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You can fully customize unique LED product based on our patented & self-designed warehouse LED lights series.
You will get much lower and competitive price due to our extremely cost-effective control.
You can rely on our years of experience and expertise in the LED lighting industry to provide you with top-quality products and services.
You can get products with high durability and long lifespan, thanks to our strict quality control standards and testing procedures.

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How can we increase your competitiveness & profits in your market?

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Ultimately Deep Customization

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Listen to your ideas and fully understand your needs.

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Provide 3D visual support to turn your ideas into finished products.

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Our Ultimately Deep Customization service allows for precise customization to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Superb R&D

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Your feeling and feedback is important for us which help us keep improving and upgrading our products.

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If you can't find ANY exact LED products to meet your market needs. Just tell us, we will customize it to help you stand out in the competition.

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Partnership with leading research institutions and universities for knowledge-sharing and innovation.

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Extremely competitive pricing

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Self-owned factory to make everything under one roof and under control.

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Located at the biggest LED light industry region in China with complete supply chain.

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Our proactive approach to maintenance and upkeep helps prevent issues before they occur, saving you time and money in the long run.

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How can we reduce your insecurity & bring you more confidence among many suppliers?

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We are Factory

Product parts are produced by our own factory, product development, assembly and quality inspection are realized by our own factory, and a more perfect industrial chain brings more confidence.

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Geographical Advantages

VORLANE’s factory is located in Guzhen, Zhongshan, China, which is known as the global center of lamp manufacturing. This is where we get first-hand industry advice and technical information from around the world.

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1,000,000/M Production Capability

Our efficient production capability allows us to provide you with exceptional customer service and support, ensuring a positive experience.

More numbers & certificates to add...

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5-Year Warranty On ALL Products

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Secure your business with our 5-year warranty on ALL products.

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During the warranty period, you will get quick support on ANY product issues.

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You can trust us to honor our warranty commitments and ensure your satisfaction.

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7/24/365 After-Sales Support

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You can rest assured that any product defects or malfunctions will be handled quickly and efficiently.

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We promise to reply within 1 hour and offer a satisfied solution within 8 hours.

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You can rely on our experienced technicians to provide effective solutions to any issues.

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7-Day customization process

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Turn your ideas into sketch in 1 day

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Turn sketch into mold in 3 days

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Turn mold into a finished product in 3 days

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A free more things about warehouse LED lights you might be interested in...

Warehouse Lighting Requirements

The light must be bright enough to allow employees to see clearly throughout the entire space.

This is especially important in areas where product picking and stocking take place.

Color Temperature
The light should have a color temperature that makes it easy to see colors. This is important for quality control purposes. Contact Vorlane, we have all the color temperatures of lights available.

The light should be directed so that it does not create glare or hotspots. Hotspots can cause employee discomfort and make it difficult to see.

Warehouse LED Lighting Solutions

Energy Saving Warehouse
As warehouses increase in size and energy costs continue to rise, finding ways to reduce energy consumption has become a top priority. Warehouse LED lights are a more energy-efficient alternative, and they can provide even greater savings. By switching to Warehouse LED lights, warehouses can achieve significant energy savings while improving worker safety and productivity.

Builders Warehouse Lighting
Builders’ warehouses are typically large, open spaces that require a lot of light for safe operations. However, traditional lighting solutions such as fluorescent tubes can be expensive to operate and maintain. Warehouse LED light is a more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution that can provide the same level of illumination while consuming less power.

Commercial Warehouse Lighting
Commercial warehouses are increasingly turning to Warehouse LED lights to improve their operations. Warehouse LED light offers many advantages over traditional forms of lighting, including lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, and improved light quality. In addition, Warehouse LED lights can be easily dimmed and controlled, making them ideal for warehouses that need to frequently adjust their lighting levels.

Industrial Warehouse Lighting
Warehouse LED light has many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs, making it a popular choice for industrial warehouse applications. Warehouse lights are more energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable, and they emit little heat, making them ideal for use in large spaces. Be sure to contact Vorlane, we have all the Warehouse lights your business need.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Warehouse LED Lighting

Amount of Light

Check the amount of light that is needed. This will vary depending on the type of work being done, but generally speaking, a minimum of 50 lux is required for general activities such as packing and unpacking. So be sure to check how much light is required for the specific task at hand.


The next thing to consider is the color of light. Different colors of light can have different effects on people’s moods and energy levels. For example, blue light is known to be energizing while yellow light can be calming. Be sure to choose a color that is appropriate for the task at hand. At Vorlane, we have a wide selection of color temperatures available.

Ease of Installation

One important consideration when choosing Warehouse light is the ease of installation. Many LED lights come with simple instructions and can be installed without the need for an electrician. However, some types of warehouse LED light may require more complex installation. So be sure to check the installation requirements before making the purchase.

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