RGB LED Strip Light VS RGBW LED Strip Light: What’s The Difference?

LED strip lights are now being used for more than just lighting up Christmas trees and Halloween costumes. They have become a popular way to add color and excitement to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. But there are two main types of LED strip lights: RGB LED strip lights and RGBW LED strip lights. So what’s the difference? And which one is better? RGB LED strip lights and RGBW LED strip lights are great for adding color and light to the living space, but there are some key differences between the two types of strip lights. In this article, we will discuss RGB vs. RGBW LED strip lights.

What Is RGB LED Strip Light?

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In this section, we will discuss what is the RGB led strip light or what does RGB led strip mean? The RGB LED strip light is an LED lighting product that uses RGB LEDs to produce various colors. The term “RGB” stands for red, green, and blue, which are the three colors that make up all the other colors on the spectrum. An RGB LED strip light can be used to create nearly any color imaginable by controlling the amount of power delivered to each individual LED. Flexible RGB LED strips are often used to create colorful light displays in buildings, cars, and Christmas trees.

RGB LED strip lights consist of three basic components: a power supply, an RGB controller, and the LEDs themselves. The power supply sends power to the RGB controller, sending power to the LEDs. The RGB controller is responsible for controlling the color of the LEDs. It receives instructions from a computer or other device and then sends them to the LEDs. The RGB LEDs themselves are just like any other type of LED. They are made up of semiconductor materials that emit light when an electric current passes through them. The difference is that RGB LEDs can emit multiple light colors, depending on how they are manufactured.

Functions of an RGB LED strip light are using the same principles. RGB LED strip lights can adjust each light strip’s brightness and color by using the RGB Controller for LEDs. It is also possible to create white light using RGB lights with LEDs. Turn all three LEDs to the maximum power to produce white light. But the white light produced by this method may have some tint or hue. RGB LED lights can create a variety of colors, but they have certain limitations. For instance, they aren’t able to produce the colors brown and light pink.

What Is RGBW LED Strip Light?

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After the long discussion on RGB LED strip lights, now it’s time to look at what is RGBW LED strip light? As the name suggests, RGBW LED strip lights have an extra “W” for white. As a result, they can produce brighter whites and more colors than RGB LED strip lights. If anyone wants a more colorful light display with cleaner whites, then RGBW LED strip lights are the way to go. RGBW LED strips are perfect for use in a wide variety of applications. It can be used for general residential lighting, accent lighting, or task lighting. Additionally, it is great for use in signage, displays, and other creative applications.

RGBW LED strips are the perfect way to light up any dark space. The strip can create more colors and provide better light distribution by adding a white LED to the traditional RGB LED. The RGBW LED strip consists of four parts: the controller, the power supply, the RGBW LED strip, and the remote control. The controller is what sends instructions to the other three parts and tells them what color to produce. The power supply provides power to both the controller and the LED strip, and the remote control allows users to change colors and brightness without getting up close to the strip.

The remote control is used to change the colors and patterns of the strip. The most important part of any lighting system is its ability to create a focal point. RGBW LED strips need to be that focal point if they are bright enough to catch attention. That’s why we recommend choosing a high-powered and dimmable model. The low-voltage models can easily be installed without an electrician, making them perfect for DIY projects. RGBW LED strip lights are more efficient because they produce more light per watt. 

RGB vs. RGBW: Which Is The Best?

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Here we will discuss RGBW vs RGB CCT based on the following features:

  • Light Color: RGB LED strip lights are Red, Green, and Blue, the three primary colors, whereas RGBW LED strip lights consist of Red, Green, Blue, and white colors. The white chip isn’t just added to one white color but can be mixed with the other three colors to give more accurate and vivid shades.
  • Color Rendering Index: RGBW offers higher CRI, so RGBW LEDs can accurately reflect an object’s original hue more clearly. This means better quality of color reproduction when using RGBW.
  • Full Spectrum: RGBW LEDs have added one white shade that can show more types and precise colors to create full-color lighting.
  • The Application: RGB strips are typically used for light projects with no particular needs. RGBW can achieve more types of color mixing and have greater color reproducibility. RGBW light bulbs are ideal for more complex and offer more accurate lighting environments, such as hotels and shopping malls.
  • Brightness: RGBW is an extension of RGB, which is achieved by adding white pixels to make RGBW 4 color pixels. RGBW is more bright than RGB with more light transmission and consumes less power.
  • Price: The RGBW LED strip offers more applications due to a white chip’s inclusion and complex manufacturing process; thus, RGBW LED strips are more expensive than RGB lights.


After learning about RGB and RGBW LED strip lights, which is the better choice? remains unanswered. Here is the answer. It all depends on the particular application. If anyone is looking for basic RGB colors but not the requirement for pure white light, an ordinary RGB LED strip will be more efficient, effective, cost-effective, and efficient. If, however, anyone seeking a white light and an assortment of RGB lights, then RGBW is the best option. For more information on LED strips or want to buy high-quality LED lights, contact us.

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