Everything to Know About LED High Bay Lights

Factory ceiling with high bay lights
Factory ceiling with high bay lights

When completing a construction project, selecting the right lighting option for the space is essential for better functionality. And one of your options is the LED high bay light. What is this light, and how is it the best lighting fixture for your warehouse, factory, or supermarket? Check this article to find out more.

LED High Bay Lights, Defined

LED high bay lights on ceiling
LED high bay lights on the ceiling

So, what are LED high bay lights? Designed for taller ceilings ranging from 20 feet to 45 feet, LED high bay lights to provide the right amount of light intensity to illuminate large spaces like warehouses or hangers. These lights are available in different styles with various functionalities to match specific industry needs.

Typically, high bay lights are suspended on a ceiling, with hooks, chains, or pendants keeping them in place. Some types require direct installation on a roof, depending on the model or application.

Spotting Your Ideal LED High Bay Lights

Hallway with high bay lights
Hallway with high bay lights

When selecting LED high bay lights for your market or industry, make sure they’re made with the best materials and modern designs. Vorlane uses high-quality aluminum to make the shell and radiators we use for the high bay lights, ensuring long-term performance and optimal heat dissipation. The addition of efficiency reflectors and external electrostatic thermoplastic spraying enhances the corrosion and impact resistance of the lighting fixtures.

As for protection against water and rain, high-class LED high bay lights must have a rating of IP66, indicating their waterproof properties. Having waterproof lighting fixtures guarantee minimal damage in the event of flooding or heavy rains.

Here are other specifications you need to check before ordering LED high bay lights:

  • LED power: 100W, 150W, 200W
  • Input voltage: AC 85-265V, 50/60Hz
  • LED lumens: ≧110LM/W
  • Working temperature: -35℃~50℃
  • Working time: ≧ 50000H
  • Color temperature: 2700K-7500K

Common Types of LED High Bay Lighting

Linear high bay light
Linear high bay light

Round High Bay Light

A standard choice for open areas like factories and warehouses, LED round high bay lights have a singular contact point that makes them easier to set up. This lighting fixture gives off a circular light beam at an angle of 120 degrees, making it great for locations needing wide and powerful illumination. It’s also called UFO high bay light because of its distinct round shape.

Linear High Bay Light

Characterized by its long, varying widths, linear high bay lights are ideal for wide areas with aisles or shelves. Its rectangular lighting works best for wholesale stores, groceries, and event centers, as its illumination effectively brightens up a large room. Depending on the location or building requirements, these lights can be installed directly to the ceiling or suspended via strong metal chains.

High Bay Vapor Tight Light

Compared to other LED high bay lights, this variant is tightly sealed to protect its internal parts from harmful materials and natural elements. This lighting fixture is commonly used in locations where it’s constantly exposed to unwanted materials. LED high bay vapor tight lights to offer the same illumination capabilities as other types and are preferred lighting options for parking garages, car washes, processing plants, and commercial swimming pools.

LED High Bay Lights Applications

Factory floor with high bay lights
Factory floor with high bay lights

Due to their strong illumination capabilities, LED high bay lights work best when installed significantly above the workplace. This allows the high bay light to cover a larger perimeter and deliver the proper lighting needed. Establishments that benefit from having LED high bay lights to include:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Highway toll stations
  • Gas stations
  • Large supermarkets
  • Industrial and mining spots
  • Petroleum and chemical facilities
  • Exhibition centers

High bay lights are great lighting or floodlights for sensitive places like museums and smelters with the proper configuration. By adjusting the lighting and placing them at a safe distance of four meters, they can provide the illumination required by these locations.

What Makes LED High Bay Lights the Right Lighting Option

Workshop floor
Workshop floor

Better and Brighter Lighting

LED high bay lights have a display index of RA>85 high. As LED bay lights use a wide voltage design, the total power of the lamp body does not change when the voltage fluctuates, avoiding stroboscopic, and ensuring the stability of the lighting environment for workers.

Reduced Power Consumption

LED high bay lights are more efficient and more energy-saving. The 100W LED industrial, and mining lights can replace the traditional 250W traditional industrial and mining lights.

Cooler Lights, Longer Life

Traditional light sources all have the disadvantage of high lamp temperature, which can reach 200-300 degrees. As LED itself is a cold light source, the temperature of the lamp is lower and safer in the long run.

In the continuous innovation of LED high bay lights, the latest fin-type high bay lights have a more practical radiator design, which significantly reduces the weight of industrial and mining lamps and reduces the overall weight of 80W LED high bay lights to below 4KG, which can be solved. 

Customizable Features

LED high bay lights can be modified to fit various working conditions. For dusty environments, the high bay lights can use closed or convection luminaires with an upward luminous flux to avoid dirt from entering the internal system. For humid locations, the airtightness of the enclosure and the reflector’s surface treatment are adjustable to prevent potential harm to the light.

Installing LED High Bay Lights

Production workshop
Production workshop

For installation, first, check the integrity of the lighting fixture and complete accessories. Handle it with care and do not drop it randomly to avoid any damage to the light. 

When installing or replacing parts of LED high bay lights, be careful to disconnect the power supply first. When connecting the power supply, check the input voltage matches the LED high bay lamp. After the power cord is connected, be sure to do the corresponding waterproof and insulation treatments.

The wires on the LED industrial and mining lamps can be passed through the drilled holes, and the cables behind the lights can be fixed with wire clamps to ensure firmness.

It should be noted that the lamp’s power cord needs to be of sufficient length and not subject to tension or tangential force. Avoid excessive pressure when installing the connection of the lamp, and the connection should not be knotted. Please pay attention to distinguish the output connection and do not confuse it with other lights.

The LED high bay light and flammable materials should be at least 0.2m apart, with the lighting fixture installed at a gap of 2 cm. The lamps should not be installed inside the peak or near the wall with a heat source. Pay attention to low-voltage and high-voltage electricity. The wires are routed separately.

After the installation is completed, check the place to see any blind spots in the lighting. Ensure that the lighting meets the requirements and contact us for any concerns after the installation and checking process.

Vorlane, Your Partner in LED High Bay Lights

LED high bay lights are effective lighting solutions when you need intense illumination for wide spaces. Vorlane offers an array of LED high bay lights that are tailor-made to suit your industry needs. Each lighting fixture is assembled in our ISO-certified facility, guaranteeing quality production at par with global standards. Talk to our team today to get the best prices for our LED high bay lights. Vorlane still offers professional OEM solutions and insights in LED spotlights, LED street lights, LED panel lights, and more quality LED lighting.

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