ABD'deki En İyi 10 LED Şerit Işık Üreticisi [2024 Güncellendi]

Installing LED strip lights in the property is the best way to give it a different and more layered feel. That’s why the demand for LED strip lights is up, and you should consider investing in the business. However, the one thing you must keep in mind is choosing the right lighting color and contacting a reliable manufacturer to help you get high-quality and affordable products. While searching for such a company, look at this list of the top 10 LED strip light manufacturers in the USA. 

We truly hope you find the manufacturer you are looking for.

Top 10 LED Strip Lights Manufacturers in the USA

To add a relaxing and comfortable touch to any property, nothing could be better than installing LED strips. The best thing about this flexible circuit board is that it can stick almost anywhere to add powerful lighting and brightness to a room.

Firma AdıEstablishment YearKonum
Hitlights2010Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Diode LED2008Nevada, USA
Flexfireleds2009Kaliforniya, ABD
LED Supply2002Vermont, USA
Super Bright LEDs2002Missouri, USA
Ecolocity2008Nevada, USA
Lumilum2012Miami, Florida, USA
1000 Bulbs1997Mesquite, Texas, USA
Sirs-e2005Teksas, ABD
Orr & Orr, Inc1934Bedford Park, IL, USA
Alcon Lighting2010sKaliforniya, ABD
Vorlan2007Guangdong, Çin

Here is a list of the top 10 LED strip light factory-like Vorlane in the USA:


İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Supplier

Merkez: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri 

Establishment Year: 2010

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: UL-listed 

Hitlights Logo

Hitlights is a certified premium LED strip lights manufacturer and supplier aiming to bring your lighting ideas to life. It specializes in producing superior quality products with fast project turnaround times, and a vast range of customization lighting components provided by the vast experience and knowledge of its team.

The company is known for inspiring and developing new ways of employing LED strip lighting technology in residential and commercial spaces across homes, offices, art projects, and retail spaces in the USA.

Anahtar Ürünler:

Diode LED

İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Supplier

Merkez: Nevada, USA

Establishment Year: 2008

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: Technology Company of the Year from Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) 

Diode LED Logo

Diode LED is among the largest providers of low-voltage linear lighting solutions at affordable rates. The products offered by this brand are preferred by lighting designers, architects, product specifiers, electricians, and general contractors. Focusing on providing you with superior linear LED products for residential and commercial applications, helps in making your lives simpler.

Anahtar Ürünler:

  • Tape & Strip Lights
  • Mounting Channels
  • LED Fixtures
  • Control Systems
  • Switches & Dimmers


İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Distributor

Merkez: Kaliforniya, ABD

Establishment Year: 2009

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: UL listed, Best Of Houzz 2014 – Client Satisfaction 

Flexfireleds Logo

If you are looking for a strip lights manufacturer trusted by the top design and construction firms worldwide, Flexfireleds is your go-to option. The company is a leader in manufacturing and distributing quality LED strip lighting solutions, helping you achieve a unique interior and exterior lighting experience.

Anahtar Ürünler:

  • LED Şerit Işıklar
  • LED Lighting Controls
  • LED Power Supplies
  • Dimmers, Amplifiers, & RGB
  • Strip Connectors & Wire

LED Supply

İş Tipi: Üretici firma

Merkez: Vermont, USA

Establishment Year: 2002

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: RoHS Compliance, REACh Compliance, and UL Listed 

LED Supply Logo
Source LED Supply

LED Supply is a brand established, operated, and owned by a select few individuals, all having technical backgrounds. The company aims to provide its customers with the best quality LED products to enhance their experience and make their lives convenient. If you are looking for the best drivers, strips, optics, bulbs, and other accessories, you must consider buying from it.

Anahtar Ürünler:

Super Bright LEDs

İş Tipi: Supplier

Merkez: Missouri, USA

Establishment Year: 2002

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: CE-certified and UL listed 

Super Bright LEDs Logo
Source Super Bright LEDs

SBL has quickly grown from a small company offering a few LED products to becoming an industry leader providing items for all your lighting needs, whether industrial, home, commercial, landscape, or vehicle. Today, it is popular as a trusted supplier of LED lighting across the USA and various industries.

The reason people often turn to SBL for lighting solutions is its superior services and products, which go through rigorous in-house testing to ensure high quality.

Anahtar Ürünler:


İş Tipi: Supplier & Service Provider

Merkez: Nevada, USA

Establishment Year: 2008

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: ETL Listed, RoHS, CE 

Ecolocity Logo

If you are looking to start a new lighting project and have no idea where to begin, you can turn to Ecolocity LED to take the best lighting ideas and make them a reality. The company serves its customers with a range of products ranging from strip lights to fixtures, controllers, aluminum fixtures, power supplies, and other accessories.

Anahtar Ürünler:


İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Supplier

Merkez: Miami, Florida, USA

Establishment Year: 2012

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: ETL Listed 

Lumilum Logo

Lumilum is a lighting solution provider that creates and offers high-quality and energy-efficient products for residential and professional needs. Its LED products include strip lights, tape lights, light bulbs, and other items, which are preferred by architects, lighting designers, and electrical contractors because of their durability, robust construction, and color-rending ability.

Anahtar Ürünler:

1000 Bulbs

İş Tipi: Retailer & Service Provider

Merkez: Mesquite, Texas, USA

Establishment Year: 1997

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: UL Listed 

1000 Bulbs Logo

1000 Bulbs is a brand known for continuous innovation and competitive pricing to offer you the best quality lighting solutions. It is a wholly-owned American retailer that also offers advice from over 50 lighting-certified specialists. So, if you are in the USA, looking for a reliable LED strip lights manufacturer, you can put your trust in 1000 Bulbs.

Anahtar Ürünler:

  • Bulbs & Strip Lights
  • Rope & Tape Lights
  • Hareket sensörleri
  • Dimmer Switches


İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Supplier

Merkez: Teksas, ABD

Establishment Year: 2005

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: Member Of National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program 

Sirs e Logo

Sirs-e is a manufacturer and supplier of LED strip lights and other accessories for creative US citizens. Since 2005, the company has been specializing in the supply and manufacturing of high-quality products and designing solutions for the challenges faced by industry professionals.

So, if you are looking for a brand that supplies reliable and cutting-edge linear LED products and accessories, you can turn to Sirs-e without a doubt.

Anahtar Ürünler:

  • LED Şerit Işıklar
  • DMX Software & Controller
  • Controllers & Fixtures 

Orr & Orr, Inc 

İş Tipi: LED lighting Manufacturer & Hardware Supplier

Merkez: Bedford Park, IL 60638, USA

Establishment Year: 1934

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: UL Listed 

Orr Orr Inc Logo

Orr & Orr, Inc was established in 1934 and has been producing hardware, lighting, and other accessories across the USA. People looking for bulk LED lighting solutions in different models, such as LED strip lights, LED stop lights, LED turn lights, LED porch lights, LED backup lights, LED emergency lights, LED flood lights, LED work lights, and LED interior lights, can contact the Orr & Orr, Inc team. 

Anahtar Ürünler:

  • LED şerit ışıkları 
  • LED porch lights 
  • LED tail lights 
  • Flood lighting 

Alcon Lighting

İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Distributor

Merkez: Los Angeles, California, USA

Establishment Year: 2010s

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: Numerous industry accolades for innovation and design excellence

Alcon Lighting Logo

Alcon Lighting stands as a premier provider of high-performance, high-quality commercial and architectural lighting solutions. Renowned among lighting designers, architects, engineers, and contractors, Alcon Lighting specializes in offering a wide array of lighting products designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern spaces. With a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge design, Alcon Lighting is dedicated to enhancing environments through superior lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications, making it a leader in the lighting industry.

How To Source Best Quality LED Strip Lights From China

The Chinese LED lighting manufacturers provide high-quality and reliable LED strip lights at a reasonable price range. They are often made from sturdy and decent-quality materials and last longer. 

  • Vorlan

İş Tipi: Manufacturer & Supplier

Merkez: Çin 

Main Markets: China, Worldwide

Establishment Year: 2007

Sertifikalar/Ödüller: ISO 9001:2015, Downlight BIS Certificate

Logo of Vorlane

Vorlane is the market leader in LED lighting solutions. The company is famous for designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality lighting solutions by utilizing the robust experience of its team members. It offers a range of LED lighting options to satisfy your needs and keep coming back for future purchases.

Anahtar Ürünler:


The best way to upgrade the modern interior is by embedding LED lights perfectly in different areas. Installing stip lights in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, is the best way to give the right touch to each corner.

We hope the above list helps you locate the best LED strip light manufacturers in the USA to help you take your LED lighting business and projects to the next level. For more details, you may Vorlane ile iletişime geçin and get your quote today!

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