What Are the Tips for Coffee Shop Light Design?

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You might have seen great ambiance in coffee shops. We get it with proper lighting. However, developing the best coffee shop light designs takes work. Sometimes, it requires much brainstorming to put a coffee shop in a great mood so visitors can enjoy it to the fullest. However, the coffee shop is also an excellent asset for retaining customers. The reason is that people find such ambiance attractive. Therefore, they like to visit such coffee shops more often. 

Thus, lighting is a huge factor for new coffee shop owners. There are different ways to use coffee shop lighting. We can select from pendant lights and concentrated lights. It depends on the type of ambiance that we want to create in the shop. Different factors can make the most of such lights. 

Their temperature, brightness, positioning, and tone matter. It is crucial to consider these factors when choosing the best coffee shop lights. This lighting is essential for enhancing the interaction of customers with each other. It creates a great vibe for everyone and contributes to their experience.

Some coffee shops and restaurants like to select lighting options that match their customers’ preferences so that they can attract them to the coffee shop as a marketing tactic. Coffee lovers have their coffee in an ambient space. It enhances the joy of having coffee for them. The interplay of lights and shadows gives them the perfect vibe for enjoying coffee. 

For some people, the first thing that matters about a coffee shop is not the quality of coffee but instead the lighting. Due to this reason, it is vital to heed coffee shop lighting to keep your customers happy. This guide will explain some viable options for coffee shop lighting for you! 

Natural Light vs. Light Fixtures for Coffee Shop

Generally, coffee shops either use natural light or light fixtures. However, it is better to compare them so that you can know what the best option is to implement, which can level up the game for you! 

  • Natural Lighting for Coffee Shop

Some coffee shops prefer a natural light source, which is sunlight. The reason is that they want to give an organic vibe to their customers. Also, considering the health benefits of natural light, many coffee shops have large windows to let it inside the space. Natural light can also brighten up the dark corners inside the coffee shop during broad daylight. It helps in better visualization and utilization of the space. 

Natural light coming inside a coffee shop also uplifts the mood. It increases dopamine, which keeps us happy. People enjoy having their coffee in natural light, which gives them a boost of happiness and enhances their entire vibe. Therefore, natural light is an excellent asset for customer retention in coffee shops that are often open daily. 

  • Light Fixtures for Coffee Shop

Lighting fixtures are also expected to be used. These are artificial sources of light. Therefore, these are also viable for coffee shops that are functional during the night. Also, if there is no Sun outside, light fixtures can be a lifesaver. Energy-efficient light fixtures are available to help coffee shops save on energy consumption. 

Due to this reason, light fixtures are becoming highly popular among new coffee shops. Light fixtures are also adjustable, and coffee shops can adjust their settings. Sometimes, there is no need to set them to high intensity so that staff can dim these lights at some point in the day. 

Types of Coffee Shop Light Designs

Below, we list some of the viable options that coffee shops can use without worrying about any trouble: 

  • Task Lighting

Task lighting is an excellent option for check-out counters in coffee shops. Coffee shops can also install them on individual tables so customers can read and work efficiently. 

At the same time, they can sip on their favorite coffee and enjoy working at the coffee shop. Task lighting is reliable for putting less strain on the eyes. Therefore, task lighting can also help customers protect their eyes during their visit. 

  • Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight a particular area in the coffee shop. We can also make some specific objects prominent with accent lighting. For example, if a coffee shop wants to highlight a particular soft board of event photos they have organized so far, they can easily do this by using accent lighting. 

These lights will attract customers to this soft board so they can view all the photos. Also, coffee shops can use accent lighting to highlight their menu screens. So that customers can quickly check them before ordering. 

  • Artistic Lighting

Artistic light fixtures are for coffee shops that are into artistism. Such coffee shops mostly host artists like musicians, painters, and people with artistic backgrounds. 

Therefore, these lights are designed to give their customers a unique and wholesome artistic vibe. It helps them become more creative during their visit. Also, they can better think and open their creativity box while having their favorite coffee under the ambiance created by artistic lighting. 

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting is also a great option to start with. Some coffee shops cannot decide between too many lighting options. Therefore, choosing ambient and general lighting is a safe option.

These lights are readily available at affordable budgets. Also, they are easy to install and manage. We use ambient lighting to create the desired atmosphere inside the coffee shop. Other than this, these blend well with the shop’s interior and look breathtaking. 

Tips and Considerations for Coffee Shop Light Design

There are some general instructions that we must consider before we select a particular coffee shop lighting: 

Brand Image

The first thing that matters here is the coffee shop’s brand identity. The lighting you choose must be cohesive with the brand’s voice. Otherwise, the clash between the brand image and lighting can be uncomfortable for customers. 

  • Grab-&-Go Café: These coffee points are quick. They are also reliable for customers like students and workaholics, who can quickly place their orders, grab their coffee, and leave. However, ambiance still plays a crucial role in such coffee places. 
  • Coffee Bar: These coffee bars are for people who like to network. They want to meet new people and socialize while enjoying their favorite coffee. This means they want to spend time at such coffee bars. Due to this reason, suitable lighting should be installed to make their time at the coffee bar worthwhile. 
  • Coffee Shop: These coffee places are often small and cozy. Therefore, they should consider appropriate lighting options that complement their interior. 

Maximizing the Natural Lighting

We cannot ignore the significance of natural lighting for coffee shops. Be it any type, natural light does create a positive influence on the customers.

Natural lights are not only costless but also develop a sound and cozy vibe for the visitors. This becomes more important in winter when everyone wants to stay warm and comfortable at such places. 

Ensuring the Cozier Setups 

Evenings are a great deal for coffee lovers. Therefore, coffee shops should know that cozier evenings can help retain customers. People love to sit back, relax in the evenings, and have coffee. They look for a laid-back atmosphere that gives them the utmost pleasure to end their day after a loaded routine at the office or university. 

Merging Art with Designs of Lighting

Art lighting is an excellent kick to your coffee shop’s interior. This is because such lighting is visually appealing and attracts eyeballs. Art lighting also goes well with all interiors and works magic like no other lighting. Such lights have different shapes; we don’t compare them to artistic lighting. 

These are easily recognizable due to their forms. Therefore, they are beneficial not only for their function but also for their appearance. Not only this, but art lighting is also an innovative way to make your coffee shop stand out from the rest. 

It can become the identity of a coffee shop as well. Art lighting also benefits the shop’s sculptures and other beautiful objects. This is to give customers a luxurious experience. 

Tips for Cafe Lighting Designs for Indoor Sittings 

1. Wood & White Designs of Interior

If a coffee shop has a white interior, combining it with wood will be a great decision. Such a combination creates the perfect balance for the coffee shop’s interior so that customers can have an impeccable experience overall. Festoon lights can enhance the final look of the space. 

2. Scandinavian Designs of Interior

Globe lights go well with Scandinavian coffee shops. This interior is wholly minimal and a great treat to the eyes of minimalists. It is famous for its entirely sophisticated and elegant appearance. We use industrial-themed chairs and Scandinavian dining essentials for this purpose. 

3. Compact Designs of Interior

These coffee spaces are small, and for this reason, they have more obscure corners. Therefore, perfect lighting is essential to brighten up these corners for the customers. Ceiling lights benefit compact coffee shops since these provide sufficient light from the top. Drop lights and pendant lights are also viable ideas for compact coffee shops. 

4. Industrial Designs of Interior

You might have been to such coffee shops that barely expose their ductwork and installation points. The reason behind doing this is to enhance the sophistication of the place. Such coffee places can easily depend on incandescent lamps. These lamps easily merge with such interiors and look highly elegant. However, it is better to choose them only if your coffee shop has high ceilings. Pendant, cage, and cone wall lights are also proven options. 

5. Modern Designs of Interior

Such interiors represent the Asian, laid-back furnishings. These are for highlighting the antique and ancient elements of the space. Soft light fixtures can create the perfect ambiance for modern oriental interiors when needed. 

6. Green Canopies

Many coffee shops like to keep it nature-friendly. For this reason, green canopies are a common way of designing interiors. These can blend with all types of general coffee shop lighting. 

7. Empire Taste

We recommend using pendant lights for such coffee shops. These are perfect for enhancing the luxurious ambiance for the visitors. Due to these pendant lights, the interior looks beautiful and gives off the grandeur coffee lovers often look for. 

8. Bamboo Hanging Lamps

Such lamps are also becoming popular in coffee shops. These are dependable for creating a warm and welcoming vibe for the visitors. Also, these lamps can be great for customer retention if you are an Indonesian coffee shop. These are sufficient to give a typical Indonesian feel to the coffee lovers at your place. 

9. Strings

Festoon lights are for the outdoor coffee shops. These hang in the middle and brighten up the outdoors for the people. These particularly look breathtaking in the evenings. Also, it proves to be beneficial for gatherings and events that take place after sunset. 

10. Natural Fitting 

Use a natural bamboo lampshade to bring your customers closer to nature. These lampshades are readily available and fit well with all coffee shops. They can also seem naturally fitted and enhance the overall appearance of the space. 

Additional Tips for Light Design of  Coffee Shop

Considering the following factors, you can only choose the best coffee shop lighting. These factors will help you analyze your space and pick the best lighting for your customers! 


The overall appearance of your coffee shop matters a lot. By this, we mean the characteristics and vibe of the place. Some coffee shops have a different vibe than others because of their characteristics. For example, some coffee shops are enormous, while others are compact. Their interiors also differ based on color palette and the theme.

For this reason, it is essential to study your coffee shop thoroughly so that you can choose the appropriate lighting options that complement your space. Negligence can easily ruin your space’s influence on customers, so be careful with your space’s characteristics and choose wisely. Only stick to the lighting options that complement your coffee shop. 

Role of lightning in coffee shops

Some coffee shops are vintage, while others are artistic. When it comes to lighting options, we consider the type of coffee shop. This makes the selection of lightning much easier. 

For instance, if you are a vintage coffee shop, don’t use artistic lighting. It is because it will not create the perfect balance for the customers. Therefore, lampshades and dim lighting options are more advisable for vintage coffee shops. The same rule applies to other types of coffee shops. 

Lightning design requirements 

Not all customers like to enjoy their coffee in too bright or dim lighting. Therefore, it is vital to opt for a suitable lighting design. Also, if you can be innovative with the lighting, that would be a plus point. 

Such lighting options can help you adjust the lights as per the requirements. For instance, you don’t need bright lighting during the day, but in the evenings, you must change the lights to match the mood of the customers. 

Wrap Up!

We are Vorlane —your reliable lighting partners. Our lighting solutions fit all types of coffee shop interiors. Vorlane experts can provide you with tailored recommendations for choosing lighting options. 

Our professional lighting consultation and installation services help you with every step of improving your interior’s appearance! So don’t keep waiting. Contact Vorlane and get started with your dream lighting ideas with us today! 


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