What Are Security Lights and the Types of Security Lights

When it comes to security, the phrase lighting is everything could not be more accurate. Different types of security lighting have become more popular among commercial and residential landowners than traditional burglar alarm systems. For this reason, security lights are often more affordable, effective, and user-friendly than other safety and security systems. The full use of security lighting is likely to reduce crime.

If you own a floodlight business, you know how important it is to buy from a trusted LED floodlight manufacturer. Additionally, you need to understand various aspects of buying it for your business, such as its types and for what applications your customers will demand it. If you wonder what a security light is, you will know all about it in this article.

What is a security light?

outdoor security light
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Security lights are types of artificial lighting equipment that keep your house or any other property safe from outsiders by dispelling the darkness.

Uses of security lights

  • It becomes more challenging to see what’s happening around you as the day fades into the night. It helps to reduce the chances of accidents or injuries by lighting driveways, steps, office entrances, porches, pathways, parking lots, and back and front yards. Lighting up these areas makes employees, visitors, and family members more aware of their surroundings, making them less likely to get hurt or hurt others.
  • In addition to providing safety to the property, security lighting has a variety of other advantages as well. Adding security lighting increases your overall awareness, protects your property from intruders, increases your functionality, boosts the value of your property, and even enhances its aesthetic appeal.
  • Motion sensors and timers can protect your property even when away from home or after business hours. A motion-triggered light can be programmed to turn on at specified times or when motion is sensed, so an outsider may not be able to tell when you are away.
  • The purpose of security lighting may be to provide protection, but it can also dramatically improve the utility of your outdoor environment. They create an atmosphere during the evening hours that makes it more inviting for friends and visitors to gather outside. Moreover, these warm hues can add a great deal of appeal to a property.

Indoor security lights

indoor LED floodlight
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Indoor floodlights emit wide beams of light inside the home. Typically, floodlights are used to provide artificial, rather than natural, light to areas. The LED Floodlight is very energy efficient and has a greater lumen output per watt than any conventional lighting fixture.

Features of indoor security lights


When choosing indoor floodlights, you should pay attention to whether they can be dimmed. It allows you to save energy, prolong the bulb’s life, and change the bulb’s brightness.


The amount of joules consumed per second is expressed in Watts (W). Power consumption increases as wattage increases; however, wattage and brightness do not directly correlate, as the last parameter is represented by a lumen (lm). Halogen bulbs, for example, produce a brightness equal to that of indoor LED lights at 10 watts. With the advancement of today’s LED technology, it can produce higher brightness than energy-saving light bulbs of the same wattage.

Additional features

Indoor floodlights should have 360-degree lights and cameras, motion detection, etc.


The human desire for light is inborn. Even if you haven’t noticed, you can always tell which lights make you feel comfortable and which ones make you uncomfortable. For example, walking and exercising are best done in the morning and at night. No one wants to exercise at noon. Why? Besides being too hot, it’s too bright and too harsh. There should be neither too much light nor too much darkness in the indoor floodlights. If you have too much light, you will feel like you are in the hot sun, and if you have too little light, you will be sleepy. Every person has a preference when it comes to illuminating their home or office. You can easily find an indoor flood light that meets your needs with the wide range of lumens available today.

What are indoor security lights used for?

Indoor floodlights are used in various home areas, such as

  • Indoor garden
  • Halls
  • Basements
  • garages

Outdoor security lights

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Using a series of lights around the outside of your home is one of the most effective ways to protect it. You should have strong, bright outdoor security lights around your house when it’s dark outside to deter intruders from getting close.

Features of outdoor security lights

Enough lumens

Lumens are the measurement of outdoor security lights and all other lights. Lumens are the amount of light produced by a single candle. The power of a security light that has 1500 lumens is equal to approximately 1500 lit candles. Lumens are crucial to the proper illumination of your property.

Weather rating

Depending on your location, you will need a security light that can endure outdoor weather conditions. With temperatures ranging from freezing to scorching, outdoor security lights must withstand the elements.

Battery-powered or wired

A second important question to ask is where you will mount the outdoor security light. Some of these options are battery-powered, making them convenient to install almost anywhere. There are, however, options that require wiring. Take this into consideration when purchasing an outdoor security light.

Potential integration with smart home apps

Additionally, smartphone apps or intelligent assistants can control some outdoor security lights. When you make your selection, check for this option if it is something you desire.

What are outdoor security lights used for?

Providing Safety and Awareness

It makes sense to illuminate your backyard, paths, porches, driveway, steps, and the rest of your house to prevent injuries to you and your family, especially during the holiday season when ice and snow create more hazardous conditions for accidents.

Lighting for functionality

Security lighting can also improve outdoor entertaining, which is why it can be so beneficial. Parties with friends and family usually end early when there is not enough natural daylight if you don’t have a well-lit area.

Security lighting applications

Commercial security lighting

Providing visibility, security, and safety for both business visitors and employees is the purpose of this illumination. The primary purpose of commercial outdoor security lighting is to increase efficiency in terms of energy and cost and ensure the safety and health of employees.

Building security lights

In monuments and public buildings, night security is a major concern and security lights help overcome it in an efficient way.

Parking lot security lights

As a commercial property, security lights play an essential role in a parking lot. Sometimes, even the night CCTV cameras cannot capture the clear image of the intruder. Security lights help in adding some light to the area so that the camera can work efficiently. Moreover, some of them are also equipped with cameras to capture videos of the place.

Residential security lighting

Residential outdoor security lighting is essential. While you can tolerate some security issues with a commercial property, it is a matter of your family’s lives on a residential property.

Security lights for the garden

Whether you have a front or back garden, you can install a security light as an intruder can enter through the entrance or exit.

Security light for the front door

It is an obvious application of security lighting. Most people install these lights at their house’s front door.

Security light for garage

While you may have an excellent security system, a security light will let you know if someone hides in your garage to enter your house during the night.

Security lights for inside the home

Security lights can be installed in your house, whether living room, hall, bedroom, kitchen, terrace, etc.

Security lights for the driveway

Installing this type of light in your driveway can be extremely helpful in scaring away intruders who try to enter your premises in the dark.

Industrial security lights

These lights play a major role in industries. They offer various benefits-

Deterring potential criminals

Lights, especially motion-activated lights, are effective in deterring potential criminals.

Link with CCTV

A motion-activated security lighting system can easily be connected to a CCTV system to see exactly who sets the security lighting off (sometimes it is a cat). Using this method can assist in the capture of local criminals and gangs. In addition, if they attempt to sneak past the lighting for whatever reason, they will be caught on camera and prosecuted.

Employee safety

Maintain a safe working environment for your employees by illuminating your property. You can prevent accidents such as slips, trips, and falls.

Types of security lights

The following are the different types of security lights-

LED Floodlights

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Unlike conventional floodlights, LED floodlights produce incredibly bright white light, covering a very large area. It is possible to add a motion detector to these lights. For example, they may be used on the perimeters of homes, stadiums, playgrounds, or warehouses.

An LED flood light lasts a very long time and uses very little power. Over the years, it has been well-documented how LED bulbs outperform incandescent bulbs. Although LED bulbs are more expensive to purchase at first, the costs of operating LED lights over the long run are generally much lower.

In addition to being safer than incandescent bulbs, LED lights offer other advantages. Because they give off no heat, the possibility of fire and electric accidents is greatly reduced. Additionally, they produce a bright white light similar to sunlight and are unaffected by changes in weather and temperature.

HID security lights

HID bulbs
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HID security lights may be better than floodlights if you need to illuminate a large area, such as a ranch or expanse of fields. It can be used on commercial properties and lots and residential properties.

High-pressure sodium security light

Similar to low-pressure sodium security lights, high-pressure sodium vapor lights (also called HID or arc lights) are gas-discharge lights. A high-pressure sodium lamp operates under a different pressure than a low-pressure sodium lamp. Lights with a higher internal pressure are called high-pressure sodium vapor lights. In the arc tube, aluminum oxide comprises sodium metal combined with mercury, resulting in a light blue to light white glow that counterbalances the yellow glow.

Low-pressure sodium security light

sodium light
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LPS lights are gas-discharge lights (also referred to as high-intensity discharge lights, HID lights, or arc lights). A lamp’s primary component is a solid sodium metal tube encased in borosilicate glass vaporized when switched on. A dim reddish glow appears when the lamp starts (when the sodium is solid). Metal vaporization results in the signature bright yellow emission of sodium vapor lamps. An LPS light emits visible emissions that are almost monochromatic (589 and 589.6 nm, practically monochromatic), resulting in almost indistinguishable colors of objects illuminated by the light.

Motion-activated security lights

Lighting that is motion-activated behaves precisely as it sounds: the light turns on only when it senses movement.

Lighting your entrance doors, backyards, or pool area with motion-sensor lights is an affordable and effective way to add security lighting. Motion-activated lights should be installed in a range where the sensor can detect activity and in an area that is large enough to illuminate. The type of lamp, whether LED or incandescent, should also be considered. Although LED bulbs are more expensive initially, they last longer and consume considerably less energy.

It is easiest to install and work with battery-operated motion-sensor lights. Make sure to replace the batteries regularly. A hard-wired motion-sensor light will require you to be knowledgeable about wiring or hire an electrician.

Wind, rain, and wildlife are among the things that trigger motion-sensor lights. A motion-sensor light must balance sensitivity and location, preferably in an area that is protected from moisture.

Benefits of LED floodlights for security lighting

For individual buyers

Clearing the shadows

Intruders and troublemakers cannot hide in dark shadows when you have security lighting on your property. When your property is clearly visible at night, you are not only assured that you will have total control over who is on your property, but you are also alerting potential intruders that they have no place to hide.

Aesthetically Pleasing

You can use security lights to create an outdoor living area that can be enjoyed day or night.

Increased Property Value

If you ever plan to sell your property, security lighting will make it stand out. An upfront investment in security lighting will increase its value.

Neighborhood Watch

With security lighting installed in your community, not only can you keep an eye on your property, you can also keep an eye on your neighbors. You can easily see who is lurking on your ground and they can give you a quick call if anything is amiss.

Decrease the Critters

You can use security lighting as a deterrent if you frequently have critters like skunks and raccoons trespassing on your property. Motion sensors can keep these nighttime prowlers at bay by scaring them away.

For businesses

Better work environment

With LED lighting, you won’t have to worry about glare or eye strain. This leads to improved workplace productivity and higher employee satisfaction for business owners. Moreover, higher visibility of these lights contributes to better workplace safety.

Easy to upgrade

LED lighting is easier than ever before. LED security lights can easily be upgraded with drop-in bulbs or full-on replacement fixtures. This type of light has the advantage of simplifying installation as it doesn’t require a ballast or any additional supporting equipment since everything necessary for operation is contained within the light.

Save money

LEDs save users money in two primary ways. They are by far the most energy-efficient type of lighting out there. Further, LEDs reduce maintenance costs to nearly zero because they eliminate the need to replace the bulbs during the lifespan of the bulb. Hence, their higher initial costs are more than offset by their lower maintenance costs. The use of energy-efficient lighting is also commonly rewarded by rebates, which can help offset the cost of installation.

Things to consider before buying LED floodlights for security lighting

For individual buyers

1. Colors

With the advancement of LED lighting technology, various manufacturers have developed floodlights in different colors to suit a variety of needs. Depending on the purpose of the color in a space or the individual’s preference, people may choose a color temperature. For example, the color temperature of floodlights in outdoor sports stadiums typically ranges from 5000k to 6000k.

2. Spacing

Choosing the right type of LED Floodlight and putting the lights in the right position are consumers’ most common questions when purchasing LED floodlights. When spacing LED floodlights, several factors are taken into consideration. The type of lighting ambiance you want to create, the height of the lamps, and the spacing between the lamps should all be considered. Typically, LED floodlights must be used with cross-over or overlap lighting in order to balance the light and avoid shadows. You don’t want shadows to distract players on a sports court outside. It is best to seek information from a reputable source before choosing an appropriate spacing.

3. LED component

Floodlights used for outdoor applications typically contain LEDs with 3030 SMDs or 2835 SMDs. The lumen values of LED components must be checked to ensure compatibility.

4. Lumens

It can be tricky to get this right. Brightness levels vary depending on the environment. If you plan to replace your traditional lighting with LEDs, you can compare the lumen output of the two. When determining your lighting lux in a new environment, you must consider the ambiance you want. There may be 300-500 lux in a typical office, 50 lux or more in a house’s family room, while 1000 lux in a supermarket. Consider that daylight can have an intense brightness of 100,000 lux or more, so calculations can be challenging. Consult a professional.

5. Warranty

Due to their longer life, LEDs are widely considered the best lighting solutions. The average LED lasts almost 50,000 hours. Consumers are advised to only purchase products that are covered by the company’s warranty. 

6. Location

When choosing an LED floodlight, you must consider how the lights will be used. You should use white floodlights to illuminate your garage and lampposts. Due to the LED Floodlight’s one-direction beam can be used as both an overhead light and a downlight. Dimmable floodlights are also only available in LEDs that have this functionality.

For businesses

If you decide to buy a commercial floodlight, you must consider the last part, but this section explains how to pick an LED floodlight manufacturer.

1. Quality

Selling quality products is the goal of every business owner. People won’t trust them if they sell low-quality products. So, you must purchase quality LED floodlights from a reputable manufacturer with multiple certifications and offers a warranty.

2. Cost

Sellers have budgets, too, just like end-users. Contacting a manufacturer with a high profit margin and offering quality is essential.

3. Delivery time

When purchasing floodlights from a manufacturer, make sure you consider delivery times. Their delivery service should be able to meet your urgent delivery needs. Delivery times will also vary based on the factory’s location. The delivery time will be longer if the products are imported from abroad.


We hope this article answers your question, “What are security lights?” A combination of outdoor lighting and security lights can make your home safer while also making you feel proud of the outdoor areas around your home. Different types of security lighting can be applied to a wide range of applications. People need to consider their options and select a lighting system that is appropriate for their security needs. It is also worth noting that some police departments and neighborhood watch groups provide security lighting or help in its installation.

Also, if you are looking for a trustworthy security LED light manufacturer, contact Vorlane’s team now!

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