How To Design Office Lighting

Discover how office lighting impacts mood, creativity, and productivity. Learn about joint office LED lighting options and tips for better illumination.


In this advanced world, most of the information is being visually processed. This tells us more about it; lightning choices have a major effect on the advancing information of the work. 

If we put aside the fact that lighting has a huge effect on the health and well-being of one, it also gives positive change on the performance of the being and somehow motivates them too. 

The light system that is being used at the workplace has to be on the principles of ergonomics and should certainly meet the requirements of the safety of health. What are the factors and the most important things that have to be taken seriously and applied in the process of office lighting?

Does Office Lighting Affect Work Productivity?

Hold a second; does lighting hold a lot of importance? I can surely be done with my work if the lighting is not perfect or has healthy effects! The game is all about aesthetics and environment building, Right? We have to be different.

For instance, we will not be going too far into the consideration of what is the importance of lighting compared to your electronic devices required for trading or how they…or not make the light out of it. The thing is that when you choose better office lighting this level ups the whole game, it can help introduce productivity and happiness so the people working start putting their 100% into their work. Let’s dive into the impacts of office lighting. 


Lights hold a great role in what you are feeling at that certain moment. Can’t believe it? Go out on a very scorching day and feel how you think and what you want to do. Do the same exercise on a strong stormy day and then differentiate your feelings.

As nature holds your feeling the same happens with the lighting style and preference for the office. Too few and dim lights can make you feel sleepy and tired quickly but if you are working under bright and fast light then you will be more active and always on your toes for work, on the other side too many lights can make you tense and tired too.


The productiveness of the work can be increased in the brighter lights but when the tables turn it comes to the creativity part too. A 2013 study shows that the dimmer lights the more creative the mind can be and can get the freedom to express. This shows that if you want to be loaded with a lot of great ideas and creativity then low, soft, and dim lighting is the best. 


Different studies show that the temperature effect of the color and the office lighting intensity does affect productivity. Dim, cozy lights can make you lazy and also affect your eye concentration as this will lead to difficulty in the completion of the task. Aside from this, the natural and cooler tones of the lighting can increase productivity.

Common Office LED Lightning

These are the 5 lighting helps that can make your office lighting more healthy, productive, and aesthetic the most.

  • Batten Tubes

Tube lights act as the customary office enhancement, and yes, they do work the best in offices that have little space. LED batten tubes are very economical, and reliable and help save up to 40% of the expenditure as you are doing on the light bulbs.

  • LED Panels

For offices that have huge spaces to cast light without having shadows and a neutral atmosphere, LED panels work best. They are long, thin, and easy installation makes them best as they don’t look into your eyes even when you stare at them.

  • Indoor Downlights

Downlights are minimum, multi-functional lighting for the offices, and they spread light only on your required area, which helps you to focus too. They can be installed easily and are great commercial LED lighting which helps you save on cost too.

  • Office Pendant Lighting

Customary lights are not always boring. Now it’s time to modernize your office with the office pendant lights. They are best for the aesthetics at the reception, and if you use them in your conference room, then they will provide a very professional look too at the same time.

  • Strip Lights

If you want to make even the small spaces important to not miss anything, then the use of Strip lights is the best for the cabinets, drawers, and desks. They can be very cute and are not overbearing, so they work well in the conference room too. 

Tips For Better Office Lighting

Now you see, lighting is very important. So, how do you gain the greatest possible home office lights? Here are certain things to be done within a week to have healthy office lighting.

  • Get More Natural Light

Try to develop a habit of working in the daytime, especially in the early morning. Natural light keeps you alert and awake, reduces eye fatigue, lifts your mood, and enhances productivity. If your office space has a natural light source, like a window, then do not cover it with blinds or drapes. Keep them open so that they fill up your office with natural light. It eases your vision and makes your work faster and easier.

  • Avoid Glare

If you are a computer or laptop person who has to work 24/7 on the screen, then you must experience a lot of eye strain and glare. Glare usually occurs when the light hits the screen and reflects on you, which makes the screen working difficult. To ensure you don’t get glare, place the laptop or screen in a place where natural light does not hit it directly. For this, use artificial lighting solutions like indirect or recessed lights.

  • Invest In Task Lighting

Premium quality Task lighting is worth the investment. Task lighting is specially designed to illuminate a certain area directly so that you won’t get eye fatigue and work properly. Task lighting usually comes in different types and forms. Some common task lighting involves desk or table lamps.

  • Switch To LEDs

Replace your traditional fluorescent tube lights and incandescent bulbs with LED lights. It does not only light up your workspace but gives you a customizable environment. LEDs come with multiple features like brightness adjustment and color control which allow you to adjust the light as per your comfort level and enjoy your work.


If you want a master lighting solution for your office space, go through our lighting. We will be guiding you through every possible lighting fixture with great energy effectiveness, cash-friendly, and lovely customer service. Don’t forget to go through commercial indoor lighting just now!


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