Comprehensive Guide to LED Street Lights

Night LED Street Light
Night LED Street Light

Street lights keep the streets and public areas illuminated for years. Replacing these fixtures with LED streetlights can bolster their safety and protective aspects. Below is our complete guide on LED street lights to help you know more about the fixture and why they are preferred over traditional lights. 

LED Street Light Explained

LED streetlights create an illuminated area along the roads, parks, or any public spaces that offer safety and security for those using them. Vorlane specializes in LED street lights that create an optimum amount of lighting within a public area. Illuminated spaces of our streetlights can significantly discourage criminals from targeting pedestrians. The fixture also provides drivers with a better view of the road to decrease accidents and lower eye fatigue.

The key to an efficient LED street light is better protection against the element, which is why our LED fixtures are built with IP66 waterproof shell protection. Each Vorlane LED fixture can handle heavy rains, intense winds, and extensive periods of exposure to UV rays. Our LED street light can withstand the elements and provide optimum lighting for a significantly long period, no matter the weather conditions. With the energy efficiency and durability of the LED lamp, the fixture can reduce costs on utility bills and maintenance repairs and replacements. 

LED Street Light Parameters

  • Voltage: AC175-400V 50Hz
  • Shell protection: IP66, waterproof
  • lumens: >95LM/W
  • CRI: CRI>85
  • Color temperature: 3000K-6500K

LED Street Light Application

There is a wide range of applications for LED street lights, which you can see below:

Roads and Highways

Situated beside the road, LED street lights provide illumination to drivers and pedestrians. The light can illuminate the objects within the space to prevent accidents. 

Public Spaces

LED street lights provide general and functional illumination to the surrounding space, such as parks, tourist attractions, waiting sheds, and outdoor lobbies. 

Pedestrian Streets

Pedestrians can safely pass through alleys, small roads, accessways, and other exterior spaces with security through LED street lights. 

Road LED Street Light
Road LED Street Light

LED Street Light Installation Guide

LED street lights are just as easy to install as traditional street lighting fixtures. 

  1. Remove the LED lamp from the packaging and check if all fasteners are in place. 
  2. Connect the LED street light power wire to the lamp level connector. The ground wire must also be connected to the ground line.
  3. Connectors for the wires are fitted with protective and waterproof covers. 
  4. The grounding wire is secured to the drive screw. The screws need to be connected to the lamp’s metal casing. 
  5. The angle of the fixture is adjusted to provide the proper lighting around the exterior space. 
  6. Once the LED lamp is properly placed, it is secured by tightening the screws. 
Park LED Street Light
Park LED Street Light

LED Street Light Advantages

Compared to traditional lighting, LED streetlights offer several advantages in terms of lighting performance, energy efficiency, and much more. Below are the advantages you can expect from this LED fixture. 

Energy Efficient

Each LED fixture utilizes an electrodeless light source, which achieves the same brightness levels as incandescent lamps, with only 80% of the power consumed. The fixture can save energy and increase lighting efficiency by optimizing the light distribution design and using aluminum reflectors. With energy-efficient lighting, our LED lamps can reduce utility bills paid by taxpayers. 

Longer Lifespan

The lifespan of our LED fixtures can last for up to 60,000 hours. On the other hand, incandescent light can only achieve an average of 1,200 hours. With the longer operating hours of an LED fixture, it takes months or years before they need to be replaced with newer lamps. 

Made with superior waterproof housing and connectors, LED street lights can withstand heavy rains, intense winds, medium vibration, and consistent exposure to UV rays. The long service life of the lamps and optimized durability of its housing make our LED street light require significantly less maintenance. 

Color Accuracy

The color temperature is high while the color rendering index is>80 to achieve nearly natural lighting. This lighting performance can provide general lighting for the surrounding exterior space. 

Optimum color accuracy from the lamp’s lighting makes it easy to identify any objects within the illuminated area. The lighting helps drivers quickly recognize all objects on the road to prevent further accidents. Accurate colors also make it easy for pedestrians and drivers to read traffic signs, signals, and other necessary signage. 

Illumination Output

The illuminated area produced by the LED street light does not produce any glare. LED lamps to make it easy for drivers to see everything within the area and reduce eye fatigue, thus reducing the rate of accidents within illuminated streets or public areas. 

LED streetlights create a fully illuminated area with little to no dark areas. By reducing the number of dark spots in public areas, our LED lamp significantly reduces crimes and accidents. This is thanks to the surface’s transparent part being specially strengthened with high light transmittance for better distribution of lighting.

Environmentally Safe

All LED streetlights are free of mercury, lead, or other dangerous gases, making them environmentally safe. The LED fixture can also decrease power usage, which results in a low carbon footprint.

Immediate Lighting

Can immediately achieve total brightness output upon powering the LED street lights. The lamps are flexible lighting solutions for any public area that requires on-time illumination. In addition, these lights ensure there are no periods where the outdoor space is dark or without any illumination. 

Rainy Road LED Street Light
Rainy Road LED Street Light

How Vorlane LED Street Lights Boost Your Business

Vorlane has been a trusted LED street light manufacturer since 2014 because of our experience in creating premium LED fixtures. From roads to public parks, we have the know-how to choose the appropriate LED street light for your projects. 

Through our mature supply chain, we can ensure a steady supply of premium LED street lights even during peak periods. In addition, our production capabilities allow us to complete all of your LED street light orders on time and without compromising on their lighting performance and life span.

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