Which Type Of LED Panel Is Best?

Choosing the Best LED Panel Lights: Factors to Consider for Home and Office Lighting. Explore LED Panel Types, Benefits, and Installation Tips with Vorlane.


LED Panel Lights are the most cost-efficient and effective lighting solution It is widely used to brighten homes, commercial spaces, and offices. The LED panel lights use advanced technology and it keeps growing every year. There are various types of LED panel lights available in the market, hence it is important to understand some factors that you must consider while buying them.

This article Vorlane will give you an insight into different types of LED panels, their benefits, working principles, and ways to choose the best LED panel light. 

LED Panel Lights

LED panel light refers to a lighting source that uses diodes to produce light. It is also known as a led flat panel and led troffer. If you are looking to install lights that brighten up your space but consume less energy, then LED Panel Lights are what you need. LED panel lights have gained immense popularity in past years because of their versatile, energy-efficient nature. These are the best lighting options, especially if you want to light up a large area but also opt to save money over extra electricity bills. 

LED panel lights offer a wide range of usage. Most people like to add these lights to the cupboards of their kitchen. These installations significantly help in cooking and working at night. 

These lights also look best in outdoor spaces, as most homeowners are opting to transform their traditional incandescent bulbs to advanced LED panels. LED panels produce a bright light, which illuminates the whole space, dark areas, and steep pathways during the night.

Moreover, these lights also look better in your offices, giving them a professional look and saving you money on electricity bills and frequent replacement. 

Benefits Of LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights offer various benefits to the users. Some most common benefits of these lights include:

  • Saves Energy:

LED panel lights consume much less energy as compared to other traditional lighting options like fluorescent tube lights and incandescent bulbs. Moreover, these lights work better with less energy which also reduces the cost of electricity bills than traditional bulbs 

  • High Durability:

The high durability is another amazing benefit of the LED panel light. They work for around 100,000 hours. This significantly reduces the cost of frequent replacements, because they rarely need replacement before they naturally stop working.

  • High Brightness:

The technology LED panel light use is quite advanced and super effective. Although it consumes less energy, it still provides high brightness to the surroundings.

Choosing An LED Panel Light

Since the development of LED panel lights, many different types of lights have been introduced and are available all around the market. However, it is quite hectic to consider which size, color temperature, and brightness you must look into the LED panel light while buying. The following practical tips will help you choose a suitable LED panel light that meets all your needs.

  • Color Temperature

The color temperature of lights plays a crucial role in the selection of LED panels. Every space needs a special color temperature light. For instance, you can’t install warm color light in the conference where everyone needs to be focused, and warm light only makes the space cozy and less intimidating. Whereas, cool color light brightens up the space and helps people to concentrate better on the meetings. The number of Kelvin used in the light determines how bright the light can be. Higher kelvin (k) means higher brightness. Therefore, make sure to choose panel lights accordingly.

  • Dimmable LED Panels

It’s always best to have a light that comes with a dimming control feature. Lights that allow you to adjust the brightness level will also give you a chance to save energy and lifespace of the light by changing the brightness level. Apart from that, it will give you the brightness of your preference. If you still haven’t thought about having an LED panel light with a brightness control option, then it is high time to do so and experience the magic.

  • Color Changing LED Panels 

If brightness control LED panels work for you, then color-changing LED lights make you more astonished. These LED panel lights allow you to transform the color of the light smoothly from warm to white and white to warm. It significantly eliminates the need to change fixtures when you need a different color temperature light. A traditional fluorescent tube light and incandescent bulb would never give you such flexibility.

Though LED panel lights with color-changing features are not used widely, the demand and popularity of these lights are increasing rapidly. Therefore, they are worth your investment.

  • Preferences

It does not make sense to buy lights that you don’t need and like. No matter if you are looking for LED panel lights for your home or office, your preference matters a lot. As both spaces represent your personality. Whether you like simple round panels, edge-lit panels, or flat panels, just buy them. All LED panel lights offer efficiency and durability, hence buy a light that suits your style and preferences.

  • Installation Type

There are different types of installation processes when it comes to LED panel lights. So, ensure that the space is suitable for your chosen installation method. You definitely don’t like to lose your favorite lights just because they can’t fit into your ceilings or walls. Hence, you should understand which type of installation the light needs before buying it.


The demand for LED panel lights is continually growing. With their durable, versatile, efficient, and cost-effective features, LED panels make a good investment in the long run and they save both money and effort.

Whether you are opting to add lights in your office or home, Vorlane offers a wide range of LED panel lights of high quality at an affordable price. Visit our website for more or contact us now. 


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