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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with
VORLANE's Premium portable lights for outside Solutions

Answer is simple: Vorlane is Different.

You can fully customize unique LED product based on our patented & self-designed portable lights for outside series.
You can enjoy our cost-effective solutions: Our LED products offer cost-effective solutions for your lighting needs without compromising quality or performance.
You can trust our quality: We prioritize quality in our LED products, ensuring they are long-lasting and reliable, perfect for commercial and outdoor environments.
You will get strong marketing support to help you sell products successfully, material supports include: high resolution product images, cool 3d-effect videos, and a LOT more.

So, why not Vorlane? Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you.

How can we increase your competitiveness & profits in your market?

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Ultimately Deep Customization

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Listen to your ideas and fully understand your needs.

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Provide 3D visual support to turn your ideas into finished products.

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By choosing VORLANE, customers can take advantage of our deep customization capabilities to receive lighting products that are both functional and stylish.

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Superb R&D

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Your feeling and feedback is important for us which help us keep improving and upgrading our products.

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If you can't find ANY exact LED products to meet your market needs. Just tell us, we will customize it to help you stand out in the competition.

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Our R&D team is constantly exploring new materials and techniques to create the best possible lighting solutions for outdoor spaces.

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Extremely competitive pricing

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Self-owned factory to make everything under one roof and under control.

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Located at the biggest LED light industry region in China with complete supply chain.

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By choosing VORLANE, customers can take advantage of our competitive pricing to receive high-quality lighting products at an affordable price point.

Ready for a WOW?

Watch a 1 minute video to see some stunning details and technologies we use in your next project.
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How can we reduce your insecurity & bring you more confidence among many suppliers?

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We are Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings more confidence.

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Geographical Advantages

Our self-owned factory in Zhongshan gives us direct access to the latest trends and technology in the LED industry, enabling us to offer cutting-edge products to our clients.

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1,000,000/M Production Capability

We improve production efficiency and reduce the rate of defective products by modernizing our manufacturing lines. With shorter time, more high quality products can be manufactured.

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5-Year Warranty On ALL Products

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Secure your business with our 5-year warranty on ALL products.

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During the warranty period, you will get quick support on ANY product issues.

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Enjoy hassle-free after-sales support with VORLANE's dedicated team.

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7/24/365 After-Sales Support

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Keep your lighting running smoothly with VORLANE's 24/7 support services.

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We promise to reply within 1 hour and offer a satisfied solution within 8 hours.

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Stay confident with VORLANE's dedicated team of support professionals.

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7-Day customization process

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Turn your ideas into sketch in 1 day

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Turn sketch into mold in 3 days

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Turn mold into a finished product in 3 days

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A free more things about portable lights for outside you might be interested in...

Portable Lights for Outside Applications

Camping Trips
One of the best parts about camping is getting to reset in nature, but after the sun goes down it can be tricky to see. Flashlights and lanterns can provide some light, but they can be difficult to carry around and set up. Portable lights from Vorlane are a great solution for camping trips. They are easy to pack and set up, and they provide a bright, consistent light that can be used for tasks like cooking and reading.

Path Lighting
Path lighting is one of the most popular applications for portable lights. Path lights can be used to illuminate walkways, driveways, and other areas where people need to see where they are going. Not only are path lights essential for safety, but they can also help enhance the home’s curb appeal.

One essential item for any hike is a portable light source. A portable light for outside can be helpful for finding the way in the dark, but it can also be a valuable safety tool. If you are hiking in an area with wildlife, a light can help you to spot animals before they get too close. It can also be used to signal for help if you become lost or injured.

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity that many people enjoy. However, one of the challenges of fishing is finding a good spot to fish. Often, the best fishing spots are in areas that are not well-lit. This is where portable lights come in handy. Portable lights are particularly useful when you’re night fishing or camping in a secluded area, as they can help see the surroundings more clearly.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Portable Lights for Outside


Portable lights can be used for a variety of purposes, such as camping, hiking, fishing, or simply for providing light in an emergency situation. It is important to consider what the lights will be used for before making a purchase.

Type of Light

There are a variety of different types of portable lights available on the market, such as lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps. Lanterns are typically the best option for providing light in a large area, while flashlights and headlamps are better for providing focused light in a smaller area.


Portable lights are available in a variety of different brightness levels, from very dim to extremely bright. It is important to consider how bright the lights need to be in order to suit the needs.

Battery Life

Portable lights are available with either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Although they cost more at first, rechargeable batteries will save you money in the long run as they can be used multiple times. Disposable batteries, on the other hand, are less expensive initially but have a shorter lifespan.


Vorlane’s portable lights for outside range in price from very inexpensive to quite expensive. Although we all love a good deal, it is crucial to remember that cheaper does not always guarantee better quality. Oftentimes, it is worth spending slightly more on items if it means they will last longer.

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