Top 10 LED Panel Light Brands [2024 Updated]

Looking for the best LED panel light brands? With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect brand for your needs.

To help narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 LED panel light brands that offer reliable and energy-efficient products.

So read on to see which LED panel light brands made the cut!

Company NameEstablishment DateLocation
Cree Lighting1982Wisconsin, USA
Vorlane2014Guangdong, China
Philips Lighting1891Eindhoven, Netherlands
Acuity Brands1892Atlanta, USA
Delta Light1989Moorsele, Belgium
Soraa2013California, USA
Wipro Lighting1992Maharashtra, India
National LEDn/aTexas, USA
Zumtobel1950Dornbirn, Austria
Lumileds Lighting1914Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
Lithonia Lighting1949Conyers, Georgia, USA

Cree Lighting

Cree Lighting is a company that has been innovating and refining its products for the last two decades. They specialize in LED lights, which allow them to create high-quality industrial designs with an intuitive control scheme so you can always get your desired look no matter what type of project it may be.

It is committed to making all of the communities a better place. They don’t just want your lighting system or streetlight – what matters most is how it helps you grow and succeed as an organization with the expertise necessary for this work.

The company is an industry-leading US-based manufacturer with nearly 40 years of lighting experience. They have over 100 million LEDs installed across their global operations and are recognized for being environmentally conscious, having achieved both ISO 14001 certification as well as 50001 Ready status within the last few years alone.

City and Country: Wisconsin, USA

Established Date: 1982

Key Products: Residential Lighting, Outdoor lighting

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 2

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 3

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 4


Overall, Cree Lighting is a reliable LED panel light brand that produces quality products with an intuitive control scheme. So you can always get the desired look for your project no matter what type of project it may be. However, their products can be a bit pricey.


Vorlane‘s mission is to provide high-quality LED lighting for all sorts of applications. The original product line focused on residential development but quickly grew into something much more than just homes; it now produces quality lights used by customers across various industries like retail stores and public places alike.

The company has been an innovator in LED lighting since its foundation. With each project, they take on and achieve success with innovative designs that are both beautiful to look at as well functional for their customers’ needs. They incessantly innovate by creating new products.

The company’s long-term supply chain expertise has allowed it to better serve its clients with a focus on end users. They have built close cooperation relationships that span multiple world-famous brands, and they never change their motto, which says being close will bring unbeatable edges as top partners.

City and Country:  Guangdong, China

Established Date: 2014

Key Products: LED Panel Light, LED Par Light

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 5

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 6

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 7


Vorlane is a reliable LED panel light brand that produces quality products at moderate prices. They also have strong supply chain partners and an innovative design team, making them the perfect choice for any kind of project.

Philips Lighting

The world’s most trusted lighting brand, Philips has been in business since 1891. They are known for their innovative technology and high-quality products that improve people’s lives worldwide.

Its brand has a rich history of creating quality lighting products that are still being used today. For over 100 years, they have been one of the world’s leading companies in this industry, and their name is associated with high-end luminaries like never before.

The company’s brand has a wide range of lighting products that can be used in many different settings. These include homes, offices, and industries, as well as streetlights and horticultural fixtures like lamps for gardens.

City and Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Established Date: 1891

Key Products: LED lights, luminaires

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 8

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 9

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 10


Philips Lighting is a good option for businesses looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions. Their products have a good reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. So you can be sure that you will get the best product for your money. However, their products may not be compatible with all types of light fixtures.

Acuity Brands Lighting

Acuity Brands is a leading industrial technology company whose brands are some of the most respected in lighting and intelligent spaces. The Acuities portfolio can be categorized into two groups: traditional products like light bulbs or sockets and another consisting primarily of sembles for home automation equipment such as plugs & dimmers.

They are the world’s problem solvers, and they’re here to make life better. By using their cutting-edge technology they can help bridge gaps in society while making changes for a brighter future ahead of us all.

The company has committed itself to a goal of carbon avoidance by 2030 as it is projected that 2020-2030 sales will replace older technologies in existing buildings. They achieved this through sustainable projects that positively impact communities around the world.

City and Country: Atlanta, USA

Established Date: 1892

Key Products: Lighting

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 11

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brand 12

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 13


Acuity Brands Lighting is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Their products are known to be energy-efficient, and long lasting, making them an ideal choice for any organization looking to reduce electrical costs. However, the company does not offer a wide variety of products, so customers may need to look elsewhere for more specialized lighting solutions.


Delta Light, a company that was founded in 1989 by business manager and designer Paul Ameloot to become the market leader for architectural lighting has continued on with his legacy despite leaving Europe. With innovative designs of elegant ambiance combined seamlessly into functionality or design both inside and outdoors you will find no other like it anywhere else.

Incorporated as a Belgian outlet, they’re known internationally thanks largely to two brothers coming aboard- Peter & Jan, who join their father at head once more, ensuring future success while adding dynamic personality added traction.

It is a lighting company that can provide all your needs for any project. Whether you are looking to do some retail design or plan out an entire building, Its product range has what it takes and will set the tone of each space with style.

Over the years, its growth has been based on in-house design and production. From R&D to quality control testing all the way through stocking shelves countrywide; it is amassed at their headquarters right across Europe.

City and Country: Moorsele, Belgium

Established Date: 1989

Key Products: Track lights, Luminaires

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 14

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 15

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 16


Overall, Delta Light is a great brand for businesses that are looking for quality lighting solutions. Their products offer high levels of performance and reliability, which means that customers can be confident in the company’s products. However, the price point may be too high for some businesses, which could limit their product selection.


Soraa’s revolutionary new technology is the light that will illuminate the world. The proprietary LEDs we manufacture in California offer a truer, more natural color rendering than other lights on today’s market and our team of experts pays close attention to every detail when creating this masterpiece.

The company is passionate about high-quality light. It began its heritage with a line of lamps in 2013 to establish itself as the expert, and now offers all types of lights for any space – from bedrooms or kitchens to dining rooms or living areas.

It supports and conducts research to develop insights into how light impacts well-being, productivity, and emotion. It is conscious of making it look better with its creative designs for spaces that were created using smart daylighting principles in mind – so customers can feel more alive than ever before.

City and Country: California, USA

Established Date: 2013

Key Products: Hospitality lights, Commercial lights

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 17

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 18


Overall, Soraa is a great option for businesses that want to make a statement with their lighting. The company offers some of the best quality lights available, and its products create an atmosphere that customers can enjoy. However, customer service has been known to be somewhat slow in responding to inquiries and complaints.

Wipro Lighting

Wipro Lighting‘s innovative manufacturing units enable it to experiment and introduce new technology in light fixtures. LEDs have redefined the rules for luminaire design, giving them a chance that was never before available – presenting lights from all sorts of angles with exciting forms.

It has a team of highly qualified experts who are well-experienced in their profession. They understand the latest trends and can provide optimum lighting solutions as per requirements.

With a range of innovative solutions to suit customers’ needs, It provides the perfect match for any application. They test their products with cutting-edge technology and continuously update all aspects in order to ensure customers receive only top-quality service.

City and Country: Maharashtra, India

Established Date: 1992

Key Products: Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 19

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 20

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 21


Overall, Wipro Lighting is a great option for businesses that are looking for quality lighting solutions. The company offers reliable and efficient lights, and its products provide long-lasting performance. However, its customer service has been known to be poor, with long wait times for replacements or repairs.

National LED

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, National LED is a cutting-edge company that sets industry standards for others to follow. With its continuing development and production of high-quality LEDs, they have proven itself time after again as one of the leaders within this business sector with innovative project applications.

It is unmatched in the lighting industry with same-day warranty returns, fast shipping of products, and an outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction. Its quality standards far exceed what customers expect which makes them a leader that others are measured against.

It has successfully completed thousands of installations across the country in multiple major cities. They have come this far by taking a value-first approach and providing high-performance, state-of-the-art lighting solutions with industry best practices to their clients at an excellent price point while also saving money.

City and Country: Texas, USA

Established Date: n/a

Key Products: LED sports lighting, LED wall pack

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 22

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 23

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 24


Overall, National LED is an excellent choice for businesses looking for high-quality and long-lasting lighting solutions. The company offers reliable, efficient lights that are designed to provide maximum performance at an affordable price. However, its customer service has been known to be slow in responding to inquiries.


Zumtobel is a world-class lighting company that’s leading the industry with its innovative integral products. The team here strives for excellence in everything they do, from design to installation and beyond.

The brand has been synonymous with innovation, unique products, and service quality since it was founded 60 years ago. The company strives to provide customers with products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve their specific needs. This includes understanding how different lights affect people’s behavior or moods as well.

The design of the lighting system should be human-centered, taking into account how people feel and live their lives. The company takes a holistic view of this subject; tailoring its lights to meet customers’ needs.

City and Country: Dornbirn, Austria

Established Date: 1950

Key Products: LED lights

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 25

Factory Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 26

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 27


Overall, Zumtobel is a great option for customers who are looking for lighting solutions that provide both aesthetic and practical value. Its products are designed to meet specific needs, and its commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry. However, its prices can be slightly more expensive compared to other brands.

Lumileds Lighting

Lumileds is a global lighting solutions company that helps customers around the world deliver differentiated products to gain and maintain an edge in their industry. With more than 100 years of inventions under its belt, Lumiels has proven time after again just how much innovation can be done when you partner up with them – because quality always comes first.

It is the innovator of Xenon technology, a pioneer in halogen lighting, and a leader when it comes to high-performance LEDs. They work hard at building innovation into everything they do; this includes maintaining control over materials process technologies as well as helping customers engineer out the best light possible for their application, which will achieve success.

It is a company that has been providing customers with integrity and excellent service since its inception. It strives to go above and beyond for our clients, offering not only innovative products but also unparalleled expertise in the field of lighting technology so customers can have peace knowing it will be done right every time.

City and Country: Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

Established Date: 1914

Key Products: Automotive lighting, Illumination lighting

Company Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 28

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 29


Overall, Lumileds is a great option for businesses looking for lighting solutions that can offer maximum performance and longevity. The team at Lumileds is highly experienced in the field of innovative lighting products, so customers can trust that their needs will be handled with care. However, one downside is that their products are relatively expensive.

Lithonia Lighting®

Lithonia Lighting®, a cornerstone in the lighting industry for over 75 years, has consistently set the standard for excellence in lighting solutions. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, Lithonia Lighting® offers an extensive portfolio of products designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers, from commercial and industrial to residential and emergency lighting.

Rooted in a tradition of enhancing community and organizational growth, Lithonia Lighting® focuses on delivering lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also contribute to the success and well-being of its users. As the #1 selling brand in North America, Lithonia Lighting® leverages its vast experience and a deep understanding of lighting technology to create products that are both efficient and effective.

City and Country: Conyers, Georgia, USA

Established Date: 1949

Key Products: Commercial indoor and outdoor lighting, Industrial lighting, Residential lighting, Emergency lighting

Company Image:

Flood Light Brand 27

Product Image:

LED Panel Light Brands 31


Lithonia Lighting® stands out as a top choice for those seeking reliable and high-quality lighting solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a broad product range, Lithonia Lighting® ensures that every lighting need is met with the highest standards. While their products represent an investment, the value they offer in terms of durability, performance, and energy savings makes them a wise choice for any lighting project.


So, there you have it – our top 10 LED panel light brands. All of these brands offer great products that will help you save on your energy bill and provide good lighting for your home or office. We hope this list was helpful in narrowing down your choices.

If you need more information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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