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Answer is simple: Vorlane is Different.

You can fully customize unique LED product based on our patented & self-designed smoke machine series.
You can trust us to provide transparent and honest pricing, with no hidden fees or charges.
You will always meet the ever-changing market needs with our keep-upgrading products.
You will appreciate our responsive and professional customer service team, who are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

So, why not Vorlane? Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you.

How can we increase your competitiveness & profits in your market?

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Ultimately Deep Customization

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Listen to your ideas and fully understand your needs.

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Provide 3D visual support to turn your ideas into finished products.

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Various certification & patents to secure your business.

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Superb R&D

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Customizable settings to satisfy specific production needs

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Low noise operation for unobtrusive use

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Wide range of smoke output options for versatile use cases

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Extremely competitive pricing

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Self-owned factory to make everything under one roof and under control.

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Located at the biggest LED light industry region in China with complete supply chain.

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Various customization options for you to choose from

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How can we reduce your insecurity & bring you more confidence among many suppliers?

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We are Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings more confidence.

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Geographical Advantages

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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1,000,000/M Production Capability

Our vertical integration enables us to handle the entire production process in-house, from design to assembly, ensuring fast turnaround times and on-time delivery.

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National export qualification
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5-Year Warranty On ALL Products

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Peace of mind with a comprehensive five-year warranty

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Expert technical support and guidance from experienced professionals

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Streamlined maintenance processes for optimized efficiency

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7/24/365 After-Sales Support

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Whenever you need support, just tell us what happend.

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We promise to reply within 1 hour and offer a satisfied solution within 8 hours.

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All after-sales solution is FREE.

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7-Day customization process

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Turn your ideas into sketch in 1 day

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Turn sketch into mold in 3 days

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Turn mold into a finished product in 3 days

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A free more things about smoke machine you might be interested in...

Smoke Machine Parts


The heater is responsible for heating up the liquid so that it can be forced out of the nozzle as a mist.


The pump helps to circulate the liquid and keep it moving through the system.


The fluid reservoir holds the liquid that will be turned into fog.


The nozzle is what actually disperses the fog into the air. Here at Vorlane, we have a specially designed nozzle that allows for thick, long-lasting fog.

Smoke Machine Application

Stage Lighting

A smoke machine or fog Machine is a device that emits a thick, dense cloud of artificial smoke. It is often used in stage lighting applications to create special effects like fog or haze. They are used to make beams of light visible in nightclubs and other venues with low-light conditions.

Event Lighting

A smoke machine can also be used to create special effects for events like weddings, parties, and concerts. They can be used to create a romantic atmosphere or to make a dramatic entrance. Here at Vorlane, we have different types of machines that will suit your business needs.

How Do Smoke Machines Work

Step #1: Smoke machines work by heating a special fluid until it turns into a gas.

Step #2:This gas is then forced out of the machine through a fan.

Step #3: As the gas exits the machine, it mixes with the cooler air outside, causing it to condense into tiny water droplets. These droplets are what we see as artificial fog.

Step #4: The type of fluid used, as well as the temperature at which it is heated, will determine the density, color, and smell of the artificial fog. Here at Vorlane, we have a variety of fluids available to create different types of fog effects.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Smoke Machine


Consider the size of the machine. If one is planning on using it for large events or parties, one’ll need a machine that can generate a lot of smoke.


Think about the type of smoke one want to create. Some machines only produce white smoke, while others can create different colors. Here at Vorlane, we offer a wide variety of types to choose from.


Some machines come with features like timers and remote controls. These can be handy if one wants to be able to control the machine without being right next to it.

Noise Level

Pay attention to the noise level of the machine. Some machines can be quite loud, which might not be ideal if one is trying to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Smoke Machine Scenarios

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Smoke Machine


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