Lighting Technology

Smart Lighting:The Right Light Controlled

Vorlane’s rich offering of customizable LED lights come with the ability to control the lighting based on the intended use or environment.

Through specific adjustments during production or with a dedicated control system, our LED lights work with the provided parameters to adjust the lighting. This makes our LED lights not only last longer but also become effective solutions to various situations and needs.

App Control
Voice Control
Smart On/Off
16Million Colors
Smart Dimming
CCT Changing
Light Scenes Adaptation
Motion Sensor
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Sunlike LED Lighting:
The Light of Nature

Compared to fluorescent or halogen lights, our LED lighting fixtures have a more natural light similar to the brightness of the sun. We calibrate our LED lights to produce effective lighting that also provides a calming effect on the human body, making them more appealing to consumers.

Healthy Lighting:
We Do Care



Our LED lights produce bright and crisp lights without causing a glare that could affect a user’s vision with long exposure.


Free from blue light damage

We constantly test our LED lights to ensure they produce no blue light that can cause damage to the retinas.

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Want To Be the Next Winning Brand?

Vorlane’s LED light and services give you an absolute edge over your competitors.

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