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Many Indian lighting producers have entered the market in response to the growing demand for high-quality LED lighting. Indeed, numerous firms are already producing various LED lighting products that are far more energy-efficient and ecologically friendly than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lamps (FTLs/CFLs).

Despite the fact that LED lights are more expensive than conventional lights, they are becoming increasingly popular since they last longer, consume less energy, and are simple to maintain. Therefore, it is tough to argue that LED lighting does not have a bright future in India.

All of the best 10 LED downlight manufacturers in India have a wide range of top-quality LED downlight products. With extensive knowledge in this field, they have formed an array of LED downlights, LED track lights, LED panel lights, etc.

Company NameEstablishment YearLocation
Vorlane2007China, India
Optotech India1985India
Philips Electronics India1949India
OSRAM India Pvt. Ltd.1994India
Havells India Ltd1958India
Orient Electric Limited1939New Delhi, India


Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: China, India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 2007

Certificates/Awards: ISO9001:2015, Downlight BIS Certificate

Vorlane Logo

Their LED downlights include insulated LED housings for increased endurance. In addition to having an appealing design adapted to the market, they offer customizable downlights to match the ambiance of the space. Customers are able to turn individual or group lights on and off with ease thanks to the sophisticated controls we install. As a leading LED downlight China manufacturer, they also have compatible junction boxes for the India downlight market, which helps prevent fires and expedites installation.

By working continuously and following stringent quality requirements, their manufacturing lines in Indian and Chinese facilities are able to meet rising demand. Their LED down lamps have undergone extensive testing to guarantee their dependability in difficult situations. Even when exposed to high voltage, their LED downlights remain functional for extended periods of time.

Key Products

Optotech India

Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1985

Certificates/Awards: ISO 20121 certified company

Optotech India is a well-known maker of premium LED downlights in India. They are one of the top ten manufacturers of LED downlights in India. LED downlights, LED track lights, LED panel lights, LED strip lights, and LED tube lights are the company’s primary offerings.

Their goods are 70% more energy-efficient and 90% more resilient. The goods are warrantied for two years. They service a wide variety of customers throughout India. They are the first ISO 20121-certified company in the world.

Philips Electronics India

Business Type: LED downlights Producer

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1949

Certificates/Awards: ISO-certified in India

philips logo

Philips Electronics India Limited, a subsidiary of the renowned Royal Philips Electronics, is one of India’s most prominent and well-known brands (based in the Netherlands). In India, where Philips has been working for almost 75 years, its major business sectors include luminaires, lights, lighting electronics, and special lighting. 

The company employs around 4,500 individuals nationwide. In addition, Philips has an outstanding distribution and after-sales support network throughout India. You can rely on Philips LED downlights.

OSRAM India Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1994

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001:2015

Image Source OSRAM India Pvt Ltd

OSRAM India was founded in 1994 as a totally owned subsidiary of OSRAM GmbH. The company’s headquarters are in Gurgaon, Haryana, while its plants are located in Sonepat and Kundli. 

OSRAM India manufactures a vast array of one-of-a-kind and industry-leading products for general lighting, electronic control gear, automotive lighting, display optics, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Their most popular items include indoor LED downlights, outdoor LED downlights, modules, LED retrofit lamps, and other LED products.

Havells India Ltd

Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1958

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

Havells India Ltd logo

Havells Group is an LED downlight industry leader in electrical equipment and accessories. Havells created history in 2007 when it became one of the top five lighting firms in the world by acquiring the renowned lighting company Sylvania. Havells currently owns internationally renowned brands like Crabtree, Luminance & Standard, and Concord. It has over 5000 employees throughout 94 branches and offices in over 50 countries. Havells additionally maintains seven manufacturing facilities in Latin America, Europe, and Africa.


Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1945

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

Wipro logo

Wipro was founded in 1945 as a vegetable oil firm and has now become the biggest landscape lighting company in the world. It is also the top lighting supplier for the next generation of petrol stations. 

Wipro Lighting is one of India’s lighting companies with the fastest growth rate. Wipro offers green by-design and energy-efficient LED downlights and lamps for numerous commercial and industrial application areas, such as contemporary office spaces, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, designer gas pumps, and outdoor architecture. 

Wipro lighting offers an excellent color-mixing LED spectrum for architectural, entertainment, and retail applications, enabling an endless color palette while conserving energy. Utilize Wipro’s new era of colored light generation to enhance the interior and exterior facades of buildings, water features, and focal displays.


Business Type: Supplier, Manufacturer

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1938

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001:2008

Bajaj Electricals Ltd

Bajaj Electricals has over 75 years of experience in the lighting industry and provides India with world-class lighting products, including innovative LED technology. It is India’s top manufacturer of consumer durables, and it has been a pioneer in street lighting and rural electrification by delivering solar and LED lighting solutions for the country’s most important lighting and engineering projects. Long lifespan, energy efficiency, eco-friendly illumination, multicolored light sources, and an integrated voltage surge protector are characteristics of Bajaj LED downlights. 

To facilitate a seamless connection with this new technology, consumers are offered helpful service and communication at all levels, and a focus has been made on establishing a comprehensive product experience. Bajaj has also initiated the ‘The Science of Light’ LED campaign to create awareness of LED products, and a full-fledged mass media campaign is forthcoming.


Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1896

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001/14001/9000

Eveready logo

The Khaitan family of Kolkata, which marked its 100th anniversary in 2005, owns Eveready. It is the most popular brand of dry cell batteries in India, accounting for over fifty percent of the market. In addition, it offers a range of lighting options to fulfill the demands of both urban and rural clients. It has also entered the market for LED lighting, offering premium LED downlights at rock-bottom costs. 

Despite the fact that LED lighting production is outsourced to China, it satisfies all essential lighting requirements, such as high lumen output, extended lifespan, etc. Therefore, it would be an ideal option for both residential and business applications.


Business Type: Supplier, Manufacturer

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1966

Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001:2008

Syska logo

There are numerous engaging Irfan Khan advertisements for the SYSKA product line currently airing on television. They may have appeared in one of one’s favorite television programs. The company, which is less than two decades old, has a significant advantage in the modern LED downlighting sector as a result of its intelligent innovation, fair pricing, excellent technology, remarkable energy efficiency, and exceptional durability. 

SYSKA LED lighting provides simple, durable, and high-quality lighting solutions including LED downlights for almost every market segment. SYSKA LED downlights are an integral part of the company’s lighting product line, providing a number of alternatives for using effective and energy-efficient LED downlighting tools, as well as seamless integration with conventional products. The vast majority of SYSKA LED products fulfill international quality standards and are UL-certified with an LM-79 test result.


Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1971

Certificates/Awards: ISO, CE, RoHS, TUV

Oreva logo

Ajanta Quartz was once regarded as one of the largest clock manufacturers in the world. Later, under the OREVA name, this Gujarat-based company moved into lighting and ceramics, and its most recent initiative is the production of LED downlights. The same company manufactures switches, cables, MCBs (multi-circuit breakers), lamps, tube lights, power savers, telephones, calculators, watches, etc. The slogan “Power Saver to the Nation” clearly justifies the company’s LED light output.

The firm employs about 6000 individuals at its primary integrated manufacturing sites in Samakhayali (District of Kutch) and Morbi (Dist. Rajkot). Oreva has been producing CFL lights in Morbi for fourteen years and LED lights since July of last year. According to Business-Standard, Oreva’s daily production capacity is 10,000 units due to an investment of 75 million rupees. In order to offer LED downlights in India at a reasonable price, the company’s objective is to provide value-for-money goods rather than premium commodities.

Orient Electric Limited

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Headquarters: New Delhi, India

Main Markets: Global

Establishment Year: 1939

Certificates/Awards: Numerous industry accolades, including ‘Most Trusted Brand of India’, ‘Superbrand’ status, and ‘Great Place To Work’ certification

Image Source Orient

Orient Electric Limited, a subsidiary of the diversified USD 2.9 billion CK Birla Group, is a leading name in the Indian electrical industry. With a rich history spanning almost seven decades, Orient Electric has emerged as a one-stop brand for comprehensive lifestyle electrical solutions, including Fans, Lighting, Home Appliances, and switchgear.


These ten LED downlight manufacturers in India currently operate on a global basis. Regardless, some of them provide unique services. Every year, Havells hosts the Havells International Football Tournament. It is an indoor football tournament available to teams from around the globe. Planning to expand your business? Contact the above-mentioned service providers.

Moreover, if you require high-quality LED downlights, we suggest contacting Vorlane, who will aid in supplying any business with high-quality LED downlight products.

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