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Let us tell you why you should choose a LED spotlight

Answer is simple: Vorlane is Different.

You can fully customize unique LED product based on our patented & self-designed LED spotlight series.
You will get much lower and competitive price due to our extremely cost-effective control.
You will always meet the ever-changing market needs with our keep-upgrading products.
You will get strong marketing support to help you sell products successfully, material supports include: high resolution product images, cool 3d-effect videos, and a LOT more.

So, why not Vorlane? Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you.

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How can we increase your competitiveness & profits in your market?

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Ultimately Deep Customization

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We attentively listen to your ideas and comprehensively understand your needs.

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Our 3D visual support brings your ideas to life and transforms them into finished products.

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Our numerous certifications and patents provide reliable protection for your business.

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Superb R&D

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Your feedback is crucial to us as it enables us to continuously improve and enhance our products.

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If you cannot find a specific LED product to meet your market requirements, simply inform us and we will tailor-make it for you to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

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At Vorlane, we are passionate about providing exceptional service and distinctive designs that set you apart from the rest.

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Extremely competitive pricing

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Our self-owned factory enables us to produce everything under one roof, giving us complete control over the entire production process.

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Our factory is strategically located in the largest LED light industry region in China, providing us with access to a complete supply chain.

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We offer a wide range of customization options, giving you the flexibility to choose what best suits your needs.

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How can we reduce your insecurity & bring you more confidence among many suppliers?

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We are Factory

We produce product parts, develop products, assemble and inspect quality, all within our own factory, creating a complete and efficient industrial chain that instills confidence.

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Geographical Advantages

VORLANE’s factory is situated in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China – the worldwide hub of lamp manufacturing. Here, we obtain the latest industry insights and technical information from around the world.

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1,000,000/M Production Capability

We have modernized our production lines to enhance efficiency, reduce the rate of defective products, and manufacture high-quality products within a shorter timeframe.

More numbers & certificates to add...

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5-Year Warranty On ALL Products

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Our 5-year warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring that all our products are backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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During the warranty period, we offer prompt support to resolve any product issues you may encounter.

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In the event that you receive defective goods, we will arrange a quick replacement for you to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

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7/24/365 After-Sales Support

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If you require support, simply inform us of the issue and we will be at your service.

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We guarantee a response within 1 hour and a satisfactory solution within 8 hours to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

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Our after-sales solutions are entirely free, providing you with peace of mind and unparalleled customer service.

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7-Day customization process

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Bring your ideas to life with a stunning sketch in just one day.

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Transform your sketch into a high-quality mold within three days.

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Create a beautiful finished product from your mold in just three days.

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A free more things about LED spotlight you might be interested in...

Market Trends

Didn’t get an idea where to start? Check the most popular LED spotlight specs are seen in the market.

Brightness: 100w, 225w

Color: blue, black

Voltage: 12 volts, 48 volts, 110 volts,

Length: 3-inch, 8-inch

Dimension: 4×4

Water Resistant: ip40

Got any idea? Contact our expert at Vorlane to help you customize your LED spotlight style.

Types of LED Spotlight

LED Recessed Spotlight

LED recessed spotlight is a great way to highlight certain features in the house. They are perfect for accenting paintings or other wall hangings, and can also be used to showcase architectural features. LED recessed spotlights are also very energy efficient.

Follow Spotlight

Follow spotlights are used in the theater, television and film industries. These spotlights produce a concentrated beam of light that can be used to focus on an individual or object while they move across the stage. Follow spotlights are energy efficient and provide excellent illumination.

Spot LED Light Bar

A spot LED light bar is a great way to add light to any room in the house. They are easy to install and can be found in a variety of styles to match the decor. Spot LED light bars emit a bright, focused light that is perfect for task lighting or accent lighting. If you are considering adding this to your business, contact Vorlane and we will be happy to assist you.

LED Spotlight Fitting

Gimbal LED Spotlight

This type is adjustable, allowing for directional lighting. It is great for hallways, staircases, and narrow areas.

Downlight LED Spotlight

this type is generally mounted in the ceiling to provide a uniform light output. It’s perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and other general purpose lighting applications.

Track LED Spotlight

Suitable for shop windows or retail displays as they can be used to provide focused lighting on particular displays.

Surface LED Spotlight

This type is designed to be mounted on the surface of a wall, ceiling or furniture. It’s best used as accent lighting in areas such as dining rooms, living rooms and hallways.

Spot LED Spotlight

Commonly used to create an area of bright light for task lighting, such as reading or hobbies.

LED Spotlight Solution


The LED Spotlights solution to architectural applications is to use LED Spotlights with a range of different options for color, brightness, and beam angles. This allows architects to create unique lighting design solutions that are both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.


The LED Spotlights solution to landscape applications is to use LED Spotlights with a range of different options for color, brightness, and beam angles. This light is usually used in gardens and walkways to provide an aesthetic light that is also energy efficient. At Vorlane, we offer a range of different LED Spotlights that can be customized to your business’s unique needs.


As anyone who has ever dealt with a pesky raccoon knows, spotlights are an important tool for keeping backyard wildlife at bay.  A spotlight can also be useful for deterring other pests, such as skunks and opossums. Simply shining a light into their eyes will usually cause them to turn tail and run.

Considerations for Choosing the Best LED Spotlight


The first to consider is the wattage. LED spzotlights come in a variety of wattages, so you need to make sure you choose the one that is appropriate for you spotlight brand needs.

Beam Angle

The second thing to consider is the beam angle. This is the angle at which the light will be emitted from the bulb. Again, there are a variety of options available, so one needs to choose one that best suits one’s needs and choose to source it from a reliable spotlight manufacturer from China like Vorlane. At Vorlane, we choose the best material for all our LED lights.

Color Temperature

Another thing to consider is the color temperature of the bulb. LED spotlights are available in a range of color temperatures, from warm white to cool white. Warm white LED spotlights are typically used for indoor lighting, while cool white LED spotlights are better suited for outdoor use.


Finally, consider the intensity of the light. LED spotlights are available in a variety of intensities, from low-intensity spotlights to high-intensity floodlights. Choose an LED spotlight with an intensity that is appropriate for the intended application.

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