Select The Best Beam Light: Everything You Should Know

Discover the art of choosing the perfect beam light for any occasion. Dive into tips, factors, and insights on beam lights for lasting memories. #VorlaneLightGuide

It is essential to get your hands on the best beam of light so that it can serve you longer. We use beam lights for different purposes. From in-house celebrations to outdoor events, these lights are reliable to meet your dynamic needs successfully. Beam lights are now an essential part of our lives due to their remarkable features. 

These breathe life into our parties and celebrations so that we can keep these memories with us for the rest of our lives! Vorlane has to clarify a lot of things regarding these lights, which we will discuss in this post. So grab a seat and let this discussion unleash all the insights about beam lights today! 

How do you use a beam light?

The first thing that matters here is how you can use these lights. Well, just like any other product, you have to follow a particular approach to using them. One of the best parts about these lights is that you can use them anywhere. From karaoke rooms to concerts and birthday celebrations, these beam lights serve different purposes. Also, bars and clubs typically use these lights to create an enthusiastic vibe in these venues. Due to this, such media cannot ignore the importance of beam lights in gathering more people and gaining a strong foothold at the same time. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Beam Lights

Color Temperature

If you want to use beam lights ideally, then make sure to adjust the color temperature. You should know that not changing the color temperature of these lights can ruin the ambiance. It means you have to be careful with the warm and cool tones of these lights. Warm tones will be effective in developing a soft and cozy atmosphere. You can do this in a setting like a peaceful cafe or a restaurant. Also, if you want to create a powerful and energetic vibe, like for a night bar or a club, then cooler tones are recommendable. 


These lights allow us to dim them as we like. Some venues don’t need too dim lights. If you are into dimmable lights, then make sure to get suitable ones for this purpose since not all lights are dimmable. Also, you should adjust dimmability as per your sitting so that it can enhance the impact of it to a great extent. 


Another factor is wattage, which helps you use these beam lights. You should know about the wattage of the beam coming out of these lights. If the wattage range is high, then it is evident that it will increase your electricity consumption. More wattage means more brightness. Some venues look better with bright lighting, while others don’t. More wattage also means more heat generation. Therefore, you should rely on a heat-efficient bulb in this case. 


Lumens are used to detect the accurate brightness of the beam. The brilliance of these bulbs directly relates to the lumens. If a lumen is powerful, then it will produce a brighter ray. It would help if you also considered lumen to use it to your advantage and create a desired ambiance without any struggle. Lighter lumens are helpful when you want to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, like in spas and therapy centers. 

Beam Angle

The beam angle should also be your area of concern. The reason is that beam angles measure the focus of these lights. If the tip is small, it will generate highly focused light that will be sharp simultaneously. For warm and cozy surroundings, stick with the lights having wider beam angles, which can make this possible. Besides all other factors, you also need to pick the lights that have suitable beam angles as per your needs. 

Different types of angles of Beam Light

5° to 18°

The beam angles in this range are reliable for highlighting restricted and tiny surfaces. These are called spotlights. It means they will not highlight the entire space; instead, only a part of it. We can also use them for illuminating particular products in stores and at product launches. Also, these are versatile for creating light patterns on walls and plain surfaces when needed. You can also look for different options to meet your lighting needs for creating a specific ambiance.  

18° to 30°

Narrow beams are also considerable for illuminating purposes. We can use them for medium-sized products and surfaces. However, in some cases, these deliver good results even for the more prominent characters. We can leverage the narrow beam to illuminate a particular feature or multiple attributes of an object. These perform exceptionally well in the tight areas where we must highlight a specific side of a thing. For instance, we generously use these lights for landscape lighting due to their outstanding performance in this application. Also, we can use fountains, ponds, and pools without any safety concerns.  

30° to 60°

We have narrow flood beams that come with particular beam angles. Their beam size is medium, and we can use them because of their astonishing blending ability. These merge with any surroundings quickly and enhance their impact simultaneously. For instance, under benches, giant steps, and stairs can be used for better vision even at night. These have different angles that serve other purposes. It means you need to pick the most appropriate one for your usage. 

60° to 90°

Flood beams are reliable for illuminating a large surface area. Be it a wall or a playground, these can illuminate far-fetched distances. Due to this reason, many sports facilities use floodlights so that players can practice at night. We can use them since their beam angles are also adjustable so that we can enhance our vision even at night. From swimming pools to large fountains, these lights are recommendable to use. 

Significance of Beam Angle in Designing Lighting 


It is essential to pick the lights with the best efficiency and coverage. We have to consider beam angle because, with it, the lights will deliver the desired efficiency and range. Therefore, the choice of beam angle is highly significant. It also leads to lower electricity bills due to efficient power consumption. 


The beam angle is also crucial because of light aesthetics and mood. You must recognize its role in keeping these aesthetics intact and uplifting the spirit of a specific sitting. From relaxing to enthusiastic, the beam angle can shift the mood and ambiance of the place quickly. 

Safety Considerations

We need to pay heed to beam angle due to safety risks. The purpose of beam angle is also to make these lights safe even underwater so that anybody can go near them without getting a solid shock. For this reason, if you want to make your venue safe and secure for your audience, it is essential to pick a suitable beam angle. 

Role of Beam Angle in Lighting

Basic Lighting

We use beam angle for essential lighting as well. The primary lighting is standard in homes and offices. Whether it is coverage or perfect beam throw, these lights are dependable for quickly creating the desired ambiance.

Accent Lighting

You can go with accent lighting to illuminate your favorite objects in the room. It can be your workplace as well. Their beam angles are different from the rest. Due to this reason, these are helpful in applications like infrastructure and in-house usage. You can transform your room’s look quickly using accent lights since these can easily do the “highlighting” part. 

Decorative Lighting

The role of decorative lighting is evident due to its meaning. We use these lights for decoration purposes. These are highly valuable for artists to create a soulful vibe where they mostly spend their time. These can also generate impactful effects, which add to the quality of the ambiance. 

Beam light fixtures 

Moving headlights

Moving headlights are functional for theatrics and concerts. These are typical for usage, and you might have seen them recently. These are for constantly changing the colors and ambiance for the audience. For example, during a concert, these lights can change colors as per the mood of the songs. Also, in night bars and clubs, these lights serve the purpose of maintaining a particular ambiance, and color shifting is one crucial factor to consider here. The role of beam angle is also important, which makes moving headlights an outstanding medium to set the mood for a particular venue. 

Stage lights 

The spotlight is also typical because we use it to highlight single objects. These are useful for product launches and attracting customers to a newly arrived product at a store. These are also useful on stages where we can focus them on the chief guest when they approach the stage for delivering their speech. 

Laser light

Laser lights are highly sharp and thin lights. These come in different colors. These are reliable for creating stage effects when needed. You can choose from two common types, including shaping and stage laser lights. Buyers can also choose from various subcategories of these lights that meet their needs. 

LED par lights 

Last, we have LED par lights. These are new marvels of technology that are making waves in our lives. These carefully consume power and are highly efficient in their performance. You can use them for different purposes due to their flexibility and versatility. These can be sharp, bright, and cozy at the same time. It only depends on your needs and type of application. 

Mastering the Setup: Beam Light Installation Essentials

Powering Up Right: Before dazzling audiences, ensure your beam lights and the venue’s power supply are in harmony. Matching the fixture’s demands with your electrical capacity is crucial to avoid any dim performances or safety hiccups.

Mounting Matters: Stability is key. Secure your beam lights with the right hardware to keep them shining bright and steady. Remember, the perfect angle and height can turn a good show into an unforgettable spectacle.

Stay Cool, Stay Safe: Beam lights, like stars, can get hot. Make sure they have enough space to breathe and cool down. It’s not just about prolonging their life; it’s about preventing overheating hazards.

Electrical Safety First: Wiring up your lights? Keep it safe. Adhering to electrical standards isn’t just good practice—it’s a must to ensure your show goes on without a hitch.

Maintenance Access: In the future, you will thank the present for installing lights where they can easily be checked and cleaned. Regular maintenance keeps the show running smoothly and your lights at their best.


So now you know why you must choose the right beam light for personal and commercial purposes. Vorlane has enlightened you with all the crucial aspects of the beam lights so that using them in the future will be much easier for you. You can also get better results if you stick to the guidelines mentioned in this guide


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