What Are Wash Lights For Stage Lighting Enhancement

Having the stage performers disappear into a black abyss is the scariest thing that can happen to a stage lighting designer. No matter the strength of the equipment, or the number, it can be a total shocker if one of them fails to work. It can be a disappointing avenue that no lighting designer would like to cross. Even if they function correctly, chances are they might not be used as directed, and suddenly the performers are gone because things didn’t go as planned. That is when LED stage wash lighting comes into play. 

When other stage lighting gets washed away, wash lights are your close allies. When it comes to staging and lighting, compromisation never works. Plan Bs are as important as Plan As, if not more. Vorlane provides specialty wash lighting equipment to take care of such disasters. Keep reading to know more about wash lights, their usage, and our best products. 

Wash Lighting Definition

Different Types of Wash Lighting
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As the name suggests, stage wash lighting washes the stage with light. The only difference between fixtures of wash lighting and others is the quality of “soft-edged” washes. LEDs have the same property when lit over a long distance. Their puffy edges that bathe over a small area are great for art galleries to emphasize the paintings and for street lights and stage lighting. The one quality that makes LED stage wash lighting superior is its ability to zoom in and out in specific areas. Their role during the performance is more than just a ‘what-if’ scenario. Wash lights have an adjustable lens structure that is simple to manipulate with a wash-lighting controller. Though some fixtures have a limited zoomable angle, Vorlane offers some of the widest lenses. Their luminosity can figure up to any score. Not only that, but they are also available in multi-colored pallets to fit the theme. They will not let the style fade away, even if the other lights do. Pick your swatches immediately because these fixtures are ready for shade or saturation.

The purpose, as already mentioned, is a backup plan. However, they are not limited to just that. Depending on the performance on stage, wash lighting can be necessary, more so than other types of fixtures available. Wash lighting fixtures are the best for even soft-edged lighting settings. So, if the performance requires lighting that does not go hardcore like other fixtures and provides a light mood, then there is nothing else to look for other than wash lighting. They can provide additional lighting, even if required, in multiple colors. Vorlane offers LED stage wash lights even with panning, zooming, and tilting mechanisms, which are often beneficial for dynamic effects. All the LED PAR light manufacturers tend to make wash lighting available for most businesses.

The installation and mounting can drastically change their role on the stage. Their placement varies their versatility. The two essential points to remember in their arrangement are opting for the best ones and creating consistent placings. The following mounting methods form the necessary placements:

  • Front lights: The light faces towards the performers to wash light over the entire stage
  • Backlights: Washes light from behind; adjusted color and luminosity can create exquisite silhouettes
  • Downlights: Positioned towards the bottom
  • High-side lights: Horizontally placed to light up the performer at side angles.

Keeping all this in mind, the position is the next horse to tackle. Wash lighting can create magic in the atmosphere as long as they are evenly spaced. Purchase a single best type in bulk, and be as consistent as possible. If not, they can be the problem being tackled in the first place. If stuck, place it in the dead center of the stage, and then adjust the spacing according to the wash distance. Use a light meter, and test it many times until no spots are not luminated.

LED Stage Wash Lights 

In essence, LED stage wash lights work through diodes. LEDs have properties that match wash lighting fixtures. That is why they come at the top of all types of wash lighting when their powers are combined. LEDs have high-output high-energy applications that enable them to create general area lighting. They fade away into a low-intensity backdrop, just like what the stage wash lighting is meant for. Narrowing their space and using a computerized reflector intensifies the luminosity in the near distance even further. Wash lights also come in beautiful primary-colored RGBW LED stage lights. They are chosen the most because they carry the following advantages:

  • They lower the burden on the electricity bill. They are extremely energy efficient, making them eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. Their multi-purpose benefit makes them even cheaper, no matter the LED stage lighting supplier.
  • Being one of the best wash lights, our RGBW LED stage lights are top-notch quality tested by industry professionals several times. The entire obsession with LEDs is because they are incredibly versatile and cost-friendly. Not only are they used in static wash fixtures, but also pan-zoom ones.
  • They never die on the performance. They are incredibly long-lasting and can be used for an insane amount of time. This also reduces maintenance costs, further easing the finances.
  • Their color spectrum is quite broad. Besides the standard primary colors, LEDs have readily available palettes that are well-equipped. They are the most noted fixtures used in concerts and many stage events.
  • Their heat output is on the lower side in comparison to traditional fixtures. Thus, they are perfect in cases where high heat diffusion is not optimal. This is also the reason that they can be used in ice exhibitions.

Wash Lights Vs. Spot Lights Vs. Beam Lights

Role Of Wash Lights In Stage Lighting
Source: Vorlane

There are so many stage lighting options that it would be impossible to count on fingers. And by including the hybrids, the possibilities are endless. Knowing the difference between wash lights, spotlights, and beam lighting fixtures can save a lot of time in deciding the optimal choice for the stage event. There are many types of LED lights out there. And because each has its strengths and weak points, it would be simple to make that decision. The following marks some of the common characteristics of each, which you would find anywhere, regardless of the LED stage light supplier:

Wash Lights

As mentioned, wash lighting fixtures light up a broad area for a short distance. The wash lighting definition is not only limited to a backup plan but also can be used on its own, depending on the purpose. They are multi-colored and moveable and can be great for covering non-illuminated areas when used correctly. Click the following link to see the best wash lights:

Best Product: 19PCS Bee Eye Moving Head Light – Vorlane

Spot Lights

Spotlights are essentially what it says it is; it lights up a specific spot and creates emphasis through contrast. They are as small as a tiny dot. These tiny specs of light are sharp beams of light that carry the ability to avoid flinging onto adjacent areas. Stage plays are one of the most common areas spotlights are used in. They are, in essence, hard-edged, unlike wash lights. In a nutshell, they are the complete opposites of wash lights.

Although they provide emphasis, they can also steal the audience’s eyes and direct them to an area that is entirely different from what they need to avoid seeing. Through creating patterns and simple imagery, the audience can be caught off guard and be engaged throughout the performance. It is truly a versatile option that can be put into many uses. Although these intense beams of light do not ruin the ambiance, other fixtures have already been created. They are best used in a foggy atmosphere, where such lights can be seen prominently. Follow the link below to get the best spotlights:

Best Product: 100W Beam Spot Mini – Vorlane

Beam Lighting Fixtures

While spot fixtures create a dot, beam fixtures develop a series of dots called a line. These beams, too, can come in various colors to mimic the activity of a laser. They are incredibly sharp and hard-edged. They display a strong line of light to the pointed area. Although they can create patterns, it is hard to know the way.

Beam lights are among the last fixtures to take in a stage setting. Their main task is impacting the audience, which can create a kick in the performance flow. What is the difference between a beam and a laser? A laser is a light line and beams become wider the farther they are thrown. Thus, they are triangular plane-shaped. Follow the link to get the best set of beam lights:

Best Product: LED Moving Head Beam Light – Vorlane


Washes are the option to go to when there is a need to distribute light throughout the stage and create a fuller mood for the audience. They are perfect for simple lighting and movement. LED stage wash lighting is everyone’s go-to due to its durability and versatility. These diodes are inexpensive and can also serve the purpose for an everlasting period. 

Keep the number of wash lighting fixtures close to the eyes and mind because too many can cause overlapping of light for the worse. Too less, and they may create inconsistent lumination. Wash lights are also a great backup when the existing fixtures are not used correctly. Contact us, and your backup plan is ready!

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