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Our ISO9001:2000 Certified Factories Behind The Scene

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Vorlane Factory in China
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Vorlane Factory in India

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Explore Vorlane’s optimized manufacturing facility and see how we complete projects with speed, excellence, and precision. Our factory has dedicated workshops complete with the latest production equipment and calibrated testing tools to ensure our high standards are maintained throughout the production.

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Numbers don’t lie – let our annual figures establish us as a competitive force in the LED lighting industry.

Specialized Plant Area
Production Lines
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Trusted Brands
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Raw Material Warehousing
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Injection Molding Workshop
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Mold Making Workshop
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Casting Workshop
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Assembly Workshop
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Quality Checking Workshop
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Packaging Workshop
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Finished Lights Warehousing

Our Facilities

Specialization Makes Perfect.

Having dedicated workshops that specialize in each section of the complete LED light manufacturing process allows our team to focus on multiple parts at the same time.

Mastering each part of the product ensures that the quality and performance of our LED lights are at their peak with every completed product.

Lean Management By 5S Principle

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