中國最佳 LED 路燈製造商 10 強 [2024 年更新]

LED street lights have become increasingly popular as the world moves towards more sustainable energy sources. LED street lights are more energy-efficient than traditional street lights and have a longer lifespan. With the advancement of LED technology, it has become more common for LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers to introduce LED lighting over the past few years. In the face of various lighting firms or wholesalers, it has become so challenging to find a quality supplier or manufacturer who is able to fulfill their needs. This article has compiled the 10 top 中國LED路燈製造商。該清單包含生產高品質太陽能照明並出口到世界各地的知名和未知公司。

公司名稱Establishment Year地點
歐普照明電器(中山)有限公司1996上海市 閔行區
華藝照明1986Zhongshan’s Guzhen



業務類型: 製造業

地點: 中國

成立年份: 2007

提供的產品與服務: LED燈泡, LED筒燈, LED 燈管, LED泛光燈, ETC。

沃蘭是頂級 中國LED路燈工廠,在該領域擁有數十年的工作經驗。我們提供從街道照明到工業照明的各種高品質 LED 燈,我們的燈在全球範圍內以多種方式使用。燈。我們提供的產品品質最好,並通過國際組織認證。

We’re committed to offering our customers the most efficient products and services. We aim to be a reliable company within the LED sector. Our mission is to provide our clients with the latest technologies and the highest quality products to ensure they have the right lighting to be successful.



業務類型: 製造、批發

地點 (總部):江門

成立年份: 2013

提供的產品與服務: 太陽能 LED 燈柱、太陽能景觀燈、 太陽能花園柱燈, ETC。

廣州RC照明有限公司 has been operating in the lighting industry for more than 10 years and is one of the best 中國太陽能LED路燈製造商。他們的管理階層中擁有經驗豐富的員工,專注於製造流程。該公司已通過 ISO 9001 認證,並擁有生產優質 LED 燈的無空氣設施。透過允許客戶進行他們喜歡的定制,他們一定會喜歡該產品。他們的 LED 產品非常適合住宅和公共道路公園以及其他戶外空間。 RC Lighting的高品質燈具遠銷歐洲、美洲、澳洲等多個國家和省份。



業務類型: 製造、批發

地點(總部): 江蘇揚州

成立年份: 1990

提供的產品和服務:路燈桿, LED太陽能路燈,太陽能路燈,太陽能板,高桿燈。

Yangzhou HePu Lighting is among China’s most well-known solar-powered street light suppliers. They’re involved in R&D manufacturing, production, and sales. They can deliver the highest-quality solar lights that are exported all over the world. Their LED products have gained widespread praise from their clients because of the quality standards they established for their production line.

他們根據所使用的功率提供各種設計。燈光範圍可在 400 至 1,000 流明之間調整。頂級太陽能燈泡在出廠前經過 100% 測試,以確保提供最佳的客戶服務。



業務類型: 製造、批發

地點(總部): 中國遼寧

成立年份: 1998

提供的產品和服務: 家庭系統閃電, lighting Kits, Garden Lights, Lawn Lamps, Emergency Lights, Camping Lights, and Pumping systems.

Yingli New Energy Resources Co Ltd is among the LED street light 中國製造商 以及全世界。該公司在提供最佳太陽能解決方案方面擁有二十多年的專業知識。在全球擁有20多家分公司,在中國,英利在保定、海口、天津、衡水等地設有分公司。




業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 上海市 閔行區

成立年份: 1996

提供的產品與服務: 智慧、專業、LED 照明。

With a strong presence in more than 70 countries around the globe, Opple Electric is one of the best Chinese electrical brands. Constantly focusing on high quality has allowed Opple to become a well-known name. 歐普 invests massively in its infrastructure as well as R&D to become the world’s leading company and the pioneer in LED lighting.

Despite their passion and enthusiasm for LED lighting solutions, Opple offers top-notch traditional lighting solutions and complete electronic integration into homes.



業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 廣東惠州

成立年份: 1998

提供的產品和服務:室內外 LED 照明和 LED 螢幕。

Lighting solutions must be energy-efficient and safe. In 雷士 technologies, the manufacturer’s team is aware that innovation, relentless research, and development are the most important factors that remain constant in the fast-growing hi-tech LED industry. Therefore, they have been completely dedicated to adopting the most advanced technology.




業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 浙江省寧波市

成立年份: 2003

提供的產品和服務: LED泛光燈, 太陽能路燈, 太陽能泛光燈, LED路燈, 太陽能庭院燈

The high-end standard of LED items, including LED strip bulbs, LED lights, and a variety of other products, has resulted in the immense rage of Zhejiang Klite Lighting. Their products are cost-effective, energy-efficient, robust, and trustworthy.

They are proficient in providing advanced technology solutions in the lighting industry, and their comprehensive R&D assures the consistent quality of LED lighting products. Third-party quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2008 only confirm their quality claims.



業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 福建省廈門市海滄區

成立年份: 1975

提供的產品和服務: LED泛光燈, Solar Street Light, Solar Flood Light, LED Street Light, Solar Garden Light

Xiamen Yankon Limited is an affiliate of Zhejiang Yankon Lighting Electric Group Co. Ltd. It focuses on Lighting solutions using LEDs. The company is committed to the idea of sustainability. All phases cover research and development, manufacturing, production, and distribution of its LED lighting products and are centered around the concept of sustainability. The LED lighting fixtures are highly rated by customers, particularly the LED bulbs and LED light tubes.



業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 中國廣東省佛山市

成立年份: 1992

提供的產品與服務: LED 燈泡和 LED 燈管

Foshan Electrical Limited was founded in 1958 as a government-owned business and reorganized to become the first joint-stock corporation in 1992. FSL is an incredibly well-known brand in the Chinese and global markets. It produces high-quality lighting items at a competitive cost. Foshan Lighting operates around 200 lines, producing high-quality, low-cost, and inexpensive lighting products. Its most popular export items include LED bulbs and LED tube lights, and the primary export market is the United States.

FSL 設計並提供各種 LED 照明和其他高性能照明產品。目前總部位於佛山市禪城區。五個生產中心分別是南海、高明、河南新鄉、江蘇南京。

Foshan Lighting offers a wide range of in-home lighting products. The advantage of Foshan Lighting over the competition is its years of expertise, solid in-house capabilities, and the advancement of LED technology.



業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 中山古鎮

成立年份: 1986

提供的產品與服務: LED筒燈、LED軌道燈、LED壁燈、LED燈柱、LED洗牆燈、LED泛光燈、LED埋地燈。


Hyuai covers almost 200,000 square meters of industrial space and approx. 20,000 square meters of the showroom. Although it was initially a lighting company but has since become a global provider of lighting solutions manufacturing lighting fixtures, LED lamps, and other accessories.



業務類型: 製造業

地點(總部): 廣東省深圳市

成立年份: 2009

提供的產品與服務: LED工礦燈, LED Flood Light, LED Street Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Grow Light

深圳市日月光華科技有限公司, a subsidiary of the expansive Guangdong Riyueguanghua Technology Group, specializes in advanced LED lighting solutions. The company’s foundation is deeply rooted in the principle of technological innovation for sustainability. From the initial stages of research and development to the final steps of manufacturing and distribution, every process is designed with sustainability in mind. Shenzhen Riyueguanghua is renowned for its commitment to quality and efficiency, and its LED lighting products, especially the LED high bay lights and LED street lights, have received high praise from a global clientele.


China is currently ruling the lighting industry worldwide. Most of the leading LED lighting companies are located in Mainland China. Therefore, deciding on the top of the top LED lighting companies is the goal that all individuals and organizations are looking for. The list can help you choose between the top LED street light manufacturers in China. Also, contact us for long-lasting, high, high-performance LED street lights.



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