A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Installing Smart Switches 

Master smart home control with Vorlane's guide on smart switches: from choosing, installing, to using apps for seamless automation and energy savings.

Technology has made our lives more productive, leading us to see advancements in various sectors. One great invention of tech is smart switches, which we use to equip our homes and offices with intelligent features.

Today, manually controlling the lights and other house equipment is unnecessary. Intelligent switches are now available that allow you to navigate and control your home even while staying far away. These switches omit the need for struggle. 

We are moving fast through our lives, and for this reason, we need intelligent switches. These make us productive, and our lives become more sophisticated. In this post, Vorlane will study the workings of intelligent switches and see how to make the most of them in our daily lives. 

So, let’s get started without further ado! 

What are Smart Switches and Working?

Smart switches are a new, advanced form of conventional switches. The best part is that they can be remotely controlled. We can use smart apps, voice commands, and intelligent assistants, including Alexa and Apple Siri.

The reason is that automation makes smart switches more viable for productive and sophisticated usage. These switches make your place a tech hub because they provide a stable WiFi connection. Smart switches allow you to efficiently perform routine functions. 

One thing that also matters is that intelligent switches allow you to go beyond turning LED lights on and off. Innovative mobile applications also help you schedule your lights to turn on and off even if you are not home. This means that using adjustable lights with intelligent switches will make it much easier to use them. 

These intelligent switches are comprised of the following crucial parts: 

  • WiFi/Connectivity Module: It connects your switches with the WiFi network for seamless navigation and control. 
  • Relay: A relay is a form of switch that turns the lights on and off. Relays are essential for these switches because they control their performance. 
  • Processor: The processor helps receive and transmit the commands coming from the module. 
  • User Interface: This user interface is crucial for the intelligent applications that connect with these intelligent switches. Its purpose is to make the application’s navigation more straightforward. 

Installation of Smart Light Switches

It is essential to prepare intelligent light switches to avoid complications. The benefit is that you can use these switches smoothly and risk-free. 

Below, we will discuss the preparation tips for smart light switches to help you with self-installation. You also won’t have to use professional help, which will help you save money. 

Turn Off Power

Ensure that the power is off. Turn off your circuit breaker and then install the switch. It will help you start the installation of the light switch without any electrical risk. Also, installing these switches in a safe and sound environment is essential to avoid distractions. 

Verify Compatibility

You also need to check the switch’s compatibility with your preexisting wiring. Sometimes, clashes of compatibility can increase the risk of electrical damage. You can depend on the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid all risks and complications. 


You will receive the manufacturer’s guidelines for all intelligent light switches. These will help you self-install the switches without any complications. Therefore, it is essential to read these instructions carefully to install them easily. 

WiFi Connection

It’s all about the WiFi connection. If your WiFi bandwidth is stable, these switches will function properly. Your WiFi should also have appropriate credentials for seamlessly working switches. 

Work Area

Preparing the work area where you will install these switches is important. Gather the tools and ensure the power is off, which will help you work on the installation without any distractions or complications. 

Label Wires

Installation can be confusing. For this reason, you need to label the wires first. This way, you can connect these wires easily with the switches. You can also keep a photo of the setup to refer to when needed. Then, you can install the switches and connect the wires without confusion. 

Steps to Install Smart Light Switches

Assessing Switch Setup

The first thing you need to do is see which switch setup works best for you. You can see how many switches are in one room. Every switch needs a dedicated wall switch. You can use a two-row smart light switch or a three-hole intelligent light switch for three switches.

 Doing this will help you determine which type of light switches would be appropriate for your home or office’s natural wiring. This will enhance the performance and prevent electrical complications. 

Examining Wiring 

Now, it’s time to check the wiring setup. There should be no voltage; we use a voltage tester to guarantee this. 

Live wiring and circuits can significantly threaten the installation process, so we must be careful when self-installing the switches. Once you have turned off the current and voltage, you can work on the installation risk-free. 

Locating Switch

This step is for locating and uninstalling the old switches so that you can replace them with the new ones. You have to unscrew the wall plate. A flathead driver would be beneficial for this purpose. It will help you detach the wall plate easily. Be extra careful if adhesive or glue is on the wall plate, as this can damage it. Remove the wall plate and make room for installing the new switch. 

Inspecting Wiring Configuration

Now check the wiring to see if it is damaged. We cannot use compromised wires since these increase the risk of current leaks and short circuits. If you recently renovate your home, you must be vigilant for this safety check. There should be no neutral wires, and before you proceed with the installation, be sure to remove them for seamless installation. 

Removing Old Switch

It’s time to work your magic and throw away the old light switch. At this point, there should be no power supply. You can detach every wire one at a time and remove the old switch. After doing this, don’t forget to label these wires. This will help you install a new switch and prevent mixing wires, which can lead to a fuse. You can also use different markers to label these wires. 

Connecting Wires

You will connect the new switch after removing the old intelligent light switch and disconnecting the wiring. Reconnect the wiring with the same pattern for this new switch. Follow the labels to prevent confusion. A stripper must adjust the wires according to the new switch. This also provides safety for the new switch and establishes secure connections. 

Power On and Testing

You can turn it on when you have connected these wires to the new switch. Now, it’s time to test the cables and functioning of the latest bright light switch. Position the wires back and see if they are working correctly. Different intelligent light switches are available today, which help you with easy installation. 

Remote Control Setup 

Ultimately, you can connect the switch to the intelligent app to navigate and control the lights wherever you are. Plus, scheduling your lights will be much easier from now on. Now, you have the entire switch remote control. 


Smart light switches make your life more fun and productive. You don’t have to worry about manually controlling lights throughout your day. With your mobile, you can control your lights without touching the switch. 

We have discussed how you can self-install intelligent light switches in a safe and proven manner. Follow the steps and install your next intelligent light switch in no time! Or contact us at Vorlane for experts and professionals in light fixtures and installations.


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