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LED Panel - PB01

  • Anti-leakage, very high brightness, soft light
  • Die-casting aluminum shell, quality assurance, external drive, replace at any time
  • High lumen lamp beads, isolated high PF driver, no flicker


Model Power Size(mm) Cutout(mm) Lumens Input Voltage CRI Material
VL008-PB01-R3W 3W Φ85*20 Φ75 90LM/W 110-240V ≧80 Die-casting Alumium+PS
VL008-PB01-R6W 6W Φ120*20 Φ105
VL008-PB01-R9W 9W Φ146*20 Φ126
VL008-PB01-R12W 12W Φ172*20 Φ160
VL008-PB01-R15W 15W Φ172*20 Φ160
VL008-PB01-R15W-D200 15W Φ200*20 Φ180
VL008-PB01-R18W 18W Φ225*20 Φ205
VL008-PB01-R24W 24W Φ300*20 Φ280
VL008-PB01-S3W 3W 85*85*20 75*75
VL008-PB01-S6W 6W 120*120*20 105*105
VL008-PB01-S9W 9W 146*146*20 126*126
VL008-PB01-S12W 12W 172*172*20 160*160
VL008-PB01-S15W 15W 172*172*20 160*160
VL008-PB01-S15W-D200 15W 200*200*20 180*180
VL008-PB01-S18W 18W 225*225*20 205*205
VL008-PB01-S24W 24W 300*300*20 280*280
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