印度十大 LED 泛光燈製造商 [2024 年更新]

Natural light is well known to be beneficial to everyone’s health. At night, however, artificial light is required. Floodlighting is thus necessary for any space.

Sourcing the right lighting solutions, on the other hand, isn’t always easy. Fortunately, some companies specialize in lighting. The LED lighting industry is thriving in India. The following are the top LED floodlighting manufacturers in India.

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The Best 10 LED Flood Light Manufacturers in India

公司名稱Establishment Year地點
NTL 萊姆尼斯印度私人有限公司2012諾伊達
Avni 能源解決方案私人有限公司2009班加羅爾
VIN 半導體私人有限公司2005孟買
英斯塔電力有限公司2006Gurgaon, Roorkee
蘇嘉納能源有限公司2010Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Radiator Embedded Systems2014Gujarat
銳志電子控制私人有限公司1988New Delhi, Gurgaon
Surya Roshni Limited1973New Delhi

If you are interested in floodlight manufacturers in India, these are the top ten companies to get any lighting needs.


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: Hyderabad and Roorkee

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 1988

證書/獎項: ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2007

Mic electronics logo

MIC Electronics is a global leader in LED product design, development, and production. It operates in Australia, Korea, and the United States, and it has a nationwide network of marketing, sales, and service support facilities. 

The company recently struck a strategic collaboration with Leyard Optoelectronic Co Ltd as one of the best LED floodlights suppliers in India. As a result of their deal, both companies expect to invest a total of $50 million in India to manufacture LED chip packaging. The Nashik Municipal Corporation has granted MIC a contract to replace 69,541 bulbs.

NTL 萊姆尼斯印度私人有限公司

業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: 諾伊達

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 2012

證書/獎項: ISO 9001

NTL Lemnis Logo

NTL Electronics India Ltd and Lemnis Lighting BV of the Netherlands have formed an independent joint venture. The NTL Lemnis Foundation is the outcome of a strong collaboration between the two organizations as well as their particular capabilities. 

NTL Lemnis is a vertically integrated firm established in the Netherlands that offers full-LED lighting solutions to end-users in Europe, India, and Africa.

Avni 能源解決方案私人有限公司

業務類型: Energy solutions, LED manufacturer, Supplier

總部: 班加羅爾

主要市場: Local

Establishment Year: 2009

證書/獎項: ISO 9001, BIS, CE

Avni Energy Solution Logo

Avni Energy Solutions has been committed to R&D and production excellence since its inception. The company offers LED floodlights, fixtures, and drivers, among other LED lights. NABL-recognized labs such as UL, CPRI, ETDC, Bengaluru, and ERTL, Kolkata, have certified the company’s qualifications. Approximately 100,000 downlights, 60,000 DC street lights, and 20,000 AC street lights are installed.

VIN 半導體私人有限公司

業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: 孟買

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 2005

證書/獎項: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

VIN Semiconductors logo

VIN is a renowned LED flood lighting producer. It features a state-of-the-art automated facility. Highly precise LED component production machinery The company has been a pioneer in the field of light output by combining the most advanced digital control, thermal management, and lighting fixture designs to meet global quality and performance standards. 

It boasts over one hundred highly experienced and skilled staff, as well as an in-house research and development department that delivers comprehensive solutions (from design to packaging).


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: Gurgaon, Roorkee

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 2006

證書/獎項: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Instapower logo

Instapower is one of India’s leading LED aviation obstruction light producers, with over 100,000 lights installed in India and other nations. It has been classified as an R&D center by the Indian government’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Instapower is also an accredited ESCO (energy services company) (energy services company). 

It operates two manufacturing facilities outfitted with cutting-edge manufacturing and testing equipment and employs over 200 employees. In the field of LED lighting, it holds more than ten patents and more than thirty design patents, and it manufactures more than 100 products.


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: 諾伊達

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 1989

證書/獎項: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 18001:2007, QS 9000, ISO 22000-2005, SA 8000, ISPM 15 /18, CE

Goldwyn logo

As an exporter, distributor, and producer, Goldwyn offers an extensive selection of contemporary, aesthetically crafted, and energy-efficient LED lights for outdoor and indoor applications. It boasts a modern manufacturing facility with a footprint of 9000 square meters and a cutting-edge photometric laboratory that enables it to track all critical light output properties for its LED lights. 

With strict production SOP and quality inspection, they ensure that its LED flood lighting products are of the highest quality and dependability.


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: Hyderabad, Bollaram, Andhra Pradesh

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 2010

證書/獎項: ISO 9001:2008

Sujana Energy Ltd Logo

Sujana Energy Ltd (SE), a part of the Sujana group of enterprises headquartered in Hyderabad, is a fast-expanding “responsible energy” company specializing in renewable energy generation, innovative LED lighting, and solar photovoltaic applications for consumers and businesses worldwide. 

In 2010, SE formed a strategic alliance with the Japanese company Nichia Corporation. Both firms have been investigating LED floodlighting and display possibilities jointly.


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: 印度古吉拉特邦

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 2014

證書/獎項: ISO 9001: 2015

Radiato Logo

Radiato Embedded System is a well-known manufacturer, trader, distributor, and retailer of an extensive selection of lighting products, including Street Light Poles, LED Flood Lights, Light Housings, and Solar LED Lights, among others. 

They have established a substantial, well-functioning infrastructure unit in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) that is essential to the expansion of the organization. They provide these things at reasonable costs and within the allotted time constraints. Under the direction of “Mr. Priyank Patel,” we have built a big national clientele (Owner).


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: 孟買

主要市場: 全球的

Establishment Year: 2018

證書/獎項: ISO 9001:2008


Abby Lighting manufactures and distributes lighting solutions to leading lighting brand owners. The firm has joined the high-end lighting market with the release of Studio Abby, a new line of LED flood lights. The company provides in-house CNC turning, metal fabrication, powder coating, assembly, and testing, among other processes.


業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: New Delhi, Gurgaon

主要市場: 國際的

Establishment Year: 1988

證書/獎項: ISO 9001、ISO 14001 及 OHSAS 18001

REIZ logo

Each component of Reiz’s LED products was designed and manufactured in-house to assure maximum efficiency and durability. Mechanical, thermal, optical, and electrical components are included. It possesses two cutting-edge factories of a combined 5574.18 square feet and cutting-edge machinery. 

Its Manesar plant, which is 2322 square meters in size, was constructed in 2005. It creates products for major global firms, including IKEA and Osram. This year, it was approved as Bajaj’s manufacturer of LED flood lights.

Surya Roshni Limited

業務類型: 製造商、供應商

總部: Rajendra Place, New Delhi

主要市場: 國際的

Establishment Year: 1973

證書/獎項: ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and API-5L.

Image Source Surya

Surya Roshni Limited, with its inception dating back several decades, has firmly established itself as a luminary in the Indian lighting sector, particularly in the manufacturing of LED flood lights. Operating from its advanced manufacturing units in Kashipur and Gwalior, Surya Roshni exemplifies a blend of innovation and quality.

The company’s prowess in producing high-caliber flood lights is backed by its ‘fully backward integrated’ manufacturing process, ensuring every component meets stringent quality standards. With certifications like ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004, Surya Roshni’s flood lights are a testament to its commitment to excellence, energy efficiency, and sustainability, making it a trusted name in lighting solutions across India and beyond.


These LED flood light manufacturers are among the top in India due to their capacity to make low-priced goods of superior quality. They use cutting-edge technology and equipment in their scalable manufacturing process. We hope the information is helpful and gives an understanding of who the top LED flood light Manufacturer in India is.

沃蘭 is a well-known provider and manufacturer of LED flood lights in China; therefore, if any business requires high-quality LED lights, 聯繫他們 immediately.



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