En İyi 10 Spot Işık Markası [2024 Güncellendi]

With so many companies promising to be the best, it can be tough to know who you should trust when finding a spotlight brand.

We understand that making the best choices can be difficult, so we’ve done the research for you. We tested and reviewed 10 of the most popular spotlight brands on the market and compiled a list to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a start-up or an experienced business, take a look at our list of the 10 best spotlight brands to find the perfect match for your needs!

Firma AdıKuruluş TarihiKonum
Philips Aydınlatma1891Eindhoven, Hollanda
Vorlan2014Guangdong, Çin
Cree1987Racine, Wisconsin, ABD
GE Aydınlatma1892Cleveland, Ohio, ABD
Stanley1920Tokyo, Japan
Westinghouse1886Pensilvanya, ABD
Lithonia Aydınlatma1946Lithonia, Georgia, USA
Orlight1997United Kingdom
Martin Professional1987Aarhus, Denmark


Founded in 1987, Cree LED‘s primary focus was on semiconductor materials. This led to the increased use of blue LED die for automotive backlighting and display applications. In the 1990s, they shifted gears to refine LED technology and quickly became one of the top innovators in this field.

They continue to expand and innovate with best-in-class LED solutions, driving innovation that has established LEDs as the primary illumination technology used in general lighting and large video display applications.

This company is a pioneer in lighting-class LEDs, producing billions of the industry’s best LEDs for nearly every illumination application. Their wide range of application-optimized products and expert design assistance ensure that you get the best possible performance for your specific needs.

Şehir ülke: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri

Kuruluş tarihi: 1987

Anahtar Ürünler: XLamp LEDs, J Series LEDs, High Brightness LEDs

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 2

Fabrika Görüntüsü:

Spot Light Brand 3

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 4

Gözden geçirmek:

Cree is a great brand that offers a wide range of high-quality LED products. They are always improving their products and completing extensive research to provide the best possible experience for customers. You will be in good hands with this company as they offer a wide range of design options to choose from that all focus on optimizing LED performance.


2014 yılında Vorlan was founded with the mission of being the benchmark of the LED light industry. Driven by this mission, the company started developing and producing lights for residential use.

Today, their design focuses on finding the best possible light while maintaining a functional design that will never go out of style. Vorlane has been impacting LED light design and development since its beginning – and will continue to do so in the future.

Furthermore, by developing a close relationship with suppliers, they have learned to use their supply chain advantages to serve clients better. Vorlane has now formed long-term partnerships with several world-renowned brands.

Şehir ülke: Guangdong, Çin

Kuruluş tarihi: 2014

Anahtar Ürünler: LED par ışık, LED Downlight, LED projektör, LED panel ışığı, ofis ışıkları

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 5

Fabrika Görüntüsü:

Spot Light Brand 6

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 7

Gözden geçirmek:

Vorlane is an excellent LED light supplier that always innovates to create better products. Their lights are stylish and built to last, and their relationships with suppliers permit them to offer affordable prices without skimping on quality.


Philips has strived to make a difference in the world for over 130 years. It is always searching for new ways to better people’s lives on a global scale. As a leading technology company, Philips takes great pride in continuously finding ways to improve life as they know it. They use groundbreaking practices and abilities to anticipate customer needs, creating solutions for the issues presented in their research programs.

With Philips, you’ll have your pick of indoor and outdoor lights in a variety of styles. All their products are easy to install and use, so you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect light for your needs.

Şehir ülke: Eindhoven, Hollanda

Kuruluş tarihi: 1891

Anahtar Ürünler: LED ışıklar, ampuller, lambalar, aydınlatma armatürleri

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 8

Fabrika Görüntüsü:

Spot Light Brand 9

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 10

Gözden geçirmek:

Philips has a long-standing reputation for being an innovative brand that offers trustworthy lights. They also understand that customer needs vary when it comes to lighting, which is why they provide such a diverse product selection, from basic lightbulbs to more specialized options. Additionally, excellent customer service is available in case any problems arise after purchase.


GE Aydınlatma has been a pioneer in lighting technology for over 130 years, and its partnership with Savant is poised to make even greater strides in the future. At Savant, they share GE Lighting’s commitment to providing the best possible smart home experience through innovative lighting solutions that improve lifestyle and wellness.

These companies want to bring you effective and creative lighting fixtures and smart home products that make your living space more inviting. They’re the leading intelligent lighting and smart home company for a reason.

Şehir ülke: New York, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri

Kuruluş tarihi: 1892

Anahtar Ürünler: Smart home lights, HD light series, LED grow lights, vintage style LED bulbs

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 11

Fabrika Görüntüsü:

Spot Light Brand 12

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 13

Gözden geçirmek:

GE Lighting is a trusted name in the industry, and their sahne ışıkları are of the same quality. Thanks to teaming up with Savant, GE Lighting can offer some of the smartest and most reliable home lighting solutions in the market.


If you’re looking for long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting that will help reduce your carbon footprint, Eco Smart Lighting is the company for you. They offer a wide range of products for various purposes, including commercial buildings, residences, warehouses, factories, streetlights, and safe construction site lighting.

The company offers both local and imported products, all of which they keep in extensive stock to ensure fast delivery times. The company’s LED light products are unique and innovative lighting options that can be used for many different purposes.

Şehir ülke: Australia

Kuruluş tarihi: 2015

Anahtar Ürünler: LED downlights, lamps, smart safety lights, fluorescent tube recycling

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 14

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 15

Gözden geçirmek:

Eco Smart Lighting is a great choice if you’re looking for sustainable and energy-efficient lighting. They offer a wide range of products to meet your needs, whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes. So if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, Eco Smart Lighting is the way to go.


Maximus Lighting‘s goal is to protect your home above all else. For the past 25 years, they have been perfecting their home lighting solution.

Their latest innovation is HD outdoor smart security lights that you control from your phone–so you can keep an eye on your family and home no matter where you are in the world. And if that wasn’t enough, these lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Şehir ülke: Çin

Kuruluş tarihi: yok

Anahtar Ürünler: Smart outdoor lighting, Peyzaj aydınlatması, LED lighting

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 16

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 17

Gözden geçirmek:

Maximus Lighting offers consumers a trustworthy and innovative lighting solution for their homes. Homeowners can take advantage of the spotlights for security purposes or the outdoor lights to maintain vigilance over their property from any location.


New technologies, more information, increased flexibility, and speed – these are just some of the ever-growing challenges in manufacturing. Fortunately, at Stanley, different departments such as research and development, design, and sales department share their knowledge and expertise.

Through that sense of teamwork, Stanley can develop products that meet constantly changing market demands. To maintain success in any marketplace, Stanley strives to give its products an added value or higher quality than competitors.

Şehir ülke: Tokyo, Japan

Kuruluş tarihi: 1920

Anahtar Ürünler: Special outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting, indoor maintenance-free lighting

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 18

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 19

Gözden geçirmek:

Stanley has been a trusted name in lighting for over 100 years. Thanks to their commitment to research and development, they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies. Their spotlights are some of the first ones on the market.


Westinghouse strives to bring people together for the moments that matter by continuing to provide trustworthy innovation, just as they did over 100 years ago when they brought power to America.

They have always been innovators and leaders in product development and design – working closely with other industry giants to create a selection of reliable products for both residential and industrial customers all over the world.

They’ve shaped the electrical grid as we know it and continue to produce sustainable carbon-free energy today. With a foundation of trust built over generations, they’re continuing that tradition today with products that are sure to meet your lighting needs.

Şehir ülke: Pensilvanya, ABD

Kuruluş tarihi: 1886

Anahtar Ürünler: Outdoor fixtures, indoor fixtures, accessories

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 20

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 21

Gözden geçirmek:

Westinghouse is always exploring innovative options and new technologies to maximize your lighting experience, whatever it may be. Their friendly customer relations team is more than happy to help you find the perfect solution for all your lighting desires.

Lithonia Aydınlatma

Lithonia Aydınlatma has been a trusted name in lighting for over 75 years. They offer the industry’s broadest line of industrial, residential, and ticari aydınlatma products, known for their quality, reliability, and solid performance. In fact, they are the leading selling brand in North America across multiple lighting product categories.

The high bay portfolio from Lithonia Lighting is a great choice for any industrial setting. It offers linear and round high bay options that can stand up to even the most demanding situations while also being equipped with controls for improved functionality and efficiency. These products are some of the company’s top sellers.

Şehir ülke: Lithonia, Georgia

Kuruluş tarihi: 1946

Anahtar Ürünler: Retrofit LED, Residential track, downlighting, linear high bays, strip lights, controls-enabled lighting

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 22

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 23

Gözden geçirmek:

Lithonia Lighting is a top choice for quality and reliable lighting products. They offer a wide range of products for both commercial and residential use, making them a one-stop shop for all your lighting needs.


Orlight is a spotlight brand that produces some of the highest-quality spotlights in the market. With a wide range of products available, Orlight is a perfect choice for those who are looking for spotlights that offer both quality and value.

Orlight’s motive is to be the top lighting provider while keeping costs low. They achieve this by collaborating with clients and reducing product lead time. With over 100 employees worldwide, Orlight guarantees quality service and products that will satisfy its customers.

Şehir ülke: United Kingdom

Kuruluş tarihi: 1997

Anahtar Ürünler: Downlights, retrofit LED lamps, linear LED strip, commercial lighting

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 24

Fabrika Görüntüsü:

Spot Light Brand 25

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 26

Gözden geçirmek:

Orlight spotlights are some of the best in terms of quality and value. The company collaborates closely with clients to reduce product lead time, and their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a wide range of spotlights available, Orlight is a great choice for those looking for top-quality lighting at an affordable price.

Martin Professional

Martin Professional, a pioneer in the lighting industry, has been at the forefront of lighting innovation for over three decades. With a commitment to excellence and creativity, Martin Professional has revolutionized the way we experience light, whether on stage, in architectural marvels, or through immersive entertainment experiences.

Their latest advancements include a range of dynamic lighting solutions that cater to the entertainment and architectural sectors. From moving heads with unparalleled brightness and precision to atmospheric effects that add depth and dimension to any space, Martin Professional’s offerings are designed to inspire and captivate.

Şehir ülke: Aarhus, Denmark

Kuruluş tarihi: 1987

Anahtar Ürünler: spotlight, moving headlights, LED panels, atmospheric effects, sahne aydınlatması

Şirket imajı:

Spot Light Brand 27 martin

Ürün resmi:

Spot Light Brand 28 martin

Gözden geçirmek:

Martin Professional stands as a beacon of innovation in the lighting industry, offering products that blend cutting-edge technology with artistic expression. Their lighting solutions are not just tools but partners in creativity, enabling designers, architects, and artists to bring their visions to life in the most vivid ways possible. With a global presence and a reputation for quality and reliability, Martin Professional continues to light the way forward, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in lighting design and technology. Whether illuminating the world’s biggest stages or enhancing the ambiance of architectural masterpieces, Martin Professional’s lighting solutions are trusted by professionals around the globe to deliver unparalleled performance and spectacular results.


The market is competitive, but these 10 brands produce lighting products. They all have individual strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that will work best for your business in regard to both quality and price.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Vorlane if you have questions or would like to know more about spotlights and lights in general. We love helping people out!

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