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LED Street Lights Illuminate For Safety

LED street lights provide safe and secure illumination among side roads, parking areas, parks, subdivisions, and other public spaces. Vorlane LED lights offer optimized illumination and better distributions than other street lights.

The LED street light we create can achieve better heat dissipation than traditional lighting, which cuts down on power consumption while increasing the fixture’s lifespan. With our intuitive fixture design, each LED street lamp can withstand heavy rains, UV rays, and intense winds.  

Accomplishing bulk orders of quality LED street lights is possible through our certified factories within China and India, allowing you to meet your project deadline and budget.

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Better prices. Better products.

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Self-Own Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.

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Geographical advantages of the factory

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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High productivity

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

LED Street Lights Stands Outdoor Environment

To accommodate any lamp post our outdoor structures, our LED street lights come in different shapes and sizes. The LED street lights we offer comes in various wattages of 30W, 60W, 70W, 90W, 120W, and 180W. You can also choose to adjust the shape of the LED light to illuminate a wide area such as highways or specific spaces such as an alley entrance. With our know-how in creating LED street lights, we help you achieve any business requirement.

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Customized LED Street Lights

Creating a unique lighting solution for specific business goals or market demand is feasible through our extensive customization of your LED street lights.

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IP Rating

From IP65 to IP68


Light Efficiency




Ranging from 10W to 240W


Beam Angle

30~180 degrees



Covering 2700K~5700K



Higher than Ra80



From 100,000 hours


Lighting Mode

PIR infrared sensor within 6 meters and 120 degree

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    LED Street Light Manufacturer By Your Side

    Designing LED Street Lights That Lasts

    Since 2014, Vorlane has been instrumental in many of our clients’ successful projects with our innovative LED street lights. Vorlane has the expertise and know-how in creating long-lasting LED street lamps that provide your expected illumination output for your business goals.

    Through our well-equipped research laboratory, we can design LED street lamps that address market demands and follow recent technological trends.

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    Choose From the Best LED Street Light Supplier

    Vorlane’s certified factory is capable of manufacturing 500,000 bulbs each month thanks to the advanced equipment in each of our workshops.

    Utilizing an optimized lead-time management system and strict QC policy, we can complete bulk orders of LED lights within the deadline while not compromising on quality. Vorlane ensures a steady supply of quality LED street lights regardless of peak season because of our robust production capabilities.

    Quality Street Light That Matters the Most

    Flawless Appearance
    Focused inspectors conduct careful visual tests on our LED street light lamp for cracks or fractures. The test aims to ensure all of your LED lights have the expected lifespan.
    Stable Functionality
    Functional tests are required for all finished LED street lights to go through to check their illumination levels, dimming properties, and overall performance. Vorlane guarantees all of your LED lights can efficiently illuminate any outdoor space.
    Proper Assembly and Packaging
    Workers assemble each finished product in their customized packaging and go through our final inspections. The last check ensures all packaging have a presentable and marketable exterior when they arrived at your shelf.

    What are LED street lights?

    LED street lights are integrated lights on the street and road that light up using light emitting diodes. The LED street light offers pedestrians and automobiles with excellent visibility. Lighting can be utilized to distinguish the purposes of various roads and to generate an urban design impression. At night, a high-quality LED lighting system beautifies the metropolitan surroundings without harming the environment. In any place, street lighting plays a critical role in:


    • LED street lighting can assist cities in being more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions due to lower energy use.
    • The longer durability of LED street lights is another advantage.
    • LED lighting releases extremely little heat, requiring significantly less power to provide the same light output as their traditional counterparts.
    • LED street lights have a high color rendering that mimics natural light and portrays colors more realistically.
    • LED street lights emit fewer pollutants than their traditional counterparts.
    • LED lights kickstart in tens of nanoseconds, there is no waiting for them to resume, and they can operate in a constant on/off mode.


    Featured LED Street Lights with Advanced Tech

    • Reducing the likelihood of night accidents
    • Deterring criminality
    • Assisting in the protection of building
    • Creating a safe environment for living
    • Discourages vandalism

    What are the Components of LED Street lights?

    The lamp post, which emerges from a ground foundation and holds the lighting source above, is a part common to all sorts of street lights. The electrical wire that links the lights to the electricity network is housed in street light posts.

    Another component is the street light bulbs that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Halogen bulbs, which are identical in function and look similar to household incandescent bulbs, are used in most conventional street lights.

    Advantages of LED Street Lamps

    Some of the major advantages of employing LED street lamps include:

    Heat exchangers are included in LED street lights to help manage temperature. These devices reduce the amount of heat generated by an electrical current when it powers an LED. They circulate air via a series of vents to keep the lighting component cool. A curved lens is used in both LED and traditional street lights, and it is normally composed of heavy-duty glass. The brightness of the light within is magnified by the street light lenses.


    LED Street Light Application

    • LED Street Lights For Motor Roads
    The LED street light is an excellent option for motor roads. This is because it focuses on lighting efficiency, environmental preservation, and energy conservation.
    • LED Street Lights For Sidewalks

    LED street lights help drivers and pedestrians beware of objects in front of them. Due to their lighting power, it is a perfect choice for sidewalks.


    • Commercial LED Street Lights

    LED lamps are easy to install and have a long service life which makes them perfect for commercial street lighting.

    Factors to Consider When Buying LED Street Lights

    If you are confused about how to select LED street lights, take a look at the below points that you should consider.



    Vorlane, a LED street lights manufacturer, follows ISO certification standards for production management, practices, and global social responsibility management, with the goal of offering high-quality LED bulbs at a decent cost.



    Vorlane’s luminaire portfolio is tailored to meet the needs of customers looking for an LED solution for regional, residential, commercial, and other applications. Our innovative reflecting optics are engineered to enhance application efficiency, reduce glare, and bend light to go as per the area demands.



    Vorlane was founded on the principles of expansion and innovation more than 7 years ago, and we maintain that heritage today as the leading LED street lamp manufacturer. We are committed to providing high-quality, dependable goods.


    Safety and Technology

    Innovation, market creation, organic expansion, and acquisitions are all used to ensure the high quality while also considering the safety of our products. As an LED road light manufacturer, Vorlane succumbs to the safety standards of street lighting.


    Why work with Vorlane?

    Vorlane is one of the most reliable LED street light manufacturers. Read on to know more.


    LED light brands

    Listening to our consumers, knowing what they anticipate, and assisting them in their success are all examples of serving our clients. We accomplish this by cultivating long-term relationships and instilling trust in Vorlane’s ability to generate and support opportunities that help them reach their objectives.



    Vorlane, which was founded in 2014, delivered solutions that met the most stringent real-time and dependability requirements of utilities in a variety of domains. The LED street light wholesale prices are well worth the quality and efficiency of the lighting solutions that we provide.


    Commercial contractors

    Vorlane is pioneering new platforms around the world, from our renowned LED street light design to smart lighting. We also contribute significant research and development to major LED technology collaborations. Our approach is agile, so we can swiftly scale to meet the needs of customers, whether they are commercial contractors or luminaire distributors.


    Residential contractors

    The ambience in high-end retail, residentials areas, and houses is created by our LED product solutions. It’s the warehouse and outdoor LED street light factory of Vorlane that takes care of housing estate safety and illumination. When our LED street light arrays inspire shoppers to stay longer and spend more, or when the COB LED dramatically decreases relamping costs along a busy road, that’s Vorlane’s success.

    The LED street light we design can dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional lights, reducing power consumption while extending the life of the fixture. Each LED street lamp can survive heavy rains, UV rays, and strong winds thanks to our featured LED street lights with advanced technologies. We also introduce solar technology to help you meet the needs of more customers.


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