LED – The Best Type of Lights Used in Offices

As per recent research, it was found that lighting significantly affects an employee’s level of productivity and mental health to a great extent. Also, lighting plays a big role in changing a person’s mood and focus. With the right lighting, an employee will be able to give his best at work and it will also positively impact his mind and productivity. 

This is why office lighting needs to be one of the first factors to consider when designing an office. In this guide, we will talk about all that one need to know about LED office lights.

LED Office Light

Types Of Office Lighting

These are some of the types of lights used in offices. Choose the one best suited to the requirements and needs.

LED Office Light 2

1. Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent lighting, although the least preferred type of all the other types available, is relatively inexpensive as compared to fluorescent lighting. These types of lights are primarily used in small offices and residential places. This is because incandescent bulbs are not much energy-efficient since they burn at hot temperatures, use more energy, and have a quieter average life.

 A significant advantage of this kind of lighting is that it attains its maximum lumen level more quickly than fluorescent lights. Also, the filament is composed of tungsten, a non-hazardous metal that makes it environmentally less toxic.

2. Fluorescent Office Lights

Fluorescent office lights are preferable to incandescent lighting any day as they last 20 times longer than the latter. Fluorescent lights burn at lesser temperatures and produce better lumen output. However, there are certain flaws with fluorescent/CFL lights. They are more prone to flickering than the other alternatives and are often made of mercury which can be challenging to dispose of without any safety risk. 

Wide-ranging lighting is available from fluorescent ceiling fixtures. T8 and T5 tubes, which are simple to install and replace, are frequently used in office environments. These lights are famous for being more affordable than LEDs and more energy-efficient than incandescent and halogen light bulbs.

3. LED Office Lighting

The full form of LED is a light-emitting diode. A light bulb often burns out because the filament deteriorates over time. However, LEDs do not burn out as conventional bulbs do; instead, they experience “lumen depreciation,” a gradual decline in the amount of light they emit. For various reasons, LED lighting is regarded as the ideal light for any office environment. The longest-lasting workplace lights are LEDs, which may last between 25,000 and 100,000 hours. Make sure to buy one from a leading LED office light manufacturer.

In contrast to fluorescent bulbs, LED lights maintain their exceptional output quality throughout their lifespan. They operate at lower temperatures, making them less prone to shattering from overheating. 

This is another reason why LED lights have a longer lifespan. LED lights have the least wattages and provide a remarkable amount of lumen output. LEDs are an excellent investment since they last longer and consume less energy, even if their initial is higher than the other two alternatives. LEDs are available in a wide range of lighting fixtures ideal for workplace lighting, including LED downlights, LED panel lights, and more. 

Benefits Of LED Lighting In Offices

LED Office Light 3

LEDs provide several advantages over conventional light bulbs. Some of the core benefits of LED lighting in offices are as follows:

1. Durable And Long-Lasting

The lifespan of an LED light or bulb is far longer than that of any of the typical incandescent bulbs. An incandescent light bulb only lasts a thousand hours or less. A standard LED light has a lifespan of nearly 50000 hours.

The lifespan might even reach 1,00,000 hours, depending on how it is used and maintained. This indicates that an LED light can be used for somewhere between six and twelve years before a need for replacement arises. This suggests that LED lights last longer, almost 40 times than incandescent light. Any company can save the maintenance and repair costs by installing LED lights.

2. Energy Saving

Another relevant benefit of LED lights is the energy-efficient feature that makes them so much more reliable than any other alternatives available in the market. How much light a device produces for every watt it consumes can be measured by useful lumens. This is a common way to understand the efficiency of that lighting source as well. 

The overall energy efficiency might increase by as much as 60% to 70%, and in some instances, it might as well increase to 90%. Energy saving is directly related to cost-saving.

3. Environment Friendly

Companies across the globe are slowly adapting techniques that ensure less damage to the environment. This sudden shift is also related to the increased demand for environmentally friendly goods. Customers are getting inclined toward brand that promises eco-friendly products. 

The customer base is becoming more socially aware and is demanding eco-friendly lights. This is why the demand for LED lights has risen dramatically over the years since the production process for LED lights is environmentally friendly. Mercury is used internally while producing 

several conventional lighting sources, including fluorescent lights and mercury vapor lamps.

4. Ability To Function At Cold Temperatures

Cold weather is not likely a favorable situation for conventional lighting sources. Lighting sources, especially fluorescent lights, require a greater voltage to start and lose some of their brightness when the temperature falls. 

On the other hand, LED lights perform relatively better than the best, nearly 5% better when the temperature drops. This is why LEDs are often found in freezers, cold storage, refrigerators, etc. They are also widely used in parking lots, outdoor signs, etc., because of their efficiency in cold weather conditions.

5. Instant Lighting And Dimming Capacity

LED lighting is the best option for office environments as lights must be lit instantly. LED lights provide instantaneous on-off capabilities, unlike other lighting sources like metal halide lamps and fluorescent lights. Also, traditional light sources do not last long if turned on and off often. Frequent switching has no damaging effect on LED lights. Their longevity or efficiency are not affected in any way.

LEDs operate effectively at any percentage of power, whether 5% or 100%. When dimmed, some traditional lighting sources, including metal halide, operate less effectively. It is also not possible to dim these lights. For LED lights, the reverse is true. An LED light works more effectively when it receives less power than it requires. Other advantages follow from this characteristic. It lengthens the bulb’s lifespan since less energy is getting consumed, lowering the cost of energy.

6. No UV Or Heat Emission

We all know how hot an incandescent light bulb gets and remains heated even after several minutes of being switched off. Because of this, more than 90% of the energy used by many conventional light sources gets converted into heat, and only 10% of the total energy gets converted into actual light.

LED lights, in turn, have no such backdrops. The total electrical energy is converted into visible light, and no heat is produced. This is why LEDs are so vastly used in medical treatments. LEDs can be designed in several ways and used in small devices, making them a perfect technology for treating specific illnesses. Also, since there is no UV ray emission, LED lights do not get damaged easily and are safer to use.

Type Of LED Lights For Office Lighting

Round LED Office Light

1. Flat Panel LED Light Fixtures

flat panel LED light fixtures

LED flat panel ceiling lights are high-performing alternatives that include traditional styled lighting fixtures concealed under ceiling panels to illuminate the whole office without any visible light fittings. Flat Panel LED Light Fixtures are pretty flexible to install as they come in around three available sizes. 

There are two types of flat panel LED light fixtures:

  • Edge-lit panels: these flat panel LED office lights have a thinner shape, but they are more expensive and consume more power than other kinds of LED office lighting.
  • Back-lit panels: These LEDs are usually installed behind the frame rather than along the edge to illuminate directly through the diffuser. Edge-lit panels are more costly than back-lit panels. Hence back-lit panels are more commonly used.

2. Suspended Office Lights

suspended LED lighting fixtures

Any lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling and containing LED bulbs (often tube lights) is called suspended LED lighting. Since higher ceilings have more optimal designs, these types of lights are often used for lower to medium levels of ceiling heights (less than 30-40 ft). LED lights suspended from ceilings are great lighting fixtures that can be customized to illuminate almost any area.

 In other words, they may be suspended from practically any ceiling and are pretty easy to install. These LED lights provide a diffused light that is aesthetically pleasing and visible. Because of this, suspended LED fixtures are an excellent choice for places like offices or stores. These lighting fixtures are available in various sizes, styles, and wattages.

3. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

recessed lighting fixtures

The kind of lighting fixture inserted into the ceiling or wall is called a recessed light, often known as a downlight or a can light. It is installed so that it sits flat with the ceiling to create a polished and elegant design. The bulb seems to light from within the hole while the housing and electrical wiring are concealed in the ceiling.

4. LED Office Wall Lights

LED office wall lights

Wall lights are intelligent devices that illuminate the space and add decorations to the wall. These lights became popular over the past few years as these LED office wall lights give the entire area a contemporary look. 

These lights can convert more than 70% of the energy given to them into power. This makes it more eco-friendly, long-lasting, cost-efficient, and can work on low voltage. While other traditional bulk lighting sources, such as CFL and halogen ones, convert energy first into heat and then into the light.

How To Choose The Right LED Lights For Office Lighting

Switching to LED lights can be the best decision any business can make. Not only will good lighting enhance the overall appearance of the space, but it will also lighten the moods of anybody working alongside. However, before opting for LED lights, one should always make sure of the given points below.

LED Office Light 4

1. Temperature

The temperature of the lights is an essential factor when it comes to what setting is desired in that office. For example, offices have complete shiny white lights installed to keep the employees awake and motivated. White yellow, and dull lights initiate a relaxed environment, suitable for restaurants and boutiques. So, the temperature of the light is something to be kept in mind before installing LED lights for offices.

2. Brightness

It is essential to check the brightness of the lights that are getting installed. Too bright lights can strain the eyes and would instead decrease the employees’ productivity in a workspace. To check the brightness of the lights, one should check the lumens and the watts. Lumens are often used to express how bright a light is; however, watts can also impact the brightness. The number of lights being installed and the overall size of the lights also play a crucial role. It is generally recommended that workplaces have at least 500 Lumens per square meter of lighting. In general, a 9W bulb would be adequate for office requirements.

3. Energy Conservation

LED, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs)., and halogen incandescent are some of the best energy-efficient light bulbs worth using. Installing motion-sensored lighting in frequently used spaces, such as basements, restrooms, and supply closets, is another good way to conserve energy. By preventing lights from being left on while no one is in the room, setting lights on a timer can help save money. Additionally, putting dimmers enables the lights to lower when less brightness is needed for the task.

4. Health Of The Employees

Sharp lights, as well as lights that emit UV rays, can be very harmful to people. Lights that are too bright can even cause migraines and headaches. Lights have a substantial impact on a person’s sleep cycles as well. The health of the workforce may also benefit from LED lighting. Office administration should keep this in account to not over-install lights and install lights that can be dimmed according to the days, nights, and seasons. 

Many fascinating studies show how the environment impacts a brain’s capacity for perception and productivity. People can be more imaginative and come up with more unique ideas in a good light setting. When it comes to creativity, being well-rested, enthusiastic, and awake are the key factors, and the correct lighting may help one achieve these emotions. 

However, poor lighting might strain the eyes and leave one feeling sleepy and exhausted. The extra mental effort required to fill the spaces might wear one out and limit one’s capacity for creativity and productivity.

Five Best LED Office Lights 

Custom lighting and smart lighting options in one’s office space help increase employee productivity and also reduce eye strains. Below we list some of the best LED office light options for one to choose the best one available.

LED Office Light 5
  • Philips Hue White LED 

The Philips Hue lighting is one of the best available options and is a great alternative integrated with the Internet of Things, as compared to the standard bulbs. They have great flexibility and impart soft light to help increase employee productivity. The smart and connected bulbs allow office owners to take advantage of the lighting spectrums. 

Additionally, they also help tailor light levels based on the preferences of brightness levels. The Philips Hue lights are available in kits that have everything required for the office space. The brightness level can be increased in the morning, and can be dimmed down after the workday. 

  • Wyze Bulbs

These bulbs are cost-effective solutions both in the terms of energy consumption and upright cost. The Wyze bulbs available in the market are affordable choices and are a product of 800 lumens. Irrespective of if one is looking for crisp white lights in their office or for some warm tone options, the bulbs available are a great choice. They are available in a temperature range of 2,700k – 6,500k. 

They are available in white colors, and offer several features for easy usage along with greater results. The bulbs have an accompanying mobile app with the help of which the user can set timers to turn on and off the lights. 

  • Vorlane I-Jane Light
I Jane light

Your search for thin panel lights for your workspace ends with I-Jans lights from Vorlane. These lights impart a great level of brightness whenever installed and can easily cover large spaces as well. They are the thinnest panel lights available in the market and are cost-effective solutions as well. They consume less energy and are available at affordable prices as well. With superior build quality, the light lasts for a long time. 

Having said that, once installed, you will not have to worry about getting them replaced again and again. With a unique design the lights are best used for workspaces and impart great brightness for easy work. The body is built using quality plastic that is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Nanoleaf Canvas

A sleek, modern and wall-based lighting solution for the office setup is the Nanoleaf canvas. A great lighting option that helps enhance productivity and make the employee feel refreshed all day long while working. The lights are available in panel forms and they can be mounted easily on the wall. The panel lights can be controlled by remote control and are set in a variety of color options for the users to choose from. 

The lights can be turned on in numerous themes and lighting options to choose from. Having said that, different modes are available for sunset, different concentration and seasonal colors. After setting the lights on the wall, one can use the light either as the backdrop or in the front to add to the appearance. 

  • LED Lights Replacing Natural Lights

Most of the office spaces are built in such a way that there is very little room for natural light to peep in. This LED lighting option is the best for such spaces since they help replace natural light. To have the feeling of natural light in their office space, it is recommended to consider a lighting option of around 6500K. Such lighting options are truly beneficial in replicating blue daylight. 

This type of lighting option is the best for consumers who use the light for graphic arts and several other similar applications that need a true match. However, for one’s office space, it is recommended to not use a lighting option that is available in less than 4000K lumen. It will not impart the required brightness. Also, these color temperatures provide a relaxing and warmer atmosphere. 

To keep the employees energetic and productive throughout the day, one will need brighter light options, something around 6000K. Such lights create a great visual appeal to attract clients and visitors. 


The power of a spot-on light is unthinkable. In recent years, the advancement of LEDs into a functional component has been widely utilized by modern luminaires. LED has paved the way for a new era of human-centric, environmentally responsible, and cognitive lighting. For companies, LED lighting is unquestionably a better option since it is more energy-efficient, the lights last a lot longer, and it can also be dimmed to use far less energy. 

Moving from fluorescent to LED lighting is one of the finest things a business can do for the people who work for them. Contact a reputed LED office light manufacturer today, to get high-quality products. 

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