Where Should Closet Lights Be Placed

Place closet lights overhead in the center to avoid shadows. In larger closets, add lights above shelves and rods for more visibility.

Where Should Closet Lights Be Placed?

Closet lights should ideally be placed overhead, central to the closet space to avoid casting shadows. For larger, walk-in closets, consider additional lighting along the sides or above shelves and hanging rods for better visibility.

What is the Distance Between Closet Lights?

In a large closet, space lights about 8 to 10 feet apart to ensure even illumination. The exact distance can vary based on the intensity and spread of the individual lights and the closet’s dimensions and layout.

How Do I Know Where to Put Lights?

To determine where to put lights, consider the room’s layout and the activities taking place. Assess areas requiring task lighting, like kitchen counters, or spaces for ambient lighting. Use light to highlight architectural features and ensure even distribution to avoid dark spots.

What is the Best Position for Closet Lighting?

The best position for closet lighting is overhead and central, ensuring the light covers the entire space uniformly. In walk-in closets, additional fixtures above or on the sides of storage areas enhance visibility and functionality.

How to Do Wardrobe Closet Lighting?

For wardrobe closet lighting, install slim LED strips or puck lights inside the closet, focusing on areas with the most items. Consider motion sensor lights for convenience. Ensure the lights illuminate clothes and shelves without creating harsh glare or shadows.

How to Add a Closet Lighting?

To add closet lighting, choose a fixture suitable for the space size. For wired lights, install a junction box and run wiring from a power source. For simpler installation, opt for battery-operated or plug-in lights with adhesive backing or mounting brackets.

How to Wire a Closet Lighting?

To wire closet lighting, install a junction box in the closet and run electrical wiring from an existing circuit or switch. Connect the fixture’s wires to the house wiring following standard color coding and secure with wire nuts. Always ensure the power is off during installation and adhere to local electrical codes.


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