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Vorlane’s LED strip lights and services have assisted people to work safer, be more energy-efficient, and cut pollution since our founding more than 7 years ago. We thrive on producing high-quality LED lights including COB LED strip lights and SMD LED strip lights; and tailored solutions for OEM/ODM services. 

COB LED strip lights are ideal for solving halo and heat transfer, improving luminance, and getting more flexible. That’s why we’re investing more R&D resources in developing COB LED strip lights. All of our LED strip lights are designed to meet strict requirements and help our clients grow their business. Vorlane’s philosophy remains: being near the end users provides unparalleled advantages, making us the best partner.

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Better prices. Better products.

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Self-Own Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.

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Geographical advantages of the factory

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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High productivity

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

LED Strip Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

We offer a wide choice of quality LED light strips from China that can be used indoors as well as outdoors as a reliable LED strip lights manufacturer serving B2B customers. The trendy designs of our LED strip lights coupled with water-proof unique designs, make our LED lights perfect for indoor and outdoor projects. You can rely on Vorlane to get custom IP65 rating LED strip lights in bulk to meet a wider range of market needs and expand your market share.

colored LED strip lights

Customized LED Strip Lights

Our LED strip lights of customizable, sustainable, and intelligent lighting solutions allows you to broaden the design flexibility.

Customize LED strip lights


The LED can be used to create stylish accents on the room’s key features.


LED Driver

SMD or DOB at your choice.



Customizable 3~30W.


Beam Angle

30~180 degrees according to the application.



Giving out the right flux for every application, whether indoors or outdoors.



0-10V dimmer


Length & Size

Customizable to fit your target market.


Smart Control

Wifi & bluetooth compatible

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    LED Strip Lighting Factory By Your Side

    LED Strip Lights Designed for Your OEM/ODM Needs

    Based on our significant LED knowledge, we can make any type of LED strip lights you require for your application. Our core is characterized by creativity, deep engineering skills, and the ability to supply worldwide industrial capacity in LED lighting technologies.

    Using our in-house research and development team and tooling department, we can design COB and SMD LED strip lights fully meeting the requirement of the manufacturing specification and at a well-controlled cost.

    commercial LED strip light applications
    In House LED Strip Lighting Manufacturing

    In-House LED Strip Lighting Manufacturing

    Our in-house manufacturing facility consists of a highly-qualified team focused on producing industry standard LED strip lights. To ensure that our high standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process, our facility has dedicated workshops equipped with the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment and certified testing tools. 

    You can count on Vorlane to have a reliable supply of high-quality flexible LED strip lights and a short lead time.

    Quality LED Strip Lights, Always

    Flawless Appearance

    We inspect LED strip lights to ensure they are compliant with the designed appearance that will keep your customers purchasing only from your business.

    Stable Functionality

    Thanks to our checking for defects on our LED strip lights, we guarantee that our LED strip lights are featured with stable functionality.

    Proper Assembly and Packaging

    Perfect assembly and packaging to avoid any damages.

    LED Strip Light Application

    Structural engineers and lighting designers are now using LED strip lights for cove illumination, hotel rooms, kitchens, lobby areas, public places, arc lighting, landscape and garden lighting, and many other applications. Vorlane specializes in offering LED strip lights for applications such as:

    Residential Lighting

    We provide LED lights that may be easily installed for more convenience in homes, in addition to an appealing design.

    Commercial Lighting

    Vorlane recognizes the importance of good lighting in the workplace. Our LED strip lights feature a custom lumen for different lighting needs.

    Industrial Lighting

    Vorlane’s industrial LED lights are specifically developed and manufactured to increase productivity.

    Hotel Lighting

    We deliver durable LED strip lights to any hotel at low pricing with an optimized approach.

    Types of LED Strip Lights

    Owing to their extensive usage and popularity, a variety of LED strip lights are available in the market. Below are a few of them.

    Outdoor LED Strip Lights

    The LED strip lights include more than 200 bright LEDs making them suitable for outdoor use. Our outdoor LED strip lights factory is capable of manufacturing waterproof, high quality, and durable lights in a jiff for urgent orders.

    Smart LED Strip Lights

    The smart LED strip lights ideas can be used to connect to smart devices, allowing users to manage or automate various types of lighting, create new lighting settings from their smartphone, and employ voice assistants.

    RGB LED Strip Lights

    RGB LED Lights are color-changing strips that can be used to create any shade of any color. Vorlane’s RGB LED strip lights factory specializes in producing energy-saving quality lights for every application.

    Dimmable LED Strip Lights

    Vorlane is the leading dimmable LED strip lights supplier that facilitates the lighting to be dimmed or brightened according to the setting.

    Advantages of LED Strip Lighting

    LED lights have various advantages. With the development of LED technology and the increasing demand for LED strip lights in the market, you will never regret getting into the LED lighting business.

    Factors to Consider When Buying LED Strip Lights

    Confused about how to go forward while importing LED strip lights? Take a look at the below things that you need to consider while buying LED strip lights.

    Quality: Quality is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing LED strip lights because they will determine the efficiency and lifespan of your lighting application. Our mission as a dependable LED light supplier is to produce the best LEDs and industrial equipment to fulfill our clients’ different needs.

    Certification: Certification will ensure that your LED lights are manufactured according to industry standards. Vorlane has always adopted efficient and tight quality in its goods, practices, and methods, and has met or even exceeded ISO criteria by promoting healthy competition in the manufacturing industry.

    Cost-effective: Cost-effective does not always mean that you buy cheap LED lights and compromise on the quality. Vorlane offers economic solutions to LED lighting while focusing on the quality standards that it is generally well-known for. 

    Delivery: Fast turnaround time will allow you to set up the lighting of your dreams quicker. Vorlane has retained its position as China’s leading manufacturer of LED lights by maintaining a global distribution network.

    Why Work with Vorlane

    For LED light brands

    Vorlane offers a wide range of LED light solutions that can be customized. You can work with our team to dive into your local market, and our experts will guide you to figure out the best styles and functions to build up your brand. With our strong design and manufacturing capabilities backing up, Vorlane is your reliable LED lights supplier to set you apart from the competition.

    For Wholesalers

    Vorlane provides the best competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our large LED strip lighting factory in China is able to produce large orders in minimum time with our skilled artisans being trained to manufacture using the latest technologies.

    For commercial contractors

    Vorlane is dedicated to producing the most reliable and safe COB and SMD LED lights as an experienced LED strip light manufacturer. For the roughest and most demanding commercial applications, Vorlane’s valve product selection allows our customers to select the optimal design, mounting options, brightness, and color.

    For residential contractors

    Vorlane’s capabilities, which include R&D, manufacturing, a complete machining facility, designing, as well as sufficient stock LED lights, allow us to have complete control over all areas of the manufacturing process, even for the most difficult housing projects.

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