Front of House Lighting Positions

Enhance your home's exterior with strategic front-of-house lighting. Discover the best lighting types like path lights, pendants, and more for beauty and safety.


When it comes to house front renovation, we mainly consider lighting. The reason is that it provides us with not only ambiance. But it also transforms the appearance of the outside for us. Hundreds of homeowners depend on these lighting options to give their renovation an edge. 

However, there are multiple options available in the market. Sometimes, it gets confusing to choose the right from them. Therefore, proper knowledge is crucial when using front-of-house lighting options. It empowers us to make the right decisions and enhances our homes. 

Different Kinds of Front of House Lighting

1. Path Lights

Nothing looks more stunning than a bright, open front-yard full of path lights. Such lights appear to be breathtaking after the Sun goes down. Also, most of these options are anti-glare, which solves 70% of your problems. These path lights also blend well with the surrounding space. 

Therefore, you don’t have to work extra to mix them into your exterior. LED strip lights combined with these options are highly reliable in the long run. These also get easily installed on the wooden boardwalk where needed. Path lights also look mesmerizing around your pool. 

2. Step Lights

Step lights are also an excellent option for home lighting renovation ideas. These lights aren’t confined to a particular direction. These are versatile and properly brighten an area with extraordinary features and performance. 

When stairs or steps are in the dark, we cannot easily use them. It increases the chances of risks, but not with these step lights. These lights prove to be effective for houses that are located in dark areas. 

3. Lanterns

Lanterns are big and beautiful, so they emit more light and last longer. Different types of smart lanterns are available to do the same job. Lanterns beautify your space and provide proper visualization.

Although lanterns are old, we can still reap their advantages easily. Therefore, considering lanterns for decorating your house front will be an unparalleled option.

4. Pendants

Pendants appear similar to Lanterns. However, some types have different shapes. Due to their various shapes, these pendants have their own way of performing. Many homeowners like to combine pendants with their exteriors. Pendants are also reliable and affordable in most cases. They also come with beautiful patterns, making them highly attractive for home renovation. 

5. Spotlights

Spotlights are for more than just concerts, stand-up comedy shows, and events. Instead, they prove to be an excellent option for adding to the front of the house. The purpose of these lights is to highlight particular objects where needed. 

We can underline various objects outside our homes with these lighting options. Spotlights are available in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, choosing a fitting option is better than proceeding with the installation. 

6. Downlights

These downlights look like bulbs, but they are much more reliable than regular bulbs. They are reliable for commercial purposes as well, but they are good for residential renovation. They emit more light to make a space look open, vibrant, and soulful. 

The Rules of Effective Front-of-House Lighting

It is vital to heed the rules of outdoor lighting. These rules make your installation much more straightforward. You can install the lights without any professional assistance. Below, we state these helping rules:

  1. The cohesiveness of your lights with your exterior matters a lot. The reason is that with it, your lights will blend with the exterior. When choosing from lighting options, studying your exterior and identifying its strengths is vital. You will see that you cannot use all types of lights on your exterior. Choosing the right lighting option will depend on various factors relating to the exterior. Simply put, the goal is to blend the lights with the home to enhance the lighting performance easily. 
  2. Every outdoor space is different, and so is its depth. Therefore, it is crucial to see how best to enhance the depth of your exterior. Sometimes, different structures outdoors also point you in the right direction. Therefore, checking what landscape lights best suit your exterior is essential. 
  3. Every home’s focal points differ. For this reason, it is crucial to find out what you want to highlight even before purchasing these lights. Your lighting problems can be solved by identifying these focal points and choosing from lighting options. It saves you time, and you get the best choice for yourself. Using focal points to choose lights is a great option. It saves you from trouble and gives you a clear direction. 


We must remember the significance of pathway lights for home renovation. These are beneficial for the people who are into the curbside appeal of their place. These pathway lights prove to be effective if it is intensely dark outside. Therefore, if you have guests, you can use these lights to provide them with better visualization. We can rely on these lights to prevent mishaps when children are around. 

Not only for protection and visualization, these lights are also dependable for their beauty. Other than this, energy-efficient pathway lights also save on electricity consumption. With the help of LED pathways, we can quickly reduce electricity consumption. If you have a tight monthly budget, then it is better to rely on LED pathway lights to aim for energy saving. 

These lights properly light up your way as you walk around them. Therefore, we consider them for improved visualization when needed. There are also different ways to install these lights. Depending on your exterior, you can install them in any position. However, ensure that they are perfectly placed. Otherwise, these lights won’t perform successfully at all. 

String Lights

String lights are for modern-day, trend-following homeowners. These lights are easily recognizable due to their appearance and performance. String lights are reliable when we need less illumination. String lights can be an excellent option for get-togethers and events. These provide performance with beautification. 

We can rely entirely on string lights to create a perfectly balanced ambiance. Also, these can merge well with the porch and gazebos. String lights are also dependable when it comes to risk-free and fast charging. 

These chargeable lights serve you longer, and you don’t have to replace them. These lights also save you money, and you don’t have to buy alternatives any sooner than when you purchase them. 


A staircase is also a great place to use lighting. Sometimes, we leverage them for indoor functions and parties. The reason is that multiple lighting options go well with staircases. It is also easy to install them. Besides, people who use staircases can protect themselves from mishaps with these lights. 

Staircase lights go along with the stairs and provide a constant supply of visualization. Also, these lights enhance the ambiance of a space. Adjustable staircase lighting provides us with ease as well. We can easily change them depending on our mood. You can also save on electricity costs when it comes to staircase lighting. 

It is because of their advanced mechanisms that they consume less energy. Such efficient lighting options can last for a long time. Staircase lighting is a reliable option when conducting frequent indoor gatherings and events. 


Driveways are crucial parts of our homes. Therefore, we should always heed to renovate them. One thing that can be helpful in this case is the driveway lighting. Such lights are reliable for ensuring protection and visualization at night.

 Also, there are fewer chances of thefts and burglaries when your driveway is awake at night. Such lights also don’t cost much energy. You can permanently save on electricity consumption by using driveway lights. These lights depend on the driveway’s structure, length, vibe, and purpose. Some people like to revamp their driveway and make it look appealing. You would also have to use multiple driveway lights to make it fancy. 

Other than driveway lights, floodlights can also be beneficial. These lights are sturdy and massive. Therefore, people who want more security can rely on these lights easily. The purpose of using lights in the driveway is to enhance security and visualization, particularly after sunset. Lighting up the driveway will also improve the aesthetics of your place. You will always have to enter a fancy driveway that positively impacts your mind. Therefore, you can easily consider different lighting options for driveways. 

Best Practices for Front-of-House Lighting

  • Don’t place your lights on your windows. Instead, put them downwards or upwards, which will reduce the glare. This will allow you to sleep peacefully and do your everyday chores inside the house quickly. 
  • Install lights that provide better illumination in a downward direction. This will ensure perfect symmetry and enhance your lights’ performance. The downward emission of light does not harm the eyes and brightens the place without consuming too much energy. 
  • Don’t use energy-inefficient lights. These will disturb your energy budget, and you must pay a lot for their functioning. Using dim lights will create a soft ambiance for you, and it will blend easily with your environment as well. Dim lights consume less energy, so you won’t have to worry about the expenses. 
  • Leverage shields. These are reliable for reducing glare and maintaining the warmth and balance of the lights all the time. They are also readily available and don’t cost much. Using diffusers will also regulate the sharp brightness of light to protect your eyes. 
  • Don’t place the spotlight in a way that harms people. If it points in their eyes, it can damage them. Therefore, ensure your spotlights are perfectly aligned and positioned to avoid such incidents. 
  • Do make use of recessed downlights. These are for photosensitive people, and due to this reason, recessed downlights have become a new trend these days. These create a soft and dim vibe that feels pleasant on the eyes. So, using one or two recessed downlights in your space is better to strike the perfect balance in your exterior. 
  • Do leverage moonlighting. Natural moonlight is completely breathtaking outside your home. Moonlighting can also set your space apart from others. It is a great asset for improving your aesthetics and using better visualization at night. 

Wrap Up on Front of House Lighting!

Front house lighting can simply uplift the appearance of your home. You can also improvise the abovementioned ideas and create something new from them. Remember that you can become as flexible and creative as you want for front-house lighting. 

Vorlane helps you refine your creative ideas and bring them to reality. Our goal is to empower you to revamp your place as you like. Vorlane’s professionals are well-equipped to provide tailored advice and speedy help. Contact us today! 


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