produce. Or we will recommend to you the most popular packaging in your market for your reference.

The optional lens colors are white and black. Different colors have different effects. If you are interested in this part, our sales will send you the details about the difference.

Just send us your logo, our designer will offer the final effect.

According to your special requests, our programmers have the ability to adjust the script about sound activated and wedge cycling, also with DMX512 speed control and color selection.

VORLANE's Quality Control System

Before shipping, the products need to pass several tests to guarantee their performance, including material, in-production and final inspection.

Certifications We've Got

In the course of working with many well-known brands, Vorlane has obtained several necessary certifications in the stage lighting industry, including BIS certification, CE, ISO90001, and several design patents.

If you need other special certifications for your country/region, please let us know. Then we can do our best to obtain it, or we can apply it together.

Online Purchasing

Online Meetings

VOLANE adopts a better online sourcing process to provide maximum convenience for every buyer.

Our professional sales staff will work with the purchaser at any time, holding online meetings to answer your questions and provide relevant information, answering everything you need to know in a face-to-face manner.

Online quotation

Thanks to the advantages of the factory, the stage lamps and lanterns we sell have the most advantageous price.

And we will customize the products that best meet your needs according to the purchaser’s requirements for function and price.

Online factory display

We will have professional factory personnel, video conference with you at the factory, all the information you want to know about the factory, we will show you the most real side in the form of video.

Online after-sales service

When you purchase, the sales person who is in contact with you will still keep in touch with you.

When you receive the product, any questions you have can be reflected to our sales staff.

And we have a very long shelf life for the products we produce.

Professional staff

VORLANE has been able to gain the trust of many overseas buyers because of the strict requirements of our leader, Mr. Steven, for our products and staff.

The products we manufacture and the services we provide have helped several overseas companies achieve higher profits and value.

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