Top 20 Manufacturers of LED Lights in the World

Explore the top 20 LED light manufacturers, innovating the global lighting industry with energy-efficient solutions.

Discreetly, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are transforming the lighting industry. Not only have these durable, energy-efficient technological marvels transformed our access to light, but they have also unlocked an entirely new realm of opportunities. Presently, LEDs illuminate city avenues, corporate offices, private residences, and even some of the most remote regions on Earth.

Numerous progressive corporations are spearheading this transformation by dedicating their efforts to transforming LEDs into illumination solutions that are genuinely sustainable and state-of-the-art. These corporations have established a benchmark in the LED lighting sector by maintaining an unwavering dedication to excellence, groundbreaking advancements, and scientific inquiry.

Among these top LED Light solution providers, Vorlane, an organization committed to the advancement of LED lighting solutions with the intention of improving the quality of life for individuals, serves as a noteworthy illustration of such pioneers.

Below is a table about the basic info of them:

Brand NameEstablishment TimeLocation
Wolfspeed1987United States
GE Lighting1911United States
Everlight Electronics1983Taiwan, China
Nichia Corporation1956Japan
Seoul Semiconductor1992South Korea
Hubbell1888United States
Zumtobel Lighting1950Dornbirn, Austria
Xicato2007California, United States
Megaman1994Hong Kong, China
Thorn Lighting1928London, England
Cree1987North Carolina, United States
Acuity Brands Lighting1892Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Kichler lighting1938New York, United States
Erco1934Lüdenscheid, Germany
Luceco2013London, England
Lumileds1999United States
Dialight1938New York, United States
Samsung1969South Korea
Bridgelux2001United States

So, want to know the details of the top twenty manufacturers of LED lights in the world? Let’s find out as we explore these unique organizations.


vorlane led light logo

Historical Background

With nearly nine years of experience in the industry, Vorlane is a market leader in LED light production and is widely regarded for its innovative design and expertise. The organization is committed to creating LED illumination solutions that effectively cater to the demands of end users.

Vorlane website

Vorlane is led by its CEO, founder, and R&D director, Steven Liang. with a cumulative expertise of seventeen years within the LED lighting industry. At this time, he is guiding Vorlane toward significant expansion. Steven’s 2014 introduction of Vorlane was motivated by the market knowledge and LED lighting expertise he gained during his ten years as a sales manager for an LED lighting company.

Products and Innovations

Vorlane provides an extensive selection of LED illumination alternatives, encompassing products designed for architectural, professional, and general use. The company has the ability to supervise each stage of production due to its wholly-owned factory situated in the largest LED light industrial region in China. Vorlane’s LED lighting alternatives are durable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective to operate.

Vorlane main product

Vorlane’s LED lighting products include:

Sustainability in Vorlane

The organization’s commitment to scientific investigation and advancement has yielded state-of-the-art LED illumination alternatives that exhibit exceptional efficiency and ecological sustainability.

Environmental protection takes precedence over the company’s financial performance for Vorlane. To establish a durable and productive factory, Vorlane made substantial investments in state-of-the-art machinery and recruited seasoned laborers. This allows the business to reduce its carbon footprint by decreasing its pollution and power usage.


osram logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Osram can be traced back to its inception in the early 1900s. Osram, an organization established in 1902, has emerged as a trailblazer and mastermind in the domain of illumination. For several decades, Osram has been a leader in lighting innovation, establishing the benchmarks against which contemporary illumination is evaluated.

osram website

Products and Innovations

As a result of its comprehensive product catalog, which includes options for automotive, general lighting, specialized lighting, and digital systems, Osram is the current market leader in lighting solutions. International enterprises and consumers have adopted the company’s products due to their dependability, effectiveness, and energy conservation.

osram main product

Aldo Kamper, the CEO of Osram, possesses a substantial tenure of years and wide-ranging expertise within the lighting sector. Under his direction, Osram has initiated a strategic shift that prioritizes digitalization, sustainability, and innovation in an effort to further solidify the company’s position as the market leader in the lighting industry.

Osram’s dedication to innovation is demonstrated through its substantial investments in research and development. The company has invested significantly in the development of numerous cutting-edge lighting technologies, including solid-state lighting (SSL), organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In addition to expanding the scope of illumination design and application, these developments enhance the efficacy and efficiency of Osram’s products.

The products produced by Osram are characterized by their exceptional qualities and advantages. LED illumination options from Osram help the environment and save money on electricity by consuming significantly less energy than conventional bulbs. A prolonged lifespan eliminates the necessity for frequent replacements and contributes to the environmental friendliness of lighting by Osram. By virtue of their high luminosity, dependable color reproduction, and flicker-free operation, Osram LEDs enhance visual comfort in numerous ways.

Company’s Revenue

Osram Licht AG generated revenues in excess of 3 billion euros during its fiscal year 2020.  Additionally, Osram Licht AG anticipated revenue of $3.48 billion in 2020. The variability of revenue estimates can be attributed to the specific accounting principles implemented and the magnitude of the enterprises being evaluated.


wolfspeed logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Wolfspeed, an American corporation, is engaged in the development and production of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors. Power electronics, radio frequency (RF) electronics, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are only a few of the numerous applications for these semiconductors.

wolfspeed website

Wolfspeed is primarily engaged in the investigation and advancement of high-performance SiC and GaN LED semiconductor technology within the LED industry. The applications for these devices are diverse and encompass solid-state lighting (SSL), backlighting for displays, and vehicle illumination.

Products, Innovations, and Sustainability

When juxtaposed with conventional silicon LED chips, Wolfspeed’s SiC and GaN LED chips offer an array of benefits. SiC and GaN LED processors convert electrical energy into visible light with greater efficiency than silicon LED chips. Significant energy conservation can be achieved over the duration of an LED light.

wolfspeed main product

SiC and GaN-based LED chips have a considerably extended lifespan than their silicon-based counterparts. This is due to their enhanced resistance to elevated temperatures and humidity. The operating voltages and currents of SiC and GaN LED chips are greater than those of silicon LED chips. They, therefore, have a greater variety of prospective applications.

Wolfspeed serves some of the most illustrious companies in the LED industry, including Cree, Osram, and Samsung. These businesses manufacture an extensive range of products using LED circuits manufactured by Wolfspeed, including automobile headlights, streetlights, and LED light bulbs.

Wolfspeed is in an advantageous position to emerge as the market champion in the LED industry. Wolfspeed’s SiC and GaN LED processors are considerably more sophisticated than their silicon counterparts, and the company has a long history of innovation in the semiconductor industry. Wolfspeed will almost certainly be indispensable for satisfying the increasing demand for LED illumination.

In addition to its LED business, Wolfspeed is a pioneer in the development of SiC and GaN power electronics. Power electronics find application in an extensive range of products, such as electric vehicles, solar power converters, and industrial actuators. Given the increasing market demand for energy-efficient and high-performance power electronics, Wolfspeed anticipates a substantial expansion of its power electronics division in the coming years.

Company’s Revenue

Wolfspeed is a manufacturer and developer of silicon carbide. Its sales for the fiscal year ending June 25, 2023, amounted to $921.90 million, reflecting a growth of 23.55% compared to the previous year. The corporation’s sales for the fiscal year ending June 25, 2023, increased by 23.55%, reaching $921.90 million.

Wolfspeed projects generated revenue ranging from $192 million to $222 million during the second quarter of its fiscal year 2024. Silicon carbide materials, power switching devices, and radio frequency (RF) devices are offered by the company for use in 5G, renewable energy, storage, aerospace, and defense, among other applications.

GE Lighting

ge lighting logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

For over 130 years, GE Illumination has provided innovative illumination solutions for homes and businesses. The organization has been instrumental in influencing the lighting sector through the creation of revolutionary technologies that have fundamentally transformed the manner in which we illuminate our surroundings.

GE lighting website

GE Illumination’s extensive selection of inventive illumination alternatives is a testament to the company’s history of innovation. The organization spearheaded the advancement of LED technology, introducing revolutionary products that brought about a paradigm shift in the sector. LED lights manufactured by GE Lighting are renowned for their exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and long lifespan, which render them an economical and environmentally sustainable option for a diverse array of applications.

Products and Innovations

The extensive product catalog of GE Lighting satisfies the requirements of clients in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Their products incorporate an extensive variety of illumination technologies, such as HID lamps, fluorescent bulbs, and LEDs. GE illumination provides the finest illumination options for both residential and commercial properties.

GE lighting main product


Environmental responsibility is taken earnestly by GE Lighting, which implements eco-friendly policies everywhere. The organization’s objective is to achieve a negligible ecological footprint through the implementation of recycled materials, reduction of energy consumption, and promotion of environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. To foster a more sustainable future and mitigate energy consumption, GE Lighting is committed to the advancement of inventive lighting solutions. The fact that a significant number of its products have obtained the ENERGY STAR® label demonstrates its commitment.

As a result of GE illumination’s innovative illumination solutions, the global environment is becoming more sustainable and brighter. Through its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, GE Lighting has positioned itself to maintain its leading position in the global lighting industry for the foreseeable future.

Market Presence

With a presence in over a hundred countries, GE Lighting has achieved a worldwide presence. In addition to superior service, the company’s global network enables it to offer its clients state-of-the-art illumination technology and knowledgeable recommendations. In order to advance innovation and the creation of state-of-the-art lighting solutions, GE Lighting leverages its extensive global footprint to foster collaborations with clients and partners on an international scale.

GE Lighting is committed to maintaining its position as the market leader in the lighting industry. The organization is devoted to the conception, production, and distribution of superior goods. Due to this unwavering dedication to excellence, GE Lighting’s products are invariably dependable, long-lasting, and exceptionally efficient.

Everlight Electronics

Everlight Electronics logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., with its main office located in Taiwan, ranks as the fifth-largest manufacturer of LED packages globally. Established in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan, the organization possesses over three decades of R&D experience.

everlight website

Products, Innovations, and Sustainability

Everlight’s commitment to delivering illumination solutions that are both efficient and of superior quality for a wide range of applications is evident in the substantial resources allocated to research and development.

The organization places great emphasis on reliability and innovation, and its solutions are specifically engineered to enhance the opportunities and advantages available to its clientele.

everlight main product

Everlight’s product line includes a variety of LED products designed for distinct purposes, including architectural lighting, professional lighting, and general lighting. The company has developed exclusive LED lighting systems for aquaculture and high-efficiency agricultural lighting supplies for horticultural and livestock production.

Through its involvement in a legal dispute concerning patent infringement, Everlight has effectively showcased its dedication to safeguarding its intellectual property rights.


Signify logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Signify, formerly referred to as Philips Lighting, is a prominent player in the global lighting industry, offering state-of-the-art solutions for both residential and commercial clients. However, Signify uses the Philips brand to promote the company’s extensive illumination products. This category includes, among other things, software services, networked lighting systems, and LED lighting components. Signify’s product catalog includes connected illumination solutions for professionals and homeowners, electric lights, and IoT platforms.

signify website

Philips Lighting declared its intention to alter its name to Signify on March 16, 2018, while maintaining the Philips brand for its product line. The organization officially altered its name to Signify on May 16, 2018.

Products and Innovations

Customers may experience improved light quality as a result of the company’s energy-efficient products, services, and lighting systems; this, in turn, increases business output, improves public safety, and creates more agreeable living environments in cities.

signify main product

The WiFi technology, the Philips Hue smart lighting system, and the BrightSites smart building platform are among the most notable products and services provided by Signify.

Designed to meet the requirements of businesses and consumers alike, Signify’s extensive selection of lighting solutions and products demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Sustainability and Revenue

By emphasizing energy-efficient lighting systems, products, and services that enhance users’ safety, comfort, and productivity, Signify distinguishes itself from its rivals. Due to its dedication to technological advancement and environmental responsibility, the organization has established a notable reputation.

According to the most recent financial reports of the organization, Signify recorded a decrease in revenue from $7.96 billion to $7.91 billion between 2021 and 2022.

Nichia Corporation

Nichia Corporation logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Nichia Corporation, headquartered in Anan, Japan, is a chemical engineering and manufacturing firm that manufactures and distributes phosphors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes, and battery materials, among other products.

nichia website

The majority of the company’s voting shares are still held by members of the Ogawa family, which was established in 1956 by Nobuo Ogawa. LEDs are the responsibility of Division 2 of Nichia, whereas phosphors and other compounds are managed by Division 1.

Company’s Mission

“Ever Researching for a Brighter World” is the proclaimed mission of Nichia Corporation. This motto articulates the organization’s fervor for innovation, research and development, and the creation of products that improve society.

The aforementioned mission statement functions as the focal point of Nichia’s business strategy, which additionally underscores the significance of comprehending worldwide needs, seeking out superior products, and contributing to society as a company that values monotsukuri, or the craft of manufacturing.

Policy endorsements and certifications demonstrate the organization’s dedication to sustainability. For instance, the company supports the creation and global distribution of eco-friendly products that contribute to the advancement of civilized societies.

Products and Innovations

The foremost manufacturer of semiconductor materials, laser diodes, and light-emitting diodes is Nichia Corporation. A diverse range of products are offered for sale by the organization, comprising semiconductor materials, laser diodes, and LEDs.

nichia main product

Sustainability and Revenue

The commitment to environmental sustainability and quality control exhibited by Nichia is apparent in their methodology encompassing product planning, development, design, prototype production, mass production, sales, and logistics.

The company reported a +110.12% increase in sales or revenue, reaching 238.12 billion yen, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

In addition to general lighting, automobile lighting, and backlighting, Seoul Semiconductor develops and distributes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for backlighting and specialized lighting.

seoul semiconductor website

The organization was established in 1992, and its main office is situated in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The founder and CEO of Seoul Semiconductor is Chung Hoon Lee.

The company’s shares, denoted by the symbol 046890, are available for acquisition and sale by the general public on the KOSDAQ stock exchange. In December 2016, Seoul Semiconductor, the fourth largest LED manufacturer globally, generated revenue of nearly $800 million.

Company’ Mission

The organization’s mission is to utilize light to create a safer, more hygienic, and clearer world. Its name and logo reflect its dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of future generations in order to safeguard them.

As additional proof of its dedication to developing high-quality LED solutions, the organization prioritizes optical semiconductors in order to offer the most exceptional and unique value.

Products, Innovations, and Sustainability

The dedication of Seoul Semiconductor to preserving future generations and promoting sustainability is evident in the corporate emblem and trademark, both of which were conceptualized with environmental considerations as the primary focus. The primary objective of Seoul Semiconductor is to deliver cutting-edge LED products that make a positive impact on global health, cleanliness, and well-being.

seoul semiconductor main product

A renowned manufacturer, Seoul Semiconductor is responsible for the production of an extensive variety of goods, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The organization has established a notable reputation for its superior LED products in the micro LEDs, automotive lighting, lighting, and display/mobile display sectors.

The company’s LED products find utility in a multitude of applications, including but not limited to liquid crystal display (LCD) light sources, automotive systems, traffic lights, electrical boards, and illumination.


Eaton logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Eaton is a globally recognized industry leader in the production of power management solutions for a diverse range of sectors. The sectors comprise transportation, electronics, and infrastructure.

eaton website

Established in 1911 by Joseph Oriel Eaton, the organization is headquartered in Ireland, Dublin.

Eaton is a corporation that employs around 105,000 individuals under the leadership of CEO Craig Arnold. The mission of Eaton is to provide the appropriate technology to enhance the productivity of enterprises and the quality of life for individuals on a global scale. It is possible for the company to serve clients in a variety of regions due to its global network.

Company’s Mission

The primary objective of Eaton is to deliver outstanding products, services, and solutions to their clientele.

“We want to do more business with Eaton,” “Eaton is one of my best investments,” “I am proud to be a part of the Eaton team,”… “Eaton is one of my most valued customers”. These are just a few customer testimonials that support the company’s strategy to achieve its desired status as the most admired company in each market.

The mission of Eaton is to equip individuals with the necessary resources to effect positive change in both their personal and professional spheres.

Products, Sustainability, and Revenue

Eaton offers a diverse range of energy-conserving services and solutions to assist its clientele in the environmentally responsible management of their mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic power.

eaton main product

The company’s offerings are of significant importance to organizations operating in various sectors, including residential, sports and leisure, government, vehicle and heavy equipment, automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, and utilities.

Eaton experienced a 6% growth in revenue to $20.8 billion in 2022. The company achieved overall sales growth of 13% due to organic sales and a 3% increase in acquisition-related sales.


Hubbell logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

The Hubbell Corporation, established by Harvey Hubbell in 1888, is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, United States.

hubbell website

Globally, the organization has expanded to become a significant provider of electronic and electrical components for commercial, institutional, and government structures In 2010, the organization relocated its headquarters from Orange to Shelton, Connecticut.

At present, Gerben W. Bakker holds the position of CEO at Hubbell. By delivering superior products, services, and solutions to its clientele, Hubbell strives to establish itself as the preferred company.

Products and Revenue

 The organization provides its lighting, electrical, and electronic products to the utility, industrial, and construction sectors.

hubbell main product

As of 2022, Hubbell’s annual revenues reached a record-breaking $4.9 billion. The company’s robust market presence and increasing revenues can be attributed to its steadfast dedication to innovation, sustainability, and streamlined operations.

Zumtobel Lighting

Zumtobel Lighting logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Established in 1950 and with its main office in Dornbirn, Austria, Zumtobel Group is an Austrian manufacturer of illumination. The organization engages in the design, production, and distribution of luminaires, lighting components, and lighting management systems for outdoor and interior environments.

zumtobel website

Alfred Felder is presently the Chief Executive Officer of Zumtobel Lighting GmbH. The primary objective of the organization is to furnish comprehensive lighting bundles, luminaires, components, and light management systems for professional use both indoors and outdoors.

Products and Innovations

Despite the anticipated decrease in revenue for the fiscal year 2020-21, Zumtobel Group achieved a substantial increase in both net profit and free cash flow by the end of the year. The organization manages ten manufacturing facilities situated on three distinct continents, in addition to having sales and partner operations in nearly ninety countries.

zumtobel main product 1

Zumtobel Group is renowned in the lighting industry for its innovation, superior product and service quality, outstanding design, and commitment to sustainability.

Zumtobel Group, an Austrian lighting specialist, provides an extensive selection of premium LED luminaires and lighting management solutions for both interior and outdoor businesses.

A diverse range of products is available from the Zumtobel Group, such as the Arcos ZF, Craft II, Ambitus, Cieluma, Spotlight LED III, Integral, and Mellow Light.

Zumtobel’s product line comprises an assortment of general, architectural, and professional illumination alternatives. Innovativeness, superior product and service quality, cutting-edge design, and a dedication to environmental responsibility have earned the organization an impeccable standing in the lighting industry.


Trilux logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

German corporation Trilux was established by Wilhelm Lenze in 1912 with a primary emphasis on illumination and electronics.

trilux website

The company has experienced rapid growth since its establishment, with a focus on acquisitions and sustainability initiatives aimed at enhancing the customer experience, thereby facilitating cost increases, workshop expansion, and workforce development.

Trilux, a multinational corporation, maintains a presence in more than 90 countries with an estimated workforce of 5,000.

Products and Innovations

Architectural, commercial, and general illumination are among the many applications of Trilux’s state-of-the-art lighting solutions.

trilux main product

Sustainability and Revenue

The organization upholds environmental protection, resource conservation, and the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as fundamental principles. It is dedicated to the preservation of the environment and the preservation of climate stability.

Trilux, a multinational corporation with thirty locations, earned €656 million in revenue in 2019.


Xicato  logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Xicato is an industry leader in providing the lighting sector with LED modules, intelligent controllers, and control software. Established in 2007, the organization is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States of America.

xicato website

As of July 2018, Amir Zoufonoun has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Xicato. The objective of Xicato is to develop LED modules that surpass existing illumination benchmarks in terms of cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, and durability.

Products and Innovations

The company provides control software, LED modules, and intelligent controls for a variety of applications, including architectural lighting, general lighting, and professional lighting. Superior-quality, low-energy illumination is offered by Xicato’s cutting-edge lighting solutions.

xicato main product

The financial records of the company are not available to the public.


Megaman logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Megaman Lighting exemplifies sustainability and innovation through its energy-efficient and environmentally favorable solutions. Due to its unwavering dedication to excellence and environmental consciousness since its inception in 1994, Megaman has emerged as a global leader in the lighting sector.

megaman website

Megaman Lighting’s success is largely attributable to its commitment to R&D. Its innovative LED lighting products, which consistently redefine efficiency, performance, and environmental impact, set a new standard in the industry. Through ongoing investments in state-of-the-art technology at its global network of research and development laboratories, Megaman maintains a leading position in the lighting industry.

Company’s Mission

Megaman Lighting is guided by the following mission statement: “To establish itself as the preeminent global provider of energy-efficient lighting solutions, with an unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable progress.” It is an assertion of immense strength. This mission statement serves as the foundation for the entire organization, including development, production, advertising, and customer service.

Products and Innovations

With an extensive selection of energy-efficient solutions, Megaman Illumination has you covered in the realms of residential, commercial, and industrial illumination. This company offers an assortment of products that incorporate this technology, including LED downlights, LED tubes, and LED lamps, among others.

megaman main product

LED lights from Megaman Lighting are favored by both commercial and residential establishments due to their extended operational life, minimal energy usage, and exceptional performance.

LED tubes from Megaman Lighting have the capability to directly substitute fluorescent tubes, leading to substantial energy conservation and extended operational longevity. LED downlights from Megaman Lighting are specifically engineered for can lighting installations and deliver visually impressive illumination while consuming minimal power.

In addition, Megaman Lighting provides an extensive range of commercial lighting solutions, such as strip lights, high-bay lights, and panel lights, to accommodate the diverse requirements of various commercial spaces.

Thorn Lighting

Thorn Lighting logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Thorn Lighting is widely acknowledged as a pioneering force in the lighting sector, renowned for its exceptional merchandise and steadfast dedication to excellence.

thorn lighting website

Thorn, established in 1928 by Sir Jules Thorn and headquartered in London, England, has emerged as a prominent player in the global lighting industry due to its unwavering dedication to excellence and fervor for developing remarkable lighting solutions that enhance the quality of life and surroundings for individuals.

Thorn Lighting has a track record of introducing ground-breaking products and developing cutting-edge lighting technologies. For several decades, Thorn has been a leader in lighting innovation, starting from its initial forays into fluorescent lighting and continuing to its current position of supremacy in LED technology.

Products, Innovations, and Sustainability

The extensive product catalog of Thorn Lighting satisfies the requirements of clients in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. A diverse range of lighting technologies is incorporated into their products, encompassing emergency lighting, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, and lighting controls.

thorn main product

As a market leader in LED lighting, Thorn Lighting provides an extensive selection of efficient and high-quality LED products, such as streetlights, lamps, panel lights, and downlights. As a market leader in fluorescent lighting solutions, Thorn Lighting maintains an extensive stock of cost-effective, high-quality products.

 As an internationally renowned authority on emergency lighting, Thorn Lighting offers an extensive selection of products that all meet or surpass the required safety standards. Additionally, the company provides an assortment of lighting controls—including occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and dimming controllers—to aid clients in the more efficient management of their lighting systems with regard to energy efficiency and comfort.


Cree logo - one of the top led manufacturers worldwide

Historical Background

Cree, founded in 1987 and headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, United States, offers an extensive variety of LED products and solutions to suit a variety of applications. The organization possesses an extensive assortment of application-optimized LED components and circuits, in addition to delivering technology of the highest caliber.

Cree LED company image

Products and Innovations

LED lamps produced by Cree with high efficiency include XLamp® LEDs, which are designed for general and specialized illumination; The J Series® of light emitting diodes, which offer exceptional value across an extensive range of applications, including those that necessitate specialized illumination; High-brightness surface-mount (SMD) and through-hole (SMD) LEDs designed for use in niche illumination and displays; Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Chips, which are InGaN-based LED chips in blue and green, designed for both general and special purpose applications.

Cree LED product catalog

Cree has been a pioneer in the LED illumination revolution, manufacturing billions of LEDs of the highest quality for virtually every application imaginable. Scalable architectures employed in the organization’s products enable the “drop-in” functionality of design updates. Possessing more than 4000 LED patents, Cree LED is the industry’s most innovative and dominant brand.

Mission and Revenue

Akin to Cree, the organization’s mission is to “constantly pursue disruptive technologies that revolutionize industries”. The organization has achieved a dominant position in the power-switching devices and silicon carbide technology sectors due to its unwavering commitment to technological progress.

For its fiscal year that concluded on June 30, 2019, Cree disclosed a revenue of $2.3 billion.

Acuity Brands Lighting

Acuity Brands Lightning

Historical Background

Acuity Brands Lighting is a lighting and building management company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It holds the most substantial portion of the lighting market in North America.

Acuity brand lighting website

Acuity Brands Lighting, established in 1892, has consistently maintained a leading position within the lighting industry. With the current CEO Neil Ashe, the organization spearheaded the advancement of state-of-the-art lighting technology and unveiled revolutionary products that brought about a complete revolution in the market.

Products and Innovations

Acuity Brands illumination offers an extensive selection of products to fulfill the illumination requirements of commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Their products incorporate an extensive variety of illumination technologies, such as HID lamps, fluorescent bulbs, and LEDs. Acuity Brands’ lighting products are specifically engineered to optimize productivity, safety, and comfort across residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Acuity brands lighting main product

Some popular Acuity Brands lighting products include:

  • WF6 Wafer 6 in. Black Integrated LED Selectable Color Temperature New Construction and/or Remodel Recessed Downlight Kit: This is a popular recessed downlight kit that features selectable color temperature and is suitable for new construction and remodel applications.
  • 6 in. Selectable New Construction or Remodel IC Rated Recessed Integrated LED Kit: This is another popular recessed lighting kit that features selectable color temperature and is suitable for new construction or remodel applications.
  • Contractor Select Basics Series 4 in. 3000K Soft White Integrated 600 Lumen LED Recessed Downlight: This is a popular LED recessed downlight that is suitable for a variety of applications.

In addition to horticultural lighting and UV disinfection systems, Acuity Brands provides an extensive range of lighting alternatives suitable for residential, commercial, and public safety applications.


With the intention of enhancing environments that facilitate gatherings, learning, living, and working, Acuity Brands provides an extensive selection of illumination and control solutions that are intelligent, inspiring, and environmentally sustainable. The organization has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability through its achievement of carbon neutrality.

The entire Mark Lighting division of Acuity Brands is committed to eco-friendly production. The company prioritizes energy efficiency due to its potential for cost reduction and environmental advantages.


During the 2018 fiscal year, the company, which provides building management and lighting solutions, generated net sales of $3.7 billion. Over the course of its existence, Acuity Brands has acquired a number of companies, including Healthcare Lighting, Horizon Control, ByteLight, Renaissance Lighting, Winona Lighting, and Sunoptics.

The revenue of Acuity Brands Lighting experienced a 15.75 percent increase from the previous year to $4.006 billion in the most recent fiscal year, 2022. Acuity Brands Lighting derives revenue from the global distribution of lighting systems, products, and services to professionals and consumers.

The lighting market success of the company can be attributed to its commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

Kichler lighting

Kichler lighting

Historical Background

Kichler Lighting, an established brand with a history dating back to 1938, is widely recognized for its expertise in outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, and residential and commercial lighting.

kichler lighting website

Vijay Shankar is the current chief executive officer of the organization. In the year preceding its acquisition by Masco Corp., Kichler Lighting produced a revenue of $450 million. Kichler maintains its independent operations with a dedicated workforce despite being acquired by Masco for that specific objective.

Products and Innovations

Kichler Lighting provides an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor lighting products, including but not limited to chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling lights.

kichler lighting main product

The organization offers an extensive selection of illumination alternatives to accommodate a variety of interior design aesthetics.

The following products are included in the Kichler Lighting Catalog: Outdoor Kichler options include landscape lighting, outdoor lanterns, deck and step lighting, outdoor ceiling fans, wall lights, chandeliers, pendants, post lights, and pathway lighting; and indoor and outdoor Kichler light fixtures include those for hallways, outdoor areas, bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and living rooms; and Kichler accessories, bulbs, and more, which includes a variety of bulbs, fan accessories, and other lighting-related products.

Lighting New York and Lowe’s are merely two of the numerous retailers that carry the products of Kichler Lighting. The organization is widely recognized for manufacturing an extensive assortment of fashionable lighting alternatives that cater to a diverse range of interior design requirements and personal tastes.



Historical Background

ERCO is the foremost authority on energy-efficient LED building illumination worldwide. The family-owned business headquartered in Lüdenscheid, Germany, is a major player on a global scale, with partner organizations and autonomous sales in approximately 55 countries.

erco website

 ERCO, which was founded in 1934, dominated the European architectural lighting market during the 1960s.

Products, Innovations, and Sustainability

At this time, it stands as the sole recognized manufacturer of luminaires that exclusively utilizes LED technology. The ERCO Greenology® sustainable illumination strategy integrates state-of-the-art engineering with environmental consciousness.

erco main product

In order to facilitate the advancement of LED technology and transform it into instruments for sustainable illumination, an estimated one thousand diligent and driven professionals from around the world are employed by ERCO.

ERCO provides a diverse range of luminaires that are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings, including public and commercial environments such as museums, art galleries, offices, and public structures.

The organization has established a favorable standing by delivering inventive LED lighting alternatives that are not only of superior quality but also ecologically sustainable.


logo luceco

Historical Background

Luceco plc, a manufacturing firm worth £170 million, is the owner of the global lighting brand Luceco located in London, England which provides LED luminaires that are high-efficiency and energy-saving to customers in the trade.

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This LED manufacturing company was established in 2013 and currently led by Lorentz Jiang Jiulong, the Chief Executive Officer.

Products and Innovations

The LED lighting products manufactured by this company are recognized for their excellent quality and high efficiency.

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These products are used in both residential and commercial settings. Despite the fact that Luceco operates in Germany and Mexico, its LED lighting solutions are conceptualized and produced in the United Kingdom.



Historical Background

Lumileds, a global leader in LED lighting solutions, has been illuminating the path of innovation and quality in the lighting industry for years. Originally a division of Philips, Lumileds became an independent company, focusing on high-performance LED lighting components. The company’s journey began with a mission to transform the lighting industry through high-quality, sustainable LED technology, making significant strides in the automotive, mobile, IoT, and general illumination markets.

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Products and Innovations

Lumileds is renowned for its pioneering advancements in LED technology, offering a broad spectrum of lighting solutions that enhance visibility, safety, and the overall user experience. Their product range includes high-efficiency LEDs that serve a variety of applications, from automotive lighting to smart home solutions. Lumileds’ commitment to innovation is evident in their development of energy-efficient, durable lighting products that cater to the evolving needs of their global clientele.

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Sustainability and Revenue

Dedicated to sustainability, Lumileds emphasizes the production of energy-efficient lighting solutions that contribute to environmental conservation while meeting the highest standards of performance and reliability. This commitment not only positions Lumileds as a responsible leader in the lighting industry but also aligns with the growing demand for green technologies. Despite the competitive market, Lumileds continues to thrive, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in its financial growth and product development strategies.


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Historical Background

Founded in 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, Dialight has grown to become the global leader in LED industrial lighting technology, boasting millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide.
The company’s journey began with the production of instrument panel lights for aircraft, marking its early commitment to innovation and quality. With over 50 years of experience in industrial LED lighting and a dedication to enhancing safety, productivity, and sustainability in heavy industries, Dialight continues to lead the market.

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Products, Innovations, and Sustainability

Dialight is renowned for its leadership in industrial LED lighting solutions, offering a wide range of products designed for the most demanding environments. Their products typically feature cutting-edge technology, including advanced optics for superior light distribution, robust construction for longevity in harsh conditions, and energy-saving capabilities that significantly reduce operational costs.

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Dialight’s commitment to innovation is evident in its development of smart lighting solutions that enhance safety and productivity across various industries, including hazardous locations, transportation, and infrastructure.

With a focus on sustainability, Dialight’s LED solutions not only meet but exceed environmental and energy efficiency standards, making them a preferred choice for businesses looking to minimize their ecological footprint while optimizing their lighting systems.

Samsung LED

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Historical Background

For years, Samsung LED has stood as a global leader in lighting technology, revolutionizing the way we illuminate our environments with its cutting-edge innovations. The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence in lighting solutions has set new standards in the industry.

Samsung LED’s extensive portfolio of lighting products showcases its commitment to innovation. With a focus on advanced LED technology, the company has introduced groundbreaking products known for their superior performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. These qualities make Samsung LED lights a top choice for various applications, offering both economic and environmental benefits.

Products and Innovations

Samsung LED website homepage highlighting their innovative LED lighting solutions

Samsung LED’s product lineup caters to the diverse needs of the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Their offerings include a wide range of LED solutions designed to deliver optimal illumination. From high-performance industrial lighting to sophisticated residential fixtures, Samsung LED provides premium lighting options for all environments.


Samsung LED is deeply committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices throughout its operations. The company aims to minimize its environmental impact by utilizing recycled materials, reducing energy consumption, and promoting green manufacturing processes. With a dedication to developing sustainable lighting solutions, Samsung LED ensures its products are both innovative and environmentally responsible. Many of its products are ENERGY STAR® certified, reflecting this commitment.

By continuously driving innovation and adhering to high standards of quality and sustainability, Samsung LED contributes to a brighter, more sustainable global environment.

Market Presence

Samsung LED has established a strong global presence, serving customers in numerous countries worldwide. Its extensive international network ensures the delivery of cutting-edge lighting technology and expert guidance to clients. Samsung LED leverages its global reach to foster collaborations and drive the development of state-of-the-art lighting solutions on an international scale.

Dedicated to maintaining its leadership in the lighting industry, Samsung LED focuses on the design, manufacture, and distribution of top-tier products. This unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that Samsung LED’s products are consistently reliable, durable, and highly efficient.


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Historical Background

Founded in 2002, Bridgelux has been a pioneer in the LED lighting industry, providing advanced lighting solutions that enhance human experiences. The company’s innovative approach has revolutionized lighting technology, influencing how we illuminate our spaces.

Bridgelux‘s dedication to innovation is reflected in its extensive range of LED products, which offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. Their LEDs are designed to deliver optimal lighting for various applications, making them a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

Products and Innovations

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Bridgelux offers a comprehensive portfolio of lighting solutions tailored to meet the needs of industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Their products include high-performance LED arrays, chip-on-board (COB) technology, and innovative smart lighting solutions. Bridgelux lighting systems are engineered to provide excellent color quality, reliability, and energy efficiency, ensuring superior illumination for any environment.


Committed to environmental stewardship, Bridgelux integrates eco-friendly practices throughout its operations. They focus on reducing energy consumption, utilizing recycled materials, and promoting sustainable manufacturing processes. Bridgelux’s products are designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable future. Many of their products meet stringent ENERGY STAR® standards, underscoring their commitment to sustainability.

Market Presence

With a global presence, Bridgelux serves customers in over 50 countries, providing innovative lighting solutions that meet diverse market needs. Their extensive network ensures access to cutting-edge technology and expert support worldwide. Bridgelux collaborates with partners and clients internationally to drive innovation and develop state-of-the-art lighting solutions. The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability positions Bridgelux as a leader in the global lighting industry, committed to delivering exceptional value and performance.


A limited number of manufacturers distinguish themselves in the vibrant realm of LED lighting, shaping the trajectory of the industry through their innovative creations and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.

However, Vorlane is unique among these pioneers through its unwavering commitment to sustainability, unrelenting pursuit of excellence, and fervor for creating lighting solutions that enhance the lives of individuals and their environments.

Vorlane LED lighting solutions have gained worldwide recognition for outstanding efficiency, long-lasting nature, powerful capabilities, and diverse aesthetics, thereby illuminating the environment to an unprecedented degree.

At Vorlane, we are distinguished from our competitors by attributes that extend beyond technological capabilities. Our company’s leadership position in the LED lighting industry can be attributed to its steadfast dedication to quality, customer-centric approach, and inherent environmental consciousness.

With a steadfast commitment to propelling LED technology forward and crafting inventive lighting solutions, Vorlane is exceptionally positioned to effectuate a constructive transformation within the realm of lighting.

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