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Having a luminous efficacy reaching 303 lumens per watt, our LED bulbs are designed for widespread lighting for household and outdoor applications. Our bulbs are dimmable, possessing a smart sensor that turns off lights in the daytime to save power. Even with frequent switching on and off, our bulbs remain operational for much longer periods. For greater safety, we have engineered our LED lights to be glare-free, preventing strobing and other effects that harm the eyes.

With our advanced production lines, our factory manufactures over 1,000,000 bulbs to be delivered every month. ODM/OEM customizations for our bulbs are made based on your requirements to better cater to ensure they are more functional in different settings.

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Self-Own Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings better price for customers.

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Geographical advantages of the factory

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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High productivity

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

Type of LED Bulbs We Offered

We offer a wide range of types of bulbs, such as the traditional and downlight bulbs, which have varied uses in households and offices. With our experience and technology in customizing bulbs, we make golf-ball, spiral, and other shapes. For outdoor decoration and ceiling lighting, our bulbs are capable of wider light distribution, lighting up more spaces. They come in different sizes for easy installation into any fixture, making them widely available for use by any consumer group.

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Customized LED Bulb Performance

For long-term performance in homes, offices, and other settings, our light bulbs are provided with convenient smart controls to limit brightness and save on energy.

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Lumen Efficiency

80~130 Lm/W



Ranging from 2000K to 6500K



Customizable 3~30W


Beam Angle

30~180 degrees



Giving out the right flux



0-10V dimmer


Shape & Size

Popular A shape and T shape


Smart Control

Wifi & bluetooth compatible

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    Vorlane Proficiency in Designing New LED Bulbs

    By understanding the market, we design unique LED bulbs that fit common applications and appease growing consumer needs with our customizations. As we carry out thorough assessments, our experts can find means of improving our designs early on.

    Our design work is made easier by our competent R&D team. They have spent many years of study developing responsive LED bulb solutions, crafting highly advanced smart control settings with the latest technology.

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    Manufacturing LED Bulbs Taken Seriously in Vorlane

    With well-equipped machinery in every workshop, we produce up to 1,000,000 bulbs every month to help you replenish your stock. We carry out quality inspections in every step so that our bulbs are functional in any setting.

    Following 5S standards ensures clean and safe operations in our factory to maximize our overall productivity. Through our connections with reliable suppliers and fast transportation, we deliver packages on time to achieve our quotas.

    Keeping Sharp Eyes on Material, Parts and Finished Bulbs

    Flawless Appearance

    We check every aspect of the design to see if the bulb fits your requirements, from their defined shape to their size.

    Stable Functionality

    As we check for hazards and defects on our LED bulbs, we guarantee that our parts are safe for use and do not short-circuit easily.

    Proper Assembly and Packaging

    Checking the base and parts of our bulbs, we see to it that there is no excess glue, dirt, scratches, or color differences.

    Types of LED Bulb Lights

    All varieties of LED bulbs, including screw and bayonet, are now available to fit all applications. In comparison to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs live 25 times longer. LED bulbs also don’t generate ultraviolet light, which can affect the surroundings.

    The E27 bulbs are the most common and they’re also referred to as ‘Edison Screw’. They have a diameter of 27mm, so you can easily replace an existing E27 fitting with an LED E27.

    The screw on an E14 bulb is similar to that on an E27 bulb, with the exception that it is thinner, measuring just 14mm in diameter, which is why they’re frequently used in small fittings for ornamental or solely functional uses.

    LED Bulbs Application

    LEDs can be observed in a number of everyday lighting applications. If you are out for a walk in the dark and notice street lights come on, it’s likely that they’re LEDs. This is because towns and counties are realizing that the initial investment in LED lighting will pay off in the form of illumination that is both consistent and reliable.

    LED lights are used for a variety of applications, including night illumination, art lighting, and outdoor lighting, due to their efficiency, color spectrum, and extended lifespan. LED display boards are popular these days, and they’re used for things like storage signage, billboards, and traffic signs, among other things. Dimming lights is one of the LED applications that helps to reduce energy consumption.

     Advantages of LED Bulbs

    Some of the advantages of using LED bulbs include:

    • The long lifespan of LED bulbs is without a doubt the most significant benefit when compared to conventional lighting options.
    • LEDs are known for their low power consumption.
    • Safety is a feature that is often overlooked. When it comes to lighting, the most dangerous hazard is the release of heat.
    • CRI values for different LED lights typically vary from 65 to 95, which is considered outstanding.
    • LEDs are so small that they can be utilized in almost any application.

    Factors to Consider When Buying LED Bulbs


    Vorlane is best-known for providing LED bulbs that not only fulfill the industry standards but also exceed the expectations of the customers. We manufacture and deliver outstanding quality LED strip lights and other LED strip light accessories all around the world.


    At Vorlane, we envision endless possibilities for LED strip lighting, where technology, quality, and customization come together in a way that has never been seen before. Every client receives our undivided attention and Vorlane is known for its dedicated, hardworking, and professional crew.

    Latest Technology

    Each member of our team is committed to researching the market, sharing his expertise, and assisting our clients in their growth. Nothing prevents us from improving ourselves in order to better assist our clients in achieving their objectives as the best LED light bulb manufacturer.


    Vorlane offers bespoke LED and lighting solutions for every industry as one of the leading LED bulb manufacturers in China. Vorlane can offer high-quality lighting solutions for every LED strip application owing to our years of professional experience in the R&D of customized LED bulbs. We provide you complete control over the customization of your LED lights. This would help you inturn provide more customization to your customers.

    Why Vorlane’s LED Bulbs Wholesale & OEM Solutions

    LED light brands

    We at Vorlane are committed to ensuring your organization’s and product’s stability and dependability. We ensure that every product that we deliver maintains high quality and dependability to boost your brand’s reliability.


    We are maximizing our supply chain benefits by developing strategic relationships with our suppliers in order to better serve our clients. Vorlane has established long-term relationships with a number of well-known international businesses by providing the best services at the best prices.

    Commercial contractors

    For more than 7 years, Vorlane has been creating one-of-a-kind products and solutions that help businesses and consumers. We at Vorlane believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers. We work as a collaborator in your projects, giving the best solutions and high-quality LED bulbs as the industry’s leading LED bulb manufacturer.

    Residential contractors

    Vorlane, as a forerunner in LED technology, ushers in a new age in a worldwide business. Our company offers a product line that includes LED lighting system core elements such as modules for usage in displays, portable devices, automobiles, and smart lighting systems.


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