Top 15 Office Lighting Manufacturers In The World

Discover top global office lighting manufacturers enhancing work environments with innovative, energy-efficient solutions for productivity and comfort.

Adequate light plays a significant role in offices. It enhances the aesthetics of the office environment and balances workers’ comfort levels.

Nevertheless, when making the right choice for office lighting, one of the main concerns can be choosing the most appropriate lighting fixtures at a workplace and from where to get them.

The foremost thing one must do is create a list of the top manufacturers of office lights, learn about their product quality, the main parameters on which they offer light, and how appropriate they are according to your office environment. The following guide covers all the relevant information you might be seeking for office lighting, so let’s get straight into it.

What Is Office Lighting?

Multiple lighting options with specific features and models are available to brighten the office space. They are feasible for people to perform accurate and efficient visual tasks. This is unlike industrial or residential lighting in terms of design and brightness. Furthermore, offices have fixed LEDs, usually with cooler blue or white tones, to improve focus and concentration.

The use of office light in workspaces has amazing benefits. All well-known businesses use lighting in workspaces to enhance their employees’ performance, mood, and morale. In today’s fast-paced age, getting maximum benefits from ever-rising lighting demands is a fantastic opportunity.

Important to Choose The Correct Office Lighting

Choosing the appropriate light for the office is an important task for the overall environment of the office and equally for the people working in it. A few reasons that make a selection of lighting of workspaces important are given below:

Impact On Health

Light plays a crucial part in everyone’s overall well-being because we spend most of our time indoors. Therefore, to regulate the sleep-wake routine and avoid any strain on the eyes, it is very important to choose suitable lighting.

The best office lighting options are the ones that go completely unnoticed. This means you do not have to experience headaches or sore eyes at the end of working hours. Light influences the sleep patterns and circadian rhythms of every individual. It also influences our mood. Therefore, the most appropriate lighting selection must be of prime importance for the overall well-being and benefits of employees.

Impacts On Productivity

The manner in which employees do their tasks is completely dependent on office lighting. In the presence of work-appropriate lighting, and correct color temperature, the alertness of employees improves. If the lighting in offices is very dim or excessively bright or is far away from natural lighting, it can cause eye strain, and the person will get drained within no time. Therefore, the productivity of work is impacted which leads to minimal output of work at the end.

Impact On Energy Efficiency

Multiple fixtures are involved in office lighting as bigger workspaces require adequate lighting facilities. Yet, the electricity cost will increase accordingly. Nevertheless, in the case of the implementation of LED lighting, choose enough lights that illuminate the space for less electricity bills.

Plan the lighting incorporation process thoroughly to achieve energy-efficient solutions. These effective strategies help reduce energy costs and protect the environment from carbon footprints. 

Types Of Office Lighting

Office lighting comes in a variety of sizes, types, and materials. When you choose lighting fixtures for your office, make sure they offer enough brightness and a comfortable working environment. We at Vorlane provide the following office lighting fixtures.

LED Panel Lights

Our LED panel lights offer tons of benefits and are perfect for varied places. There are different LED panel series available with distinctive features. You can choose these panel lights as per the office environment. Some applications of these lights include:

  • LED panel lights go perfectly well for general office lighting to illuminate the whole space.
  • You can also install LED panel lights right above the working desks for a bright, focused light. It increases concentration during work and protects from eye strains.
  • The incorporation of LED panel lights in the conference or meeting rooms is best. It evenly distributes light during presentation and does not affect the screen. 
  • The addition of LED panel lights in the reception area provides a warm and bright welcoming atmosphere to the visitors. 

LED Linear Lights

LED linear lights are considered another perfect office lighting fixture. We at Vorlane have a series of LED linear lights. Each fixture of the series is specially designed to be used in different places for varied purposes. Some of the LED linear light applications include:

  • LED linear lights can be used in the office for overall illumination purposes. They recessed the ceilings and illuminated the whole office. 
  • Install linear lights above the desks to improve concentration and work productivity.
  • LED linear lights are suitable for installation in meeting rooms to illuminate the space during important presentations.
  • You can also install LED linear lights in the reception and waiting areas to improve the space’s brightness.
  • Linear lights are also used as accent lights and can be installed in various office areas to enhance architectural designs.
  • Walkways and corridors also must have LED linear lights to ensure a safe and brighten pathway for the people walking through it.

Linear Lights

LED standing linear and panel lights are also popular office lighting fixtures. These lights can be installed in various places in the office for different use cases. Some of the applications of LED floor-standing Linear and panel lights include:

  • Floor-standing LED panel lights provide a warm environment for people entering into the office. Therefore, they are best fit for the reception center.
  • Floor-standing LED linear lights are used for decoration to enhance the office look and design.
  • These floor-standing lightings are also used for task lighting. You can install them near workstations or lounge areas for better working or reading.
  • You can also add LED floor-standing lights in the meeting rooms to enhance the space’s illumination.
Brand NameEstablishment TimeLocation
Philips Lighting1890sAmerica
Vorlane2014Guangzhou, China
Cyanlite2015Shanghai, China
KYDLED2008Shenzhen, China
GS LIGHT2009Shenzhen, China
LEDUX Lighting2012Zhejiang, China
Laiting Lighting2010Zhongshan, China
Zhongyou Lighting2001Jiaxing, China
Simeng Lighting 2004Guangdong, China
Devon Lighting2018England
Kamable Lighting2007Zhongshan, China
Acuity Brands1892America
Osram Licht AG1910sAustralia
Zumtobel Group1950Austria
GE Current1890sAmerica
  • Philips Lighting

Website page for Philips product on Philips Lighting website

It is the leading lighting manufacturer. Philips is the most trusted and reliable name in the lighting industry, and it has over 130 years of experience. The company is known for producing high-quality products that make life more enjoyable and easy.

Moreover, Philips Lighting is highly committed to providing perfect lighting fixtures to customers, catering to their needs. With the help of advanced and innovative technology, they ensures that customers always get the latest lighting products. This office lighting solutions help companies reduce their electricity bills and work in an illuminated comfortable space.

Philips Lighting offers other commercial lighting options like ambient and task lighting. Whether you are a homeowner, businessman, retailer store owner, or have a commercial office, it is the best option to choose. 

  • Vorlane 

Vorlane website

We efficiently design our products, ensuring high quality, reliability, and performance. We focus on cost-efficient LED products to help create a better and carbon-free environment.

With our trained manufacturing teams and years of industry experience, we are dedicated to offering a reliable, affordable, and efficient commercial lighting option to our customers.

  • Cyanlite

Cyanlite website displaying extensive content and details

Cyanlite Co., Ltd. is an expert commercial and office lighting manufacturer. The firm first came into being in 2015 as a sub-company of CYAN Lighting Group. The CYAN lighting group is known for producing all sorts of best lighting products.

Cyanlite is a subsidiary, but is highly dedicated to producing innovative commercial LED lights. In just 5 years, the firm has become popular in various countries like the UK, America, Germany, and Netherlands.  

Cyanlite is known for reliable and trustworthy connections and products. They follow a strong quality check procedure during manufacturing. Therefore, they are able to produce a perfect end product.


Explore Kyo LED lighting products on KYDLED companys sleek website design

KYLED is in this listing because it has collaborated with leading companies in lights. Among the firms it has collaborated with are Phillips, NVC, and GE. They attribute the achievement of any success to good quality products, stable supply, and affordable prices. 

If you considered their OEM services as giant companies previously listed, you would save a lot. This producer also specializes in linear pendant lighting and recessed linear lighting systems.

The designs are very simple but very beautiful. All the LED lights in the office have anti-glare attributes to consider office needs. Besides this, they produce top-quality LED drivers along with CRI chips.


Check out the stylish LED wall light product page on GS LIGHT company website

In 2009, GS LIGHT began. At that time, its main concern was producing the best quality LED lighting fixtures in the industry. According to the founder, buyers are most concerned about the quality of items. This view is correct. GS Light has a good clientele base because it gives first-rate client service and stocks high-end goods.

Even though it is a young establishment, it has state-of-the-art LED technology operations facilities. Their manufacturing processes and quality control system are benchmarks of quality assurance. In addition, there are three in total. All three are involved in the production of commercial and industrial lighting equipment. 

  • LEDUX Lighting

Website design for LEDUX Lighting showcasing modern and elegant home lighting products

The company LEDUX Lights manufactures products known as light–emitting diodes. This firm perceives the present increased craving for light–emitting diodes as individuals progress toward eco–friendly ones, thus making an ideal market. To cater to the high market demand, it opted to concentrate on superior commercial lighting, residential lighting, and industrial lighting solutions. 

Its primary products are LED bulbs that are available in a variety of styles and types for use in businesses, homes, or industries. Additionally, they manufacture other lighting products. You can select either from their standard catalog or place a special order with them. 

They are so proud of their lighting quality. Moreover, their LED lamps are efficient in that they save much more on power than other types, hence enabling you to reduce your bills by up to 85%.

  • Laiting Lighting

Website design for a chandelier on Laiting Lighting company website Elegant and captivating lighting fixtures showcased

In case you need commercial lighting or non-standard stay-at-engineering lighting, there are some products at Laiting Lighting that you can take advantage of. It’s a corporation that builds LED lights at an industrial level, typically involved in research and development as well as selling. 

With everything made in-house, Laiting Lighting has fantastic customer care service. Most importantly, their lights are some of the most luxurious and visually appealing ones. 

They have some exciting products for your customers looking for extraordinary LED workplace lighting. At their factories, all products are Certified by CE and CCC. Also, in case you want to make a customized order, then these products will go with UL among other standards.

  • Zhongyou Lighting

Screenshot of Zhongyou Lightings website Jingxing Lighting showcasing their products and services

Zhongyou Lighting has over twenty years of experience producing LED panel lights, which are highly reliable and useful for any worker at their desk. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to locate a dependable panel light manufacturer. 

Having covered an area of about 6000 square meters, their factory hosts a thirty-year-old overall state-of-the-art production facility where they have deployed all technologies known to date. So, if anyone searches for where to find a reliable manufacturer for panel lights, it is an ideal opportunity for them.

The company has the following merits: UL, CE, SASO, and RoHS certificates. They have cooperated with over 200 international customers, most of whom come from Europe or America.

  • Simeng Lighting 

A computer filled office at Simeng Lighting company website

Simeng Lighting is a worldwide supplier of lighting products and other related products too. An office owner can buy several products for office use from them. This also entails high-quality LED lighting solutions.

Their industry catalog contains LED lamps, electronics power supplies, precision hardware items, and hardware molds, among other products. All your LED office lighting needs can be placed on them.

Customers who wish to customize their orders are provided with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as original design manufacturer (ODM) services. Moreover, it is possible to have your brand logo designed on products. All operations are certified by ISO 9001: 2015 indicating high-quality goods.

  • Devon Lighting

A sleek website design for David Bowen Lighting a Devon based company

Best China Lighting, mostly known as ABC Lighting, provides great LED solutions with Devon. Their LED products are best for everyday use or office use.

If you want great quality workplace lightning, then you can contact them. You can also get premium access to everyday use lighting. All of their components are manufactured by hand or in-house.

No one has been able to beat their quality. They provide great attributes such as high efficiency and excellent performance to have greater time relations. The basic feature of this company was to give clients one-stop lighting fixtures. A long time ago they achieved their goal and have been progressing in their quality game.

  • Kamable Lighting

Kamable Lightings website page showcasing their products and services

Kamable Lighting has been exporting LED-related products to over 50 states. It is based in Zhongshan. Their average is about 30 containers within a month. It is a great achievement and a way to progress further. 

Residential areas are a must, while commercial lighting products are also delivered. They love to make custom orders as they don’t provide too many different products. Moreover, they have limited products, but you can choose or design however you desire. They have the best custom solutions as their products have great performance and are of great quality.

The products that are being manufactured at their factory have certain standards up to CE, UL, RoHS and SAA. If you want special customer care, they have great trade consultants who can meet your needs.

  • Acuity Brands 

Acuity brands lighting main product

They offer a wide variety of lighting products targeted for business and office applications, including high-end LED lighting fixtures and IoT-connected systems. They concentrate on delivering appropriate lighting that will increase morale and productivity among employees.

  • Osram Licht AG

1Osram lighting company website showcasing their products and service

A global market leader, Osram provides high-performance, energy-efficient lighting solutions, including LED luminaires and smart lighting systems. It focuses on human-centric lighting solutions for a comfortable and productive work environment.

  • Zumtobel Group

zumtobel website

Zumtobel Group is a brand famous for its great quality and forward-thinking designs with a wide range of office lighting products available like LED luminaires, intelligent lighting solutions, and much more. Their aim is to improve visual excellence and design a conducive office space that facilitates different activities of the work by their workers.

  • GE Current

GE Current lighting company website

GE Current specializes in energy efficiency and sustainability and offers advanced lighting along with intelligent controls. Among their products are LED luminaires, connected lighting systems, and networked controls which are specifically engineered to enhance performance and visual appeal in today’s work environments.

Best and Healthiest lighting in offices

In a common workplace, ideal lighting mixes a lot of light from different places, with lights aimed right at work spots. The light goes up to 300 lux bright, and the color should be from 3500K to 5500K. 4000K is just right.

Cool blue or white lights are best to boost work output. These lights also help the mind stay sharp, ease eye strain, and tire you less. People working under cool lights often feel more awake and happy.

Looking for Office Lighting? Vorlane Lighting Can Help You

The best answer to all your difficulties as indoor or outdoor lighting can be covered by Vorlane Lighting. We provide services such as customization and the perfect-looking lighting for your office. To get the perfect lighting in your offices or any space, we have the best-trained and educated designers. We have professionals to deliver and boost your office look. Get in Contact with our advisor!


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