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Our LED tubes utilize aluminum backbones and advanced electronic components for a more functional structure, ensuring a longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Made with materials free from mercury, our tubes are recyclable and hazard-free for your customers. Unlike fluorescent lights, our tubes have LED chips to help present all spectrums of color that mimic natural lighting.

As we have factories in both China and India, our efficient production lines can guarantee a stable supply of tube lights at lower costs. Through our long-term connection with the right suppliers, we acquire affordable materials to ensure that our tubes require less maintenance. Following your recommendations, we design LED tube lights that align with market needs and ensure greater convenience.

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Better prices. Better products.

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Self-Own Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.

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Geographical advantages of the factory

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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High productivity

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

All Sizes of LED Tube Light

All our LED tube lights are labeled based on their diameter in eighths of an inch. We supply T5, T8, and T12 tubes, having 5/8, 1, and 1.5 inches diameters respectively. Because of their diverse sizes, our tubes are excellent for office and warehouse lighting, providing proper light distribution that comes with improved CRI. With their placement in various areas, our tube lights excellent climate control and balanced lighting for storage spaces and the like.

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Customized LED Tube Inside Out

We conduct ODM customization for large volumes, with sampling handled as soon as you provide us your requirements.

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Housing Materials

Aluminum, fiber glass



Ranging from 2000K to 6500K



Customizable 3~30W


Beam Angle

30~180 degrees



Giving out the right flux



0-10V dimmer


Shape & Size

Popular A shape and T shape


Smart Control

PIR infrared sensor within 6 meters and 120 degree

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    LED Tube Light Manufacturer By Your Side

    At the Heart of Designing Tube Light That Fits

    All of our tube lamps are configured for fast, easy installations into different buildings. Applying advanced technology, we design tubes of various sizes for maximum brightness while possessing some power-saving features.

    Firmly entrenched in the industry, our R&D team competently assesses your ideas to design the right LED tube for your needs. Through our commitment, we have secured over 100 patents and earned international acclaim for our diversely shaped and functional LED tubes.

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    LED Tube Light Manufacturing

    Vorlane’s efficient factory machinery crafts up to 500,000 lights and captures their details precisely. From sampling and design to assembly and packaging, we cover ground in a fast amount of time to meet growing demand. We divide work on our components while inspecting every part from start to finish. As we follow 5S standards, we maintain a properly regulated work environment that is safe and clean.

    We Inspect Every Detail of The Tube Before Shipping Out

    Flawless Appearance

    In every step, we make sure each of our LED lamps follows the design details and measurements so that they can be quickly installed.

    Stable Functionality
    We look for cracks and yellowing that could shorten our LED tube’s lifespans, along with guaranteeing the stability of parts for long-term operation.

    Proper Assembly and Packaging

    After careful assembly, we load our LED products into our packaging, organizing our lights into boxes and keeping them cushioned for transport.

    Types of LED Tube Lights 

    While LED and fluorescent tube lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the three most prevalent are T12, T8, and T5. The designation “T8” is derived from the letters “T” for “tubular” and the width of the bulb in eighths of an inch, indicating a tube of 8/8ths of an inch.

    T5 LED Tube Lights

    The T5 led tube light factory produces ultrathin LED tube lights.

    • The diameter of the ring is 0.62 inches, and the length is 45.2 inches.
    • The energy required to produce 2,500 lumens is 28 watts.
    • The CRI is 85 and the durability is 15,000 hours.

    T8 LED Tube Lights

    The T8 LED tube light factory of Vorlane produces LED lights with a narrow width.

    • The diameter is one inch, and the length is 48 inches.
    • The energy required to produce 2,500 lumens is 36 watts.
    • The durability rating is 10,000 hours.
    • The CRI is 85.

    T12 LED Tube Lights

    In comparison to other lights, T12 lights have a consistent width.

    • The length is 48 inches and the diameter is 1.5 inches.
    • It takes 40 watts of energy to produce 2,500 lumens.
    • The durability rating is 10,000 hours.
    • The CRI is 62.

    Structure Designs of LED Tube Lights

    Housings for LED tubes are available in two styles: hybrid aluminum/plastic and complete glass. The exposed, D-shaped aluminum housing of an LED tube with a hybrid structure merges with a polycarbonate glass to produce a tubular housing. A recess in the extruded aluminum housing is used to house the driving circuit. To protect the driver circuit from contact with metallic materials, it is encased in an insulator that runs through the aluminum enclosure. 

    The fluorescent ballast had to be removed or bypassed in order to use early LED tube lights. Most LED tube lights are now built to work with fluorescent insulators, enabling easy fluorescent tube replacement without changing the fixture.

    LED Tube Light Application

    Typical applications of LED tube light include general illumination in office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, schools, houses, factories, and other indoor lighting. The energy-saving factor of LED tube lights finds great use in several industries.

    Furthermore, solid semiconductor chips are used to manufacture luminous materials in LED tubes. The transporter fluid in the semiconductor recombines when a high voltage is supplied to both ends, freeing excess energy and causing photons to generate visible light which is used in general lighting all over the world.


    Advantages of LED Tube Light 

    Here are some of the advantages of employing LED tube lights for your applications:

    • LEDs have a lot of energy and use up to 90% less power than incandescent lights and electricity expenditures are dramatically reduced.
    • These lights produce nearly little heat, so they are cool to the touch and may be left on for hours without causing harm.
    • Unlike neon lights, which contain mercury and are potentially harmful to the environment, LEDs are constructed of non-toxic substances.
    • Before having to be changed, a decent LED light can endure for more than 7 years of continuous operation.
    • LEDs are solid-state lighting fixtures that replace neon or gas filaments with a semiconductor substance.


    Factors to Consider When Buying LED Tube Lamps 

    Below are a few of the key factors that you should consider while buying LED tube lamps. 


    Vorlane has risen to the top in the competitive LED industry thanks to prompt service and strong brand recognition. To ensure the highest level of quality and service, we manufacture and ship our items in-house.


    Proper certification will make sure that the LED tube lights that your customers receive are of the best quality and are compliant with the industry standards. The LED tube lamp factory of Vorlane manufactures all its products according to the ISO standards and is known for exceeding all its customers’ expectations.


    We offer exceptional customer service in addition to a diverse product portfolio. Vorlane knows that every client deserves personalized treatment and we stay in contact with our clients at every step of the manufacturing process.

    Why Vorlane’s LED Tube Lights Wholesale & OEM Solutions 

    LED light brands

    Customer satisfaction has always been a primary focus for Vorlane. We’re always looking for ways to improve our production techniques, productivity, scalability, and manufacturing efficiency.


    Vorlane combines lighting quality and energy efficiency to create individualized lighting solutions at a competitive price. Vorlane has been identified with innovation, one-of-a-kind product and service excellence, creative design, and long-term sustainability for almost 8 years. We tailor our services to your demands and those of your users, always keeping in mind the end goal of providing the finest light possible for society and the environment.

    Commercial contractors

    Customers experience the combination of light and architecture thanks to Vorlane, a prominent international LED tube lights supplier. offer a broad variety of high-quality LED tube luminaires and lighting control systems for commercial interior lighting in the area of workplaces, schools, retail, hospitality, and industry as a market leader in innovation.

    Residential contractors

    High-level standards are not limited to specific products or services at Vorlane. Vorlane focuses on continual development – of employees, products, and procedures – to ensure your success and maintain high quality standards. It delivers quality and innovation across all industries by enhancing endurance and flexibility as a trusted LED tube light manufacturer.


    By developing numerous product portfolios with unique technology, we are dynamically adapting to the continually changing LED market. Our team strives to learn something new every day and implement the best technology to manufacture the best LED lights. 

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