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As the leading LED par light manufacturer in China, Vorlane has established its supremacy in the LED manufacturing industry in the past few successful years. Vorlane has worked relentlessly to produce the best LED par lights for stage lighting, wedding lighting, party lighting, and remain a role model for others when it comes to LED manufacturing.

We are the most reliable LED stage lighting supplier – all our products pass through several stages of quality check. With unbelievable price options and admirable quality, we focus on delivering the best for our customers and the end-users. At Vorlane, we also offer excellent OEM services that help you to lift your brand to success.

Vorlane has established a very successful factory in China (with ISO-9001 certification) and undertakes orders from various B2B clients including LED light brands, wholesalers, and contractors. For any bulk order of stage LED light in China, you can contact us and benefit from the best experience!

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Better prices. Better products.

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Self-Own Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.

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Geographical advantages of the factory

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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High productivity

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

LED Par Lights for Stage, Disco, Party, and More Events

One of the reasons why LED Par Lights are widely used in stage and party settings is because of their versatility. Vorlane’s LED stage light releases very minimal heat and comes to gorgeous color changing, which is the ideal item for stage effect creation.


Also, Vorlane RGB LED par lights are preferred for a variety of occasions like weddings, parties, and disco arrangements also because they are energy efficient and 4x brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. With a low MOQ and an even lower lead time, Vorlane assures its customers of the best products at surprising prices. Discounts are applicable for bulk orders.

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Outstanding Features of Vorlane LED Par Lights

Vorlane has one of the best LED par light factories in the country, and our expertise shines through the quality features of our LED par lights.

LED par light structure

RGB/RGBW Color Changing

Produce a brilliant and bright effect. The perfect choice for any stage lighting.

Remote Controller

An easy-to-use remote controller comes along with every LED corner floor lamp.

Moving Head

The moving head of a LED par light enables it to rotate smoothly

IP Rating 40

All our LED par lights have a high IP rating – they are protected from wind and rain.

Sound Activated

Our sound-activated LED par lights change color with the change in the sound they detect.

Compact and Flat Design

Slim casing design that fits almost anywhere.


Cans with Good Heat Radiation

The quality of the aluminum and plastic housing leaves no place for any fault.



Vorlane’s brilliant LED par lights burn bright for a long time – with a lifespan of upto 100,000 hours.
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    LED Par Light Factory By Your Side

    Superior LED Par Lights Design, Reasonable Pricing

    Our Research and Development department plays a crucial role in developing the perfect design for our LED par lights that are both efficient and highly functional. Our outstanding design capabilities have made bulk production of stage LED par lights at a lower cost possible.

    LED par light design and engineering
    LED par light manufacturing

    Vorlane In-House LED Par Light Production

    By using only top-quality materials for the production of stage LED lights and Led Par lights, we ensure that all our products meet the set standard. Our mass production capacity enables us to remain the most reliable wholesale LED par light manufacturer that sets lesser prices and achieves higher standards.

    Quality LED Par Cans for the Best Ambient Lighting

    Flawless Appearance
    Our LED par lights are high performing and are manufactured from quality materials to ensure flawless experience.
    Stable Functionality

    Our stage LED lights are built to withstand all extreme weather conditions and function for a long time.

    Proper Assembly and Packaging

    Vorlane offers custom packaging to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the service.

    LED Par Light Applications

    • LED Par Lights for Stage

    Vorlane’s stage LED par lights are not just efficient and cheap, but they are also sensitive to movement, in the case of sound-activated lights and DMX-enabled lights. This is the perfect choice for stage lighting, as the lights track the movement of the performer, keeping them in the limelight.

    • LED Par Lights for Theater

    LED par lights are perfect for theaters because of their ability to produce clear and crisp light beams that emphasize the actors on stage. Also, our lights are dimmable, so they can be adjusted accordingly as per scenes and create the right mood. 

    • LED Par Lights for Disco

    As Vorlane’s LED par lights are sound-activated, they can be the right choice for Discos. These lights will change colors as per the change in beat, thus making it the perfect setting for a good partying time.

    • LED Par Lights for Party

    Bright wash lights are important for any party, and our LED par54 lights give you the best lighting for a party. With powerful beams in a wide range of RGB colors and the ability to perfectly mix colors, our lights are excellent for any party setting.

    • LED DJ Par Can Lights

    For DJ-ing, LED par can lights that are sound activated are important. Vorlane’s LED par can lights are not just lightweight and efficient, but they also respond to sound triggers, thus changing colors every time a DJ changes the beat.

    • LED Par Can Lights for Events

    If you are looking for versatile color options and powerful lighting options in LED par can lights, then our products will be the perfect option for you. With RGB and RGBW options, we offer a wide range of LED par can lights that are suited for any event.

    • LED Par Can Lights for Weddings

    Our LED par60 lights are perfect for a wedding with parties and celebrations – our dimmable lights brighten up any event. With the ability to mix and produce a myriad of brilliant colors, our LED par can lights add life to any environment.

    Parts of LED Par Can Lights

    • Radiator Fans – These fans help in regulating the temperature of the LED par can lights and stop them from overheating. 
    • Housing – The premium aluminum housing of the LED par lights protects the fixtures from the outside and ensures that temperature is under control.
    • Power Board – The power boards regulate the power supply and make sure that no LED faces high or low voltage issues.
    • Control Board – Designed with high quality chips, this board ensures that the input and output of power is controlled without any problems.
    • PCB – The Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in LED par can lights are made to boost the performance of the lights.
    • LED Chips – These high-quality chips are the core of any LED. they convert electrical energy into light energy.
    • Lens – LED lenses are used to create the desired lighting effect. They amplify and regulate light beams so that they reach wider spaces.
    • Power Cables – The power cables supply power for the LEDs to emit bright light. The right type of power cable used in the LED lighting project can affect its quality.

    Why Work with Vorlane

    For LED Light Brands

    For any brand, the quality of the products helps them stay on top of the market. With Vorlane, you can uplift your brand and expand your business by accessing customized products. Get excellent LED products at the best prices with us and capture your market audience.

    For Wholesalers

    For the purchase of wholesale LED par lights in China, Vorlane is the best option for wholesalers as we offer competitive pricing, short lead time, and excellent customized packaging. When it comes to LED par light China, Vorlane is your go-to supplier.

    For Contractors

    For all commercial contractors, Vorlane serves as a great choice as an LED par light manufacturer in China. Our products are IP40 rated and are perfect for any event that requires bright and eccentric lighting at a lower cost.

    Start Cooperating With Us and Get Innovative LED Par Light At Low Cost!

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