What Are The Benefits Of Commercial LED Lighting?

Discover the Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting: Cost Savings, Longevity, Better Workspace, Energy Efficiency, and More. Upgrade your lighting with Vorlane.


People always look for ways to reduce the overall cost of commercial construction. Commercial LED lights are one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. It not only saves you money but also reduces the effects of frequent light replacements. 

This article Vorlane will help you understand the different types of commercial LED lights, their benefits, and how they transform a simple place into an illuminating corner. 

Types of Commercial LED Lighting 

We, at Vorlane, offer a wide range of Commercial LED lights to choose from. It is essential to discover the multiverse of commercial LED lights before buying any. 

  • LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights are installed directly in the ceiling which directly pour the light down. These lights are one of the best alternatives to traditional fluorescent bulbs. They make your space much nicer and better in appearance and also save energy consumption. 

Moreover, the low heat emission is another amazing factor that allows you to install these LED panel lights in the offices.

The modern and classy design of LED panel lights can fix any commercial place like offices, retail stores, schools, etc. 

The Vorlane LED panel lights generate consistent, even, and shadowless light. They contain high CRI, high lumen, and last longer. They produce bright light with high quality and accuracy without affecting the eyes.

  • LED PAR38

Our LED PAR38 spotlights are a good replacement for Halogen PAR38 light bulbs. These LED PAR lights are widely used in outdoor spaces, galleries, gardens, etc. The easy installation of these bulbs makes them more attractive and appealing to business owners who do not have enough time to hire an electrician.

  • LED Spot Lights

Our LED spotlights MR16 and GU10 are the best alternative to the current halogen globes. You don’t need to change the transformer to install these lights. These lights contain 100+lumens per watt which produces highly efficient and bright light.

LED spotlights not only add brightness to the space but also help highlight spaces in a classy and stylish way. Just like LED bulbs, the spotlights are easy to install and do not require any additional help.

  • LED Downlights

The LED downlights of Vorlane have a compact design but they still have high heat dissipation quality. The compact design of these LEDs allows them to be installed in narrow ceilings. A downlight produces focused and direct lights which is good for working. This means that these lights are a perfect match to install in workplaces where they need direct light to concentrate on work.

The modern design of LED downlights is the perfect alternative to gimbals and halogen downlights. Because of the high rate of lumens in LED downlights, they are mostly found in commercial and industrial settings.

These downlights offer high lumens as compared to traditional halogen downlights which offer a set of low-size lumens and wattage. The LED downlights are suitable for indoor lighting like in homes, hotels, cafes, offices, hospitals, factories, and shopping malls. 

Benefits Of Commercial LED Lighting

  • Saves Money

LEDs save money in two different ways. First of all, LEDs are highly energy-efficient as compared to other lighting sources. Secondly, LEDs do not require replacement and maintenance anytime soon. This significantly reduces the need to change bulbs unless they turn off naturally. Both energy-efficient and low maintenance cost saves you a lot of money on electricity bills and replacement costs in the long run. Rebates are commonly offered to foster energy-efficient lights which helps reduce the installation initial cost.

  • Last Longer

The Life durability of LEDs is measured in 10,000 hours. This is a relatively much longer lifespan as compared to other lighting sources. Throughout their life period, LEDs produce consistent light which is hard to see in traditional fluorescent tube lights or HIDs. Even if the LED surpassed their expected number of hours, they still generate sufficient and uniform light.

  • Better For Lighting

LEDs produce much more accurate and better-quality light. These lights offer optimal color temperature, and sharp focus and improve the lighting ambiance to enhance the appearance of the facility and give an overall better experience to both employees and customers. The better quality and accuracy of light help the workers to work faster, ensure their safety, and protect them from making unwanted mistakes.

  • Better Workspace

The intensity of LED lights is less stressful and tiring to the eyes. This amazing feature of LEDs allows business owners to install them in the office so people can better concentrate on work. Moreover, the high quality and accuracy of the light increases the safety of the workplace by making things more visible. LED light does not contain any type of toxic material or breaking material which eliminates the need of hiring a special disposable team for their disposable.

  • Easy To Upgrade

The journey from a traditional lighting source to LED lights does not seem simple. But upgrading from drop-in fixture bulbs to a bulb with a replacing fixture, and then reaching straits is quite simple. In most cases, all of these lights make the installation process much simpler because they do not require any special type of equipment or tool to fix as they come with self-integrated parts. But let us take you to a better and higher upgrade to high-quality mercury-free and shatterproof solutions, which is a perfect choice for your business.

  • Energy-efficient

LEDs reduce the emission of CO² in the environment and use it to convert electricity effectively. It produces less impact on the environment and consumes almost 70% less energy as compared to other lighting sources. Installation of LED lights in the company saves you a lot both on electricity bills and frequent replacements of bulbs every month. Gradually, by saving energy from these lights, they continue to offer dividends in the yearly energy savings every year.


Overall, commercial LED lights come with a variety of benefits. Some of the benefits include high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, instant lighting, flexibility in design, directional lighting, brightness control feature, low emission of heat, zero emission of UV, smart installation, and high durability. The integration of commercial LED lights in the company and office improves the overall functionality of the workers and saves you a lot of money on electricity bills and replacement costs. 


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