Good Lighting vs. Bad Lighting

Learn key factors that distinguish good lighting: intensity, distribution, and shadow control. Improve spaces with quality light, minimizing glare and shadows.


We use lighting for different purposes in our lives. Sometimes, bad experiences with lighting also take place. However, it does not mean you don’t have to use them again soon. Good and bad lighting depends on various factors. We must consider these factors and analyze our lighting options for successful performance.

Many people don’t know how to differentiate between good and bad lighting. Therefore, it causes them trouble later. Sometimes, it takes more knowledge to confront a particular lighting problem that you have at hand. 

Factors Affecting the Light Quality 

Below, we discuss some crucial factors that influence the quality and performance of light. Understanding these factors will help you understand their functioning at the deepest level. 

  • Intensity: 

Illumination is the first factor that differentiates good from bad lighting. What type of light source are you going to use? Is it artificial or natural? Similarly, how powerful these light sources are also matters when you want to use lighting.

Sometimes, we need excessive lighting. However, our light sources cannot meet the lighting requirements at all. For this reason, it is crucial to identify the intensity of this lighting source and proceed with the installation later.

  • Distribution: 

A good light source emits sufficient light and provides uniform light distribution. This is important to consider. You must brighten up a space with adequate illumination distribution. Many low-quality light sources are available in the market that do the same thing. They are affordable, but they don’t distribute light uniformly. For this reason, it is beneficial to check the illumination distribution capacity of your light sources and then proceed. 

  • Shadow: 

When we consider lighting, shadows follow along. This is common everywhere. We cannot eliminate shadows but reduce them with good-quality lighting sources. There are hundreds of options available to reduce shadows in a particular space. 

Dealing with shadows is always tricky for a front-light photographer or videographer. This is why they have to use special equipment that allows them to reduce shadows so that shadows don’t ruin the quality of the photographs and videos. 

  • Light reflection: 

Glares are also a common aspect of lighting. Different places often produce glare. Well, glare is not a healthy thing for people. We need to reduce it and keep it within the recommended range. There are also glare-friendly lighting sources available that help in this regard. Glare reduction is crucial since it has a positive impact on health. Also, in terms of lighting, it empowers us to take things seamlessly. 

Reflection sometimes causes trouble. People who don’t know how to avoid reflective surfaces under lighting often end up disappointed. The problem does not lie in the lighting. Instead, there should be no reflective surface around your lights. This is where the appropriate positioning of lights is crucial. 

  • Quality of Colors: 

Lights are nothing without good-quality colors. These colors might fade and vanish over time. However, in good light, this is impossible. You always get to play with these lights’ colors when you want. Therefore, choosing good-quality lights exposes you to a wide range of colors for different events. 

Good vs. Bad Lighting: Components

Below are some tips that help you identify good lighting. Many people don’t know about these factors, so they buy low-quality and cheap lighting. 

  • Distribution: 

The first thing you should consider is the even distribution. When you turn a light ON, it should brighten up your space like nothing else. You can check good and bad lighting by turning both options ON. If one light is brighter than the other, you should buy it. The reason is to aim for equal distribution of light in a room so that it does not strain the eyes and mind and will not leave any corner behind to emit light towards it. 

  • Efficient design: 

Today, many lighting options with efficient designs are available. These designs not only make you productive but also give your usage a new perspective. Efficient lights look attractive and can be a great addition to your interior. You can also connect them with smart devices for operation. 

  • No flickers: 

Your lights should not flicker. When this happens, it indicates damage to the lights and is irritating to everyone present at home. Different technical glitches and issues can cause flickering lights. Therefore, avoid using such lights in the long run.

  • Bright ceilings and walls: 

Ensure that your ceilings and walls are sufficiently bright. This will enhance the performance of lights. Clean ceilings and walls allow the brightness of the lights to be increased easily. 

Bad lighting is easy to detect, and below are some tips for spotting bad lighting options in the market. 

  • Excessive shadows: 

One common problem with harmful lights is the shadows. Such lights produce excessive shadows that might ruin a photograph/videography and even an entire room. Due to this reason, it is much easier to find such lights due to excessive shadow production. Spot them and remove them from your checklist as soon as possible. 

  • Uneven distribution: 

Another issue with these lights is uneven distribution. Due to their low quality and limited power, such lights don’t emit sufficient light into the entire room. When this happens, you will see how small corners of your room are still dark.

Therefore, when testing your lighting options, it is better to see if they produce sufficient light and distribute it evenly or not. It will save you from a lot of trouble later. Also, you won’t have to replace your lights frequently.

  • Dim atmosphere:

Poor lighting is a significant reason for less ambient, dim, and dull rooms. It is possible to end up with such lighting. However, you can successfully reduce such chances. Nobody wants a dim room, and because of this, they don’t want to buy poor lighting. Therefore, purchasing durable lights that function in the long run is essential. Also, it will benefit them by keeping them emitting bright light for you when needed. 

  • Important features: 

If your lighting options have additional features, compare them. This will allow you to get the best deal in the market and get all the necessary information from the professionals. 

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