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Ideal for high-ceiling industrial and commercial locations like supermarkets, gyms, and warehouses, LED high bay lights to provide reliable and energy-saving lighting solution for indoor use. Usually available in either a linear rectangular form or UFO-like circular form, these strong LED lights deliver broad light distribution better than traditional lighting fixtures.

When it comes to LED high bay lights, Vorlane is your ideal choice for dependable and affordable wholesale production. Our years of experience in manufacturing tailor-made LED high bay lights that match diverse market demands, along with factories strategically located in China and India, guarantee on-time production at the best price points.

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Better prices. Better products.

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Self-Own Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.

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Geographical advantages of the factory

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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High productivity

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

High Bay Light For Harsh Environment

Built for continuous usage and different environmental conditions, our LED high bay lights are designed to meet and exceed the market’s expectations. Its sophisticated internal cooling system makes the LED high bay lights tolerate high temperatures of up to 85°C. Materials used are corrosion resistant, enabling the curling mechanism to withstand rising temperatures and general chemical washing for long periods.

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Customized LED High Bay Lights

With Vorlane’s superior customization prowess and dedication to quality, we guarantee top-of-the-line LED high bay lights that are sure to boost your profit and branding.

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IP Rating

From IP65 to IP68


Light Efficiency



Customizable 3~30W


Beam Angle

30~180 degrees



Giving out the right flux



0-10V dimmer


Length & Size

Fit your market

Smart Sensor

PIR infrared sensor within 6 meters and 120 degree

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    LED High Bay Light Manufacturer By Your Side

    Develop The Right UFO/Linear High Bay For Your Plant

    Through closely monitoring current and upcoming trends in the professional lighting industry, our team of experienced designers provides suitable recommendations to elevate the performance of your LED high bay lights.

    Based on your project goals and branding ideas, we develop the LED high bay lights to match the needs of your market, whether improved lighting, lower power consumption, or design choices, to name a few.

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    A Step Inside LED High Bay Light Factory

    Vorlane boasts a competitive production factory, with specific workshops packed with the latest manufacturing equipment in the market. Each section of our LED high bay light factory adheres to established ISO9001 standards, with internal inspections conducted regularly to maintain these parameters.

    The facility’s strong production capabilities allowing our team to complete large-volume orders at a fast pace.

    Get Covered By Vorlane Quality Assurance

    Flawless Appearance
    Careful construction eliminates cracks and dents on the LED high bay lights, while the smart design ensures parts lock in tightly.

    Stable Functionality
    Quality control auditors conduct various tests on completed LED high bay lights to guarantee accurate lighting, consistent performance, and adaptability to harsh conditions.

    Proper Assembly and Packaging
    LED high bay lights are assembled and packaged by our seasoned team and inspected in every aspect to maintain quality.

    What Is High Bay Led Lighting

    High bay lighting is the best choice of LED lights when we talk about the huge indoor spaces requiring illumination. Consider areas such as manufacturing plants, sports facilities, warehouses, enormous department shops, refineries, and more. These structures are often large and span a considerable amount of vertical and horizontal space which require high illumination facilities.

    Types of LED High Bay Lights

    Take a look at a few of the most popular and reliable LED High Bay Lights below.

    High Bay Linear LED Lights

    Grocery stores, wholesalers, warehouses, and other large-open locations with a lot of shelves frequently employ linear high bay lights. They are long, with adjustable widths to provide rectangular illumination to fit different space’s demands.

    Vapor Tight LED High Bay Lights

    LED high bay vapor tight fixtures are widely employed in regions that see a lot of dirt or water because they are sealed and gasketed to protect their internal parts from gas, dirt, moisture, oxidation, and corrosion. They may even be cleaned with a pump because they are sealed to keep moisture and particles out.

    LED High Bay Light VS. LED Low Bay Light 


    Round (UFO) LED High Bay Lights

    Round LED high bay lights, sometimes known as UFO lights because of their saucer-like design, have only one point of contact with the roof, making them the simplest high bays to attach. A round wide beam spread provides for a lot of light, but it’s not too bright.

    When distinguishing between high and low bays, the ceiling height is always the determining element. Because these two types of LED lighting may be created differently to meet the needs of each location, this is the case. One of the primary differences is the intensity of the light spread and according to the name, high bay lights give out more light spread.

    Advantages of LED High Bay Lights

    • Many traditional bulbs have a lifespan less than four to forty times that of LED lights. This means fewer bulbs will need to be replaced as they wear out.
    • When it comes to color rendering index, high bay lights will often outperform most other lights in head-to-head comparisons.
    • LED lights not only produce light differently, but they also disperse light differently than traditional lighting options, requiring less energy to produce the same output.
    • Vorlane’s hay bay LED lights can tolerate high temperatures of up to 85°C and offer IP65 to IP68 levels of safety for applications in harsh environments.
    • We care about the environment and that is why we produce energy-saving LED lights.

    LED High Bay Light Application

    High-bay lights are ideal for commercial and industrial applications due to their positioning. Shops, refineries, and assembly lines are just a few of the industries where they can be used.

    High-bay lights can also be found in large leisure facilities and gyms. They’re ideal for large conference rooms, event centers, and any other location that requires lighting from a height of more than 20 feet.

    Vorlane, an LED high bay lights manufacturer, now has a new range of LED High Bay Lighting systems that are simple to install.

    Factors to Consider When Buying LED High Bay Lights


    Confused about how to select the best LED high bay lights? Go through this things to consider section, and keep in mind the following things while buying LED high bay lights.


    Vorlane has been successful in developing a number of world-class products that meet ISO criteria. We strive to produce high-quality products according to the requirements of the client that surpass the industry standards and expectations.



    Vorlane’s goal is to be the top company in the world, developing innovative, high-performance, and high-quality goods on a regular basis. It is expected to constantly offer high-quality products ranging from LEDs and LD to magnetic components that are sensitive to environmental changes.

    Experience of the manufacturer

    We are a commercial high bay led lights supplier with over 8 years of expertise who knows what goes into developing high-quality lighting systems. Our management team brings a lot of experience to bear on the high quality, professionalism, and innovative ideas that go into our products. Our mission is to instill character, progress, and opportunity in all of our client satisfaction.

    We are a commercial high bay led lights supplier with over 8 years of expertise who knows what goes into developing high-quality lighting systems. Our management team brings a lot of experience to bear on the high quality, professionalism, and innovative ideas that go into our products. Our mission is to instill character, progress, and opportunity in all of our client satisfaction.

    Why Work with Vorlane

    While there are many manufacturers available, we list out some of the best reasons to select Vorlane as your preferred manufacturer and supplier.

    LED light brands

    Vorlane concentrates its production in China, where the firm was formed, in order to accomplish the goal of creating industry-leading products by combining the knowledge and expertise of all employees. This mixture generates new ideas that lead to seamless and speedy manufacturing in an environment where people from many fields may learn from and inspire one another.


    Vorlane’s round LED high bay lights factory has a team of experts working round the clock to produce high-quality products at a reasonable price. Every product that leaves our warehouse is guaranteed a 5-year warranty, demonstrating our trust in our LED lighting fixtures. We provide ​​reliable led warehouse lighting solutions.

    Commercial contractors

    Vorlane’s energy-efficient LED products are earning a name for themselves as innovators all around the world. It’s apparent that we can deliver solutions to our customers that will assist them to achieve their business goals.

    Vorlane also offers a powerful OEM service that can help you grow your business. Our accredited production facilities, as well as the skills and experience of our team, may help you stand out from your target audience.

    Residential contractors

    Vorlane recognizes the value of time in your business and the importance of being updated on the supply chain. That is why, after you place your order, you will be assigned a professional project manager who will keep you informed about the status of your LED light project.


    Vorlane’s current design concept is characterized by the best available light and a classic functional design. Since its inception in 2014, Vorlane has impacted the LED light design and development industry.

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