What Are Different Types Of LED Downlights In The Market

It is generally known that LED downlights are the best options for ambient lighting. It is because they have the power to illuminate the whole room with bright light and also do not get heated. They are accessible in a variety of designs and styles in order to fit in every type of space. 

However, there are different types of LED downlights in the market to pick from, which makes it a bit difficult for buyers to choose the right lighting solution for their residence and commercial projects. So, we have made this list to inform users of the different kinds of LED downlight types. 

What Is A LED Downlight 

LED Downlights
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LED downlights are energy-efficient light bulbs that can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. This type of light fixture shines from a gap in the ceiling. These bulbs are highly prominent since they utilize limited energy, generate less heat, and create better light than other types of lights. 

Generally, a downlight refers to a light fixture that is recessed into a roof hole. The light beams down from the ceiling, hence the name downlight. An LED downlight is one that uses an LED rather than another light source to provide light. Recessed lights, pot lights, and can lights are some terms to describe these downlights. The light can be directed largely to illuminate a large area. 

Compared to other traditional lighting technologies, LED downlights emit less heat, consume limited energy, and are better at steering light to their intended destination. In addition, LED downlights have a lengthy lifespan, which means money can be saved on maintenance over time. 

LED downlights come in a broad range of hues and tones, such as yellow, warm shade, and others. Prominent LED downlights typically come in bright, gentle, or warm whites. However, there are more adventurous LED downlights that can alter colors. 

Different Types Of LED Downlights

LED Downlight
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Here we have listed the various types of LED downlights based on numerous factors. People looking for different types of LED downlights can visit a decent LED downlight manufacturer. There are different sorting standards for LED downlights, which are mentioned below. 

Sorted By IP Rating 

Here are different types of LED downlights based on IP ratings: 

  • IP 45 LED downlights 
  • IP 55 LED downlights 
  • IP 65 LED downlights 

Sorted By Installation Method

Below are the various types of LED downlights based on the installation method: 

  • Ceiling LED lights 
  • Side wall mounted lights 
  • LED strip lights 
  • LED tube lights 
  • In-ground LED lights 
  • Portable LED lights 
  • Fairy LED lights 

Sorted By LED Downlight Globes Type

Here are different types of LED lights based on the downlight globes types: 

  • MR16 Bulbs 
  • GU10 Bulbs 
  • MR11 Bulbs 
  • G4 & G9 Globes
  • AR111 Bulbs 
  • E27 Bulbs 
  • PL Lamps 

Sorted By LED Chip Type

Every type of LED downlights will have any of the following LED chips: 

  • SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)
  • COB (Chip on Board) 
  • MCOB (Multiple Chips on Board) 
  • MCCOB (Multiple Chips and Cups on Board) 

Sorted By Types Of LED Downlight Bulbs

Check out this list to know the different LED downlight bulb types: 

  • E27 (Edison Screw) Bulbs
  • E14 (Small Edison Screw) Bulbs
  • B22 (Bayonet) Bulbs
  • B15 (Small Bayonet) Bulbs
  • R50 Bulbs 
  • R63 Bulbs 
  • PAR38 Bulbs 
  • GU10 Bulbs
  • MR16 Bulbs
  • G9 Bulbs
  • G4 Bulbs

LED Recessed Downlight

LED Recessed Downlight
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An LED recessed downlight is a ceiling light fixture that fits into a sunken hole. When installing it, this light looks like the light is gleaming from a hole in the ceiling. The light is concentrated in a downward direction and scatters to the entire room.

A recessed lighting fixture is made up of three components which are: housing, trim, and the bulb. The trim is the part of the light that is noticeable. When looking up into the fixture, it is the insert that is visible, as well as the slim lining surrounding the light’s border. 

The lamp holder is contained within the place, which is mounted inside the ceiling. There are various kinds of downlights that can be used in recessed lighting fixtures. However, one of the vital factors to consider is the quantity of heat created by the bulb. 

LED Surface Mount Downlight

Surface Mount Downlight
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Surface-mounted downlights can be used as an alternative to recessed or gimbal downlights since they are installed on the ceiling’s surface. This sort of light fixture is prominent in home and commercial settings. In addition to that, these lights are easy to set up and maintain. 

It is a frequent fitting for a ceiling that does not have any cavity space or can not be drilled, such as a concrete slab ceiling. Surface mounted downlights enable the light to descend downward than the ceiling height. 

It has a minimalist architectural aspect to it without looking bare. These LED downlights produce very little heat and are extremely energy efficient. Some models are dimmable, so it is possible to control the brightness when using them as an accent or job lighting.

Gimbal LED Downlight 

Gimbal LED Downlight
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A gimbal downlight’s design allows it to swivel back and forth, which enables users to be more creative with lighting schemes. The gimbal downlight is made to illuminate at different angles. The direction of the light can be altered with gimbal trim, which is also known as adjustable or eyeball trim. 

Gimble downlights are ideal for job lighting in locations where shadows might be an issue. Since this type of light can be adjusted to shine straight down, gimble downlights are suitable for homes with raked or sloped ceilings. Users can order this type of light fixture from a decent gimbal LED downlight factory. 

COB LED Downlight

COB LED Downlight
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Chip on Board (COB) LEDs are the most recent advancement in LED technology. COB LED chips are the brightest having nine or more diodes commonly packed onto one chip. In addition to that, it increases lighting efficiency by boosting the brightness-to-energy output ratio.

It also implies that they may be utilized in a variety of lighting situations. However, remember that COB LED chips are not capable of emitting a wide range of colors because of their circuitry. The COB LED downlight manufacturers can deliver the best COB LED downlights

SMD LED Downlight

SMD LED Downlight
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SMD LED downlights are one of the most popular sorts of LED chips accessible in the current market. They are installed and soldered onto the circuit board and are much brighter and tinier than their DIP counterparts. Due to that, they are more adaptable when it is about covering them into minor electronics or using them in various types of lighting like strip lighting.

Three diodes can be placed on one SMD chip, and a variety of colors can be created, giving buyers more options. The LED sector has experienced tremendous growth with this type of light. SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 are the two most common SMD chip sizes, with the former measuring 3.5mm and the latter 5mm.

GU10 LED Downlight

GU10 LED Downlight
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GU10 LED downlight is the most widely used spotlight fitting. These lights are usually dimmable and can be utilized in every space where a little extra emphasis is needed. The LED GU10 has two small pins or legs at the base, allowing it to be adapted into most existing halogen lights. 

GU10 globes are powered by the mains (240V AC). As a result, they do not require a transformer, and these bulbs are installed using a ‘push and twist’ technique. For instance, they can be seen in range hoods, track lighting systems, recessed fittings, and spotlights. 

MR16 Retrofit LED Downlights 

MR16 LED Downlight
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The MR16 is a bit similar to the GU10 but has two slender pins at the base. It is also one of the popular household lighting solutions. When replacing halogen MR16s with LED equivalents, keep in mind that an already existing transformer, which supplies electricity to the LED downlights may have a load requirement. 

It is due to the fact that LED downlights use far less energy compared to other bulbs. In these cases, it is better to change to a compatible LED downlight to avoid any potential damage to the fixture, its longevity, or the light quality.


There are different types of LED downlights accessible in the present market. They are designed in various styles and are ideal for specific purposes. Depending on the requirements, select the best type of LED downlight.

No matter what type of LED downlight is chosen, all of them offer bright light throughout the whole area for several years. The fire hazard is also minimal, and the LED downlights use more energy to illuminate the area rather than emit heat. Buyers can also save more money in the long run. Contact a reliable China LED downlight manufacturer to get the best LED downlights for your business needs. 

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