What Are HID Headlights?

Discover the benefits of HID headlights for vehicles, including increased brightness, energy efficiency, and durability.

An ample number of vehicles contain halogen or incandescent headlights. In such headlights, light is produced when current flows through a wire or filament present inside the bulb. Although it has been winning through technology for ages, various new headlights are becoming popular, particularly LED and HID headlights. 

Due to their focused beams and unique appearance, such headlights are the best performers in automotive applications. Have you ever wondered what LED and HID lighting are all about? 

In this comprehensive article, let’s discover what are LED and HID headlights alongwith their comparison and the benefits of each type as a headlight substitute.

Understanding of HID Headlights

HID bulbs do not contain any filaments like halogen bulbs. Instead of that, it operates through high-grade electric charge which passes ballast via xenon gas. When electricity flows through an arch tube of a HID bulb, it ionizes xenon gas, which causes UV radiation. Moreover, this radiation flows across the quartz glass panel of the arch tube to transform into visible light.

Types Of HID Headlights

HID lights come in two main variations to LED Headlights. You can choose the type according to your budget and requirements. 

  • Standard Headlights

Standardized HID headlights are appropriate for automobiles which require one low and one high beam bulb. This variation refers to the single-beam lighting system. In this system, a halogen bulb is utilized for the main beam and HID for the low beam.

  • Bi-Xenon 

Various cars have a dual-beam system that harmonizes with bi-xenon lighting. Moreover, this system incorporates one bulb to produce both types of beams. Few of the bi-xenon lights have shields to shift settings from low to high beam, whereas the rest of them utilize reflectors. Compared to standardized HID lights, bi-xenon lights have many moving parts, yet they are costly and require high maintenance. Furthermore, bi-xenon headlights are not compatible with the single-beam system of cars.

Choosing the Best HID Headlights

  • Your vehicle’s Headlight System: If your vehicle has a headlight unit that is a single beam, then it is not suitable to deck it out with bi-xenon lights. They do not perform well in such vehicles.
  • Price: Setting a prior budget can ease the process with a list of multiple available options. 
  • Lumens: The number of lumens in light bulbs determines the brightness level of  HID headlights in your vehicle. Look at the packaging closely to know about the quantity of lumens in HID bulbs. High numbers of lumens increase the intensity of light. 
  • Wattage: In order to achieve efficiency, you need to choose a  HID headlight unit with lower wattage. Moreover,  check the details on the packaging to check the wattage of the headlight set.
  • Ballasts: The HID headlight kit contains either an AC or DC ballast. DC ballasts are energy efficient, so they drain your car’s battery quickly. Moreover, they deteriorate easily due to high heat production. 
  • Ease of Installation: If you want to install HID headlights by yourself, you might need a kit that offers plug-and-play installation options. Besides, a slightly complicated kit serves well in case you plan to hire a professional to install a headlight unit. 
  • State Restrictions:  Some countries impose limits on the brightness level of your headlights. Your country can also confine all headlight colors, excluding yellow or white. Consult your state’s motor vehicle department to secure the legal status of your  HID headlights. 
  • Vehicle Age: In order to trade your vehicle with any new model, you do not need to overspend money or time to install new lights. If you have an old model, you can face difficulty finding compatible HID kits.

Top Advantages of HID Headlights

HID headlights can prove to be more efficient than halogen bulbs as they produce more light with less power consumption. For a long period of time, these headlights prevent your car from strain and improve the fuel economy. An average halogen bulb converts energy around 20%   into light while the remaining 80% becomes waste heat. 

Opposite to that, HID headlights convert 70% energy into light whereas 30% into heat. Another advantage of HID lights lies in their capacity to produce considerable light in comparison with halogen bulbs. An HID bulb provides light with a whiter frequency, which seems similar to daylight, whereas halogen bulbs emit yellow light. 

HID bulbs cost more than halogen bulbs yet are still cheaper than their LED equivalent. 

Style can be the concluding edge that HID headlights hold. Halogen bulbs necessitate large reflective units, whereas HID lights can be made on a smaller scale.  HID lights give aftermarket customizers and auto designers an opportunity to manufacture interesting patterns to revamp your vehicle.

Do you have HID Headlights?

Always consider your vehicle’s manual as your primary information source. It includes information regarding its specifications, which you might need in the future for its maintenance,  including headlights. 

Any reputable supplier of auto parts such as Vorlane can also serve as a great source to get authentic information regarding auto parts.

At such places, you can explore autoparts with the help of engine size, manufacturing year and model of specific vehicle in order to get original equipment to use as replacement parts. Types and sizes of your vehicle’s light bulbs are available for your convenient selection.  

Can you replace Halogen with HID Headlights?

There are a number of market suppliers who provide replacement kits for halogen headlights with additional high-intensity bulbs.  The price range for such kits varies from $50 to more than a hundred dollars. Therefore, make sure to buy high-quality auto parts to upgrade your car in order to prevent any damage to the electrical system. To improve visibility and transform the outlook of your car, you can buy even just bulbs or complete headlight sets. Any new HID  headlight unit can transform the appearance of your old vehicle drastically and give you a special feel while driving in a crowd of vehicles. 

Can HID Lights Harm My Car?

Low-quality or poorly installed auto parts can ruin your car’s electrical system. The reason behind the damage is the huge difference in voltage and wattage needed for HID headlights. If properly fitted, any high-end HID aftermarket conversion kit does not damage the vehicle. Invest in high-quality auto parts to enjoy your lush HID lights for countless upcoming years.

Autozone provides everything under one roof, whether they are car accessories to transform the look or replacement headlights for every model. If you have any apprehensions about its furnishing, you can consult any associate for advice and can order online for quick delivery options.

Contact Vorlane today to get the best LED Headlights. Drop a message for more details and information.


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