LED 面板燈基本指南

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LED面板燈 can achieve those two goals of increasing productivity and providing comfortable lighting within any space. These LED fixtures can fit into any interior thanks to their design, illumination output, and customizability. Below is a comprehensive guide on LED panel lights to help you know more about them. 

LED Panel Light Explained

LED panel lights are premium indoor lighting fixtures that use an outer frame made from aluminum alloy. The LED lamp design creates low-profile lighting for offices, warehouses, factories, retail stores, lobbies, and other indoor spaces. With its low-profile design, any interior space’s aesthetics and decorative nature are preserved without compromising on lighting performance. In addition, LED panel lights also save space thanks to their design.

The aluminum frame of our LED panel lights contributes to the heat dissipation of the lamp. With the inclusion of a premium heat sink system, the LED fixture has better levels of safety than other types of lighting. 

Depending on the lighting requirement, LED panel lights can be customized to achieve specific applications. The thickness of the housing and lamp allows the LED fixture to be shaped in any form, which is impossible for traditional lighting. Various applications of our LED panel lights include bar top backlights and balcony lighting. 

LED Panel Light Parameters

As shown by the data below, LED panel lights are constructed for optimized general lighting within any interior space for a long period. 

  • Light source type: SMD
  • Input voltage: AC85-265V/50-60Hz
  • Material: die-cast aluminum + (optical grade) acrylic
  • lifespan :>50000H
  • Color rendering: Ra>80
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Guide to Installing LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, and surface of the mounting body. This fixture can also be hung on the ceiling or below the mounting body. When inlaid on a white ceiling, the entire ceiling is one color, neat, and coordinated. In addition, the installation of any LED panel lights is easy and hassle-free.

Here is a guide on installing LED panel lights onto recessed mounting: 

  1. Remove the recessed modular fitting from the ceiling and place it aside or store it. 
  2. Connect the LED panel drivers to the room’s main power grid. 
  3. Secure the panel onto the recessed ceiling and connect the electrical wiring for the fixture.
  4. Adjust the fixture when needed. 

For general ceilings, here is a step-by-step process for suspended mounting:

  1. Open the frame of the suspended mounts. 
  2. Connect the LED panel light power supply to the power drive. 
  3. Insert the panel fixture onto the driver. 
  4. Organize the cables to remove any obstacles that can hinder the installation of the panel fixture. 
  5. Place the led panel light onto the fixture and secure it with the screws that come with the fixture. 

Applications of LED Panel Lights

As one of the flexible lighting solutions, LED panel lights are suitable in numerous interior spaces.

  • LED panel lights are suitable for commercial interiors like restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, department stores, and lobbies. 
  • The fixture is often used for corporate workspaces, pantries, hallways, and visitor areas that fully utilize LED panel lights.
  • Education establishments such as libraries, classrooms, faculty rooms, music rooms, and cafeterias can create a positive environment for learning with LED panel lights.
Car LED Panel Light
Car LED Panel Light

Advantages of LED Panel Lights

LED Panel lights have several advantages over traditional lighting

  • The light produced by the LED panel light is soft, comfortable, and bright, effectively relieving eye fatigue. With the optimized illumination from the LED fixture, the lighting can increase productivity among workers and staff while bringing down injury rates caused by eye strain.
  • The LED panel light can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly, and children. The safe lighting makes LED panel lights highly versatile for any establishment or residential area. 
  • There are no harmful chemicals used in constructing or operating LED panel lights, making them a green lighting solution. Traditional lamps and certain lighting fixtures contain mercury. 
  • Durable aluminum alloy made through an anodizing process makes the LED panel lights resistant to vibrations and physical shock. By minimizing the vibrations, LED fixtures have superior life spans than other fixtures. 
  • Energy-saving: Compared with traditional fluorescent lamps, the overall LED panel light, with its lighting effect, adopts advanced lighting functions. Under the same brightness intensity, the LED panel light can save three times the power, which is more energy-saving. LED panel lights can cut utility bills costs for property owners. 
  • By decreasing power consumption, LED panel lights can decrease the property’s carbon footprint. Lowering carbon footprint can protect the environment and decrease the use of natural resources. 
  • LED panel lights can be customized with different shapes and lighting effects. With the flexible nature of the LED fixture, the LED panel lights can be used for a wide range of applications, such as backlights or general lighting. 
  • The low-profile design of the LED panel lights can preserve the aesthetic or design of any interior space. Traditional fixtures for general lighting often have protruding housing from the ceiling that can disrupt the space’s decoration. 
  • The LED panel light’s durability and superior heat dissipation make them ideal for spaces that are hard to reach for maintenance. Property owners can drastically lower expenses on repairing or replacing LED panel lights because of the fixture’s long life span.

Maintenance Tips for LED Panel Lights


Keeping your LED panel lights dust-free is key to maintaining their glow. A quick swipe with a soft, dry cloth or a gentle pass with a feather duster can keep them shining bright. For those stubborn spots, a slightly damp cloth does the trick—just steer clear of harsh cleaners to avoid damaging the light’s surface.

Periodic Inspections

Every now and then, give your lights a once-over. Visual checks can catch any wear or damage early, preventing bigger issues down the line. Also, peek at the electrical connections; if wires look frayed or connectors seem loose, it might be time to call in a pro.

Preventive Measures

Moisture and LED lights don’t mix. In damp areas, consider a dehumidifier to keep the air dry or ensure there’s enough airflow to ward off condensation. And remember, LEDs may be cool, but they still need to breathe—keep them away from heat sources to avoid overheating.

Replacing Components

If your LED panel starts acting up, flickering, or refusing to light up, the LED driver might be the culprit. This is a job for the experts, so don’t hesitate to seek professional help. And if the diffuser panel looks worse for wear, finding a matching replacement will ensure your light disperses evenly, just like when it was new.

Benefits of Partnering with Vorlane for Premium LED Panel Lights

Vorlane specializes in LED panel lights for all kinds of applications. Through our tailor-made LED lighting solution, we can provide the proper fixture for any industry requirements, including residential, corporate, commercial, retail, and industrial interiors. 

Each LED panel light is manufactured within our ISO-certified facilities, where we comply with global industry standards. The QC process we follow ensures your order of LED panel lights meets your expected lighting performance and long life span qualities. Receive a free quote by contacting our team 今天!



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