How To Install Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Learn how to install commercial lighting fixtures correctly with safety tips. Follow guidelines for project planning and fixture installation.


It’s not that difficult to install commercial lighting fixtures. However, in order to ensure that you install commercial lighting fixtures correctly and avoid mistakes, you must adhere to the owner’s specifications and instructions. Also, make sure to hire a licensed electrician for the successful installation of the lights. 

Vorlane has gathered some guidelines and steps that help you understand the installation process of lighting fixtures. So, without wasting any time, let’s look at those guidelines.

How To Install Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

Following are some steps you should follow to install the commercial lighting fixtures without any difficulty. 

Project Planning 

(i) Checking the wiring and the codes 

You must first verify the scheduled inspection periods and wiring codes, for the majority of home-building projects, commercial lighting installation needs multiple inspections and permissions.

While replacing fixtures alone does not call for thorough inspections, installing new installations and replacing wiring will require an inspection of the property in order to finish the project effectively.

You need to arrange for the following actions in order to finish an inspection correctly. For example

  • Inspection of temporary services
  • Detailed examination
  • last examination

(ii) Choosing the right fixture

No one desires uniform lighting throughout. The living area and kitchen cabinets will have various lighting setups. Consider the intended usage of the space before putting light fixtures. When installing the lighting fixtures, experiment with alternative placements to see where and how you want the room to be lit.

(iii) Selecting the bulb type

There are many different types of bulbs available while searching for the best ones. These are extremely prevalent and include halogen, high-pressure sodium, LED, and fluorescent. Select the ideal bulb for your project based on its distinct color tone.

Temperature, expressed in degrees Kelvin, reflects color tone. In comparison to cool color tones, warm color tones are colder in temperature.

  • Soft white is the color you use if you want something calming. Its pleasant white tone will put you at ease and promote relaxation.
  • Cool white lighting is the only option if you’re seeking a work light.

A room’s color temperature greatly influences how calm it feels. Therefore, choose the ideal color tone before installing lighting fixtures for businesses.

(iv) Checking the requirements of current 

The current and voltage needs for the accessories must be considered. Since the voltages may differ depending on the location, you must calculate the energy required for setting up the lighting fixtures.

(v) The best source of power

It is necessary to find an acceptable source of power from another outlet or circuit box before installing business lighting fixtures. You may need to operate an additional line from the circuit breaker panel if you are unable to locate an appropriate power supply.

(vi) Planning the wiring route 

Try putting the energy source and load points at the exact same switch. You may consider three alternative approaches to construct the wiring path, which includes the current to switch plus the current to fixture. It is necessary to connect the switch, power, source, and fixture points collectively.

Installing The Fixture

(i) Wire Cutting

Light fixtures are installed inside the ceiling or the wall. So you have to cut a hole to fit the light fixture inside. Make sure the light switch box is at the right height so you won’t have a problem switching the light on and off.

  • To cut the hole inside the ceiling, you need to make it of proper size unless the fixture won’t fit inside it. The hole must be 4 inches in octagon shape. This way, you can even install a small light fixture. You can also use this hole for fan installation later.
  • If you are using a recessed light, then you don’t have to install any box. You can cut the hole using a blueprint sample or by drawing roughly on the wall.

(ii) Installation of Wire

Once you choose the circuit for your light, extend the size of the cables from the circuit breaker to the light switch. Measure the incoming cable from the fuse to the light switch. 

(iii) Wire Coding

You have to be certain about the wiring code. Make sure to follow the codes of the local electric code rule whenever you install a new wiring system. Check the wire that must pass all the requirements of the code. If there is anything wrong with the code, find the error and start again.

Safety Tips for Installing Light Fixture

  1. First, you have to turn off the main power of the house. Because it supplies power to every switch. When you turn it off, it cuts off the power, and you can install the light easily.
  2. You also have a second option of turning off the breaker. Breakers basically provide light only to a specific area of the house. But it is also a safe option. 
  3. Do not just consider turning off the power through the switch. Because light always remains in the line. So it’s better to turn off the main power source. 
  4. Use a voltage tester to double-check that the wires do not have any power in them.
  5. Make sure you know the color of the wire and its uses. The black wire carries the current, the green wire stands for ground, and the white wire represents neutral.
  6. Many lights contain exposed metal parts. Connect the green screw with the ground through the mounting bracket. It ensures that the light passes safely through the wires.
  7. Make sure to ground the light fixture perfectly.
  8. Do not forget to follow the same polarity rules while connecting the wires.
  9. Install the heavy light with a tightly installed and securely fit box so that it won’t fall.
  10. Some local wiring codes need a professional to install the light fixture. If you want to install the fixture on your own, then first ask the national electrical code whether you are allowed to do it or not.
  11. Make sure that you provide the same level of power to the light as mentioned on its label. Otherwise, it will not work or may get burned right away.
  12. Follow the wiring codes and instructions of the manufacturer whenever you install the light.


You must know now that light fixture installation is not difficult. You just need to be careful and follow the necessary guidelines while doing so. Make sure to adhere to the safety rules and electrical codes, and you will be safe to go. 

Vorlane has a number of qualified engineers and experts. We aim to help you in designing and installing the commercial light fixtures. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and check out our services and quality LED products for commercial zones. Contact us for more details now.


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