What Type Of Lighting Is Better For A Home Office

Enhance your home office with the right lighting. Learn how to create a functional and comfortable workspace with Vorlane's lighting solutions.

A good amount of lighting is vital for a home office. Light can transform your working area into a comfortable and productive place. It also enhances your overall health and keeps you focused and motivated. 

Well, Vorlane has brought you tons of benefits to using a good lighting plan for a home office. You’ll learn how to maximize the functionality of your space with a little touch of lights. 

Creating the Lighting Plan Better For A Home Office

A good lighting plan determines how and where you install lights. For a home office, opt for a layered light plan. Layered lighting combines task, accent, and ambient lighting to enhance your productivity and focus.

Task Lamp

You have to choose a light that eases your work and makes it comfortable, not the other way around. Well task lights are one of the essential light options for easily seeing your important documents, files, and drafts. 

Moreover, Task lamps significantly reduce the shadows and glare of the light. It does not strain your eyes and makes your vision clear and comfortable. Task lamps contain metal shades that help in directing the light on a specific area of your work table.

Most of the task lamps consist of adjustable shades, joints, or arms. This allows you to adjust the light direction, particularly at one place where you like. 

Directional Floor Lamp

If your home office has limited space, then adding a floor lamp would be a great choice. 

A single, thin, directional floor lamp has a versatile nature. You can change the direction of the fixture on any side of the home office and enjoy the light. 

Ring Light

If your office work requires a lot of video calls in one day, then adding a ring light to your home office is helpful. You can place the ring light on the desk where it acts just like a floor lamp.

Moreover, Check the CRI of the ring light and see how much it mimics the natural light. Make sure to choose a ring light that has at least 90 plus CRI rate. Moreover, ring lights also come with dimmable features, which allow you to adjust the color temperature. This way, you can customize your light and work comfortably.

Sun Lamp

Natural light is important to have in the home office. If your office does not contain any source of natural light, then add a sunlamp to your room. Sun lamps are free from any UV lights. They help your body to get the necessary Vitamin D, lift your mood, and enhance productivity. Twenty minutes of use of a lamp is enough for one day. Sun lamps come in the floor and task form, too.

Grow Light

Most people make their home offices in closed spaces, which are left behind in the home. Therefore, they do not enjoy the natural light as much as they have to. If your office has some plants, then they definitely need light to survive. Adding a grow light in your home office allows you and your plant to grow effectively.

Smart Switch

Most home offices only rely on one overhead light that is mounted on the ceiling or wall. Install a smart switch with your light. It enables you to adjust the light brightness as per your work needs. Smart switches turn the light on and off gradually and make them comfortable for vision.

Smart Bulbs

Install smart bulbs in your home office and enjoy the automated control of light color, temperature, and brightness. You can use smartphone apps to turn the lights off and on. 

Moreover, Smart bulbs come in a variety of different features and costs. Therefore, choose bulbs that suit you and your work needs. Also, make sure the CRI of the bulb is near 100.

Chrome-Tip Bulbs

These special bulbs are particularly used to protect the light from falling down directly. You can install them into fixtures or pendants. The bulb tip changes the direction of the light and produces softer light. This means your eyes do not get strained when you look at a bulb. Less eye strain makes you focused and motivated to work. 

LED Strip Lights

Strip lights to come in multi-color. With the help of LED strip lights, you can change the simple, boring look of your home office into a fun and attractive place. Moreover, You can also install these high-quality lights under the shelves, cabinets, or supply closets. They cost less and also save you money on electricity bills. 

Light Color

Some lamps blend multiple light colors and create an immersive home office experience. It develops an ambiance that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. You can adjust the color and temperature of light to get a warm sunlight experience or a cozy flickering fireplace light.

Best Lighting Fixtures for Home Office

Light fixtures transform the whole look of your space. So, always choose the light fixture after considering the following things:

  1. Shape: Ensure that the light fixture you choose must go well with your office design.
  2. Size: Choose a bigger fixture. Big fixtures produce soft light. Soft light makes you look better in front of the camera.

Best Bulbs For Home Office

Your home office needs a light bulb that creates an immersive work environment. There are different types of light bulbs available in the market. Hence, it is difficult for you to choose one that goes well with your office needs. Let’s take a look at the three most common light bulbs.

  1. Incandescent bulbs are the most affordable light bulbs. They are one of the traditional light bulbs and take too much power. They also emit high heat in the air, which is not appreciable. 
  2. The fluorescent bulb is much better than an incandescent bulb. But it also consumes too much power and emits high heat.
  3. Lastly, we have LED bulbs. It is one of the most efficient and versatile options among all of the bulbs. Though it costs a bit, it is beneficial for your home office.

Effect Of Home Office Lightning On Your Health

Lighting has a great impact on your health. Hence, it is important to choose a home office light carefully. Some light bulbs and screens of your laptops and phones produce blue light. This blue light is considered dangerous for your well-being.  

  1. It disturbs the natural rhythm of your heart health.
  2. Blue lights lead to headaches, eyestrain, and fatigue.

So make sure to choose a light that has less blue light. Use screen filters while using laptops and PCs. Also, give yourself a break from screen usage. This will help you to reduce the effect of blue light on your health.

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

LEDs: The Bright Choice

Step one in a sustainable home office? Swap out those old bulbs for LEDs. They’re champions of energy efficiency, shining bright without the heat or high electricity bills. Plus, their long life means less waste in our landfills.

Smart Lighting: Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Imagine lights that turn off when you step out for a coffee break or dim as the sun pours in. Smart lighting systems, with their motion sensors and programmable settings, ensure you use energy only when and where you need it.

Let the Sunshine In

Nothing beats natural light for your mood or your energy bill. Position your desk to bask in daylight and watch your productivity (and spirits) soar. Mirrors and light walls can help spread the sunshine even further.

Eco-Friendly Fixtures

When choosing light fixtures, think green. Materials matter. Opt for those made from sustainable or recycled resources. They’re not just good for the planet; they add a story to your space.

Choosing sustainable lighting isn’t just about saving on your next electricity bill; it’s a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. With these tips, your home office can be a beacon of both productivity and environmental responsibility.


What are the requirements for lighting for an office at home?

Extra light contrast in the home offices leads to fatigue. Hence, do not choose a light with intensity. Make sure the light you choose must have an intensity depending on your work type and age limit. 

People of different ages need different intensities of light. Younger people must have a light with an intensity of 500 lux. At the same time, older people can choose a light with a range between 750 and 1500 lux. Also, if your work is manual, then go for a brighter light and dim light for screen use. 

Should I keep my home office dark or light?

The home office should not be too dark or too bright. The light temperature for the home office must range between 4000-5000K. Higher instene light may cause eye strain and severe headaches.

What is the best lighting that is good for eyes to work from home?

Your home office must have a source of natural light. It ensures that your eyes do not get any strain. It also reduces headaches and improves vision.


A good light setup is essential for your home office. You definitely do not want to stay unproductive. Well, a good amount of light will help you stay focused and motivated throughout your work. 

It also makes the space more comfortable and functional. Light enhances the productivity of your work and keeps you healthy. 

Choose Vorlane lights for your home office. Our Office Lightnings are best for your eyes and productivity. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and buy the products of your choice. 


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