Eco First, Profit Second.

The environment is Vorlane’s main priority over our profit margins. To achieve our goal of a sustainable production facility, we invested in advanced manufacturing machinery and employ qualified employees.

Doing so allows us to decrease our power consumption and wastage, leading to a decrease in our carbon footprint.

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Hi Lumens, Bye Watts.

Through our extensive market research and a close watch on technological trends, we strive for creating LED lights that have better lumen output while consuming fewer watts.

Vorlane helps you achieve your target audience’s desired lighting output with less power consumption, allowing them to cut electrical costs while protecting the environment.


Talents: The Long-Term Driven Force

Vorlane hires young and energetic talent who goes through our training program that includes sustainable industry practice and community building engagement.

The value we provide to our staff ensures their capabilities in finding efficient sustainable solutions in the future.

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Vorlane On the Move

The community around us is very important to the growth of the company and our employees’ well-being. Below are images of how we treat our community with care.

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Vorlane'nin LED ışığı ve hizmetleri size rakiplerinize karşı mutlak bir avantaj sağlar.

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